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fall river mills

Fall River Lions Club
Club No: 1956
Charter: Feb. 17, 1948

Lions Hall:

44256 Hwy 299 East
McArthur, CA 96056

(530) 336-9941

PO Box 102
Fall River Mills, CA 96028


Coffee Group meets daily 8 to 10 am at Lions Hall - Non-members welcome!

1st & 3rd Tuesdays

Time: Social Hour - 5:30 pm
Dinner at 6:30 pm (or whenever the chef is ready.)

Pit River Campground

Lions Hall, McArthur

Gary Derenia

Paul Halcomb  
Paul Halcomb –
District Governor


Our Facilities:

Our hall is used by the entire valley for civic, personal and community events - and don't forget BINGO!

Lions Hall - The Lions use the hall for meetings and fund raisers to help support the community. Over the years the Lions Hall has come to serve the entire population of the Fall River Valley as a community center. Currently it serves as an officially designated Red Cross Evacuation Center for use during natural disasters. The Hall serves the community as an official polling center. It is used for weddings, funerals, various community fund raisers, as a blood bank, a collection and distribution center for the Food Pantry giveaway, for FFA (Future Farmers of America) and 4H meetings. Hunter safety classes and other youth services organizations also use the hall. Each Thanksgiving and Christmas the Lions Hall is used to prepare and serve free meals to the needy.

To schedule your event please call: Lannie Waggoner (530) 336-5628

The Lions Community Park on the Fall River

Community Park - In 1984, the Fall River Lions using land donated for that purpose by the Fall River Community Service District, created and built an urban community park in town on the banks of the beautiful Fall River. In just the past 5 years alone, the Fall River Lions have spent $30,000 to improve and maintain this park for the benefit of the surrounding community. This park is centrally located and receives heavy use by all ages and segments of the community. Surrounded by picnic tables, cool shade trees and a beautiful view of the river, it is a welcome respite for travelers and local residents alike. It is handicapped accessible with restrooms nearby. The park has a lighted baseball field and supports many community events with live music and more. For example, our communities annual Wild Rice Festival is staged here. For complete information on the festival visit the Fall River Valley Chamber site.

In the summer we meet at the Pit River Park - BBQ, good times and fishing on the Pit River.

Pit River Park - In 1952, the Fall River Lions Club established its Pit River Park with land donated for this use by the Pacific Gas & Electric Company. These past 54 years, the park has been maintained by the Lions Club and PG&E solely for the benefit of the general public. The funds and labor necessary to maintain the Pit River Park over the years has been provided by the Fall River Lions.

The Fall River Lions Pit River Campground is located 4 miles west of Fall River Mills, 8 miles from the junction of state highways 299 and 89. Turn off 299 at Pit No. One Powerhouse Road, go down past the BLM campground and follow the signs.

All Lions' friends are welcome to enjoy our company and BBQ's, please call in advance - 336-7205.


Taken sometime in the early 30's

History of the Lions Hall in McArthur

The hall was built in 1908 for the Forrester’s of America.

The Intermountain Fair began in 1919 and from 1919 to 1926, our hall was used as the fairs exhibit hall, and during that period of the fair it was known as the Rose Barn.

At some point between 1925 and 1929, the hall was converted to use as an auto garage and service station doing business as the "Tourist Garage" under the ownership of Elmer and Dorothy Schortgen. The May 10, 1929 edition of the Fall River Tidings carried a front page story detailing Dorothy's suicide by a .32 cal gunshot to her forehead. She supposedly shot herself in their upstairs living quarters while Elmer was downstairs pumping gas... we'll never know for sure...

On 10-26-1929, the McArthur Grange leased the hall from the Foresters of America. Since during this period the hall was also being used as a garage, we can only assume they managed to work around one another.

The August 15, 1930 edition of the Fall River Tidings carries an advertisement stating the Tourist Garage has opened under new management, Jack Hendrix, mechanic. In an old family scrapbook Ed Siegel located an undated photo of the Lions Hall with an old faded sign appearing on the west side of the building above the first floor windows of "Tourist Garage." This same photo shows a small sign hanging above the buildings front porch showing "McArthur Grange" thus dating the photo as taken sometime after 1929.

In 1937, the McArthur Grange purchased the Forrester’s building for $900.00 with the deed being recorded on July 22, 1937.

In 1952, the Grange took out a $4,000.00 mortgage for improvements to the hall. These funds were used to purchase a new metal roof, asbestos siding for the outside, a Firtex ceiling inside and an outside steel fire escape for the second floor. During the 1962/1964 period the Grange spent approximately $1,000.00 adding a downstairs kitchen and a new gas furnace.

The Fall River Lions began using the hall for their meetings sometime in the early 1970's and in 1977; the McArthur Grange disbanded and sold their hall to the Fall River Lions for one dollar with the deed being recorded on July 8, 1977. The McArthur Grange placed several restrictions on the original deed which were removed in May 2001 giving the Fall River Lions clear title to the hall.


The grand opening after the major remodel - from The Intermountain News, August 2004

In Dec. 2003, the Fall River Lions received a $100,000.00 block grant from the federal government for the purpose of upgrading the Lions Hall. A new hardwood floor was installed on the first floor, the old single pane windows were replaced with modern double pane windows, the electrical and lighting systems were upgraded, new fixtures and other upgrades were placed in the restrooms, the old furnace was replaced and air conditioning was added, all the outside doors were replaced, new appliances and flooring were installed in the kitchen and the hall was painted inside and out.

Since receiving this property in 1977, the Fall River Lions Club has expanded its use to the general public to such an extent that it is now much more than just a Lions Hall; it is truly a Community Center serving the entire Fall River Valley and indeed the entire Intermountain area.

Compiled by Lions Ed Siegel and Irv Stark – November 2008

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