Thursday, Sep. 5, 2013


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Dubuque,IA-Students at Hempstead High School are dealing with some parking changes thanks to a major construction project taking place [...]

Healthy Loras

August 30, 2013


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The Fighting Saints were given the opportunity to represent the United States in the World Junior Club Cup held [...]

Fall Sports Preview

Fall Sports Preview

August 30, 2013
Meet Coach Ness

Meet Coach Ness

August 29, 2013


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This week, with Bobby Bauch taking a well-deserved week off to recover from Mock Trial domination, we put the deficit, sequestration and partisanship aside to discuss the too-often neglected matters of [...]

We are the 1 Percent

November 16, 2012


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This week, the Help Desk began officially rolling out the Lenovo Twist to students using the T410 model laptops. The Twist is the first laptop offered by the college to run [...]

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