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Welcome to the Home Page of the Applied History Research Group. From this page you have access to a series of interactive teaching modules.

These multimedia tutorials will work with existing courses taught at colleges and universities throughout Alberta. They focus on standard periods and subjects in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Fine Arts.

Given the inter-disciplinary nature of these tutorials, committees were formed to guide their content, design, and production. The steering committees are made up of subject experts from applicable departments and faculties at the University of Calgary, Red Deer College, and Mount Royal College.

History students at the senior undergraduate honours level and graduate level make up the project teams and are responsible for the research, the narrative, and the web design for each of these tutorials.

The Peopling of Canada: 1891-1921


Calgary and Southern Alberta
The Peopling of Canada: 1946-1976 Canada's First Nations
First Europe Tutorial Colonial North America
Under revision
The End of Europe's Middle Ages The Islamic World to 1600
The European Voyages of Exploration Peopling North America: Population Movements & Migration
Old World Contacts Popular Culture

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