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September 7, 2013 

Raleigh / Durham, NC


Registration includes:
- Big Muddy Race Shirt
- BMC Blindfold
- Access to Finisher Festival
- Free Post Race Reshreshments
- Truly Unforgettable Day 

Registration Type Effective Dates  Price 
Birds with the Worm April 15, 2013 - May 16, 2013 $53
Muddy Discount May 17, 2013 - June 16, 2013 $59
Muddy Regular  June 17, 2013 - August 1, 2013 $63
Final Muddy  August 2, 2013 - September 3, 2013  $73
prices Above Reflect Parent/Child Team - additional Children & Adults May be added to any Team for about Half the Team Price - see full detail on Registration Page

Below is a Preview of Some Big Muddy Challenge Obstacles 

Along with Recommended Training Exercises

-racers of all abilities participate On Race day so go at your own pace-

-The Big Muddy Challenge Recommends Cardio over Strength training-

Obstacle Description  How to Train 
Run BMC   Charge through 75 yards of muddy, swampy glory.  Run, walk, stomp or perhaps swim (24 inches at max depth). Just try to not lose your shoes.

 Stand in place with your feet hip width apart.  Drive your right knee toward your chest and quickly place it back on the ground.  Follow immediately by driving your left knee toward your chest.  Hold your arms out at shoulder length.
 Frogger  It's not easy being green.  Big Muddy participants don't avoid water and mud.  Jump from muddy pool to muddy pool to successfully navigate this challenge.

 Leap Frogs: Begin by lowering yourself into a low squatting position.  Place your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, bend your knees and lower your rear toward the ground.  Continue lowering until your knees are as close to 90 degrees as possible.  Stay in this position as you jump forward.  See how many times you can jump with this form.

 What has Two Eyes & Four Legs  Two heads may be better than one but what if one of those heads is blindfolded? Younger team members lead their blindfolded partners through this maze of twists and turns.  In order to exit unscathed, clear communication and quick feet are essential.

 Adults practice your listening skills & take direction with your eyes closed.  Kids, how clearly can you communicate?  Step left, right, backward and forwards.  Practice when walking to the fridge or the car.  On race day it is ok to hold hands.
 Hay Bird  No one is working harder than you to top these giant hay bales! At the summit feel free to rest for a moment and check out the course from a birds eye view.

 Jumping Jacks: Just like you learned.  Bring your arms down to your hips and all the way back up again.  We want to see your hands touch each other at the top.
 Salamander Shimmy  Bottoms up and bellies down as you crawl through this muddy obstacle.  Stay low and use core strength to shimmy your way to the exit.  Lizards move in style, show us yours! Inch Worm: Stand with your legs straight and your hands flat on the floor.  Keeping your legs completely straight, walk your hands forward as far as possible.  Keep your stomach tight, with your navel pulled in toward your pelvis.  Then take small steps to walk your feet toward your hands, ending in the starting position. Repeat...

 The Cat with No Hat  Thsi is not game of cat and mouse.  Crawl up, down and all around through this obstacle of walls and other obstructions.  You may be down, but you are far from out.  Standing Mountain Climbers: From a standing position, raise your left hand, reaching as high as you can while driving you right knee up and out in a similar movement to high knees.  Swith by pulling down with your left hand and reaching high with your right hand.  At the same time, let your right foot fall to the floor and then drive you left knee up.

 Corn Hole No bean bags here.  Climb over and through these obstructions with the help of your teammates. Quick feet are essential here.  Oh yeah, you will be in the middle of a corn field.  Ski Jumps: Stand with your feet together on the side of  a crack in the sidewalk or floor or next to a folded towel.  Bend the knees and jump to the right as far as you can. Land with soft knees and immediately jump back to the left.  This is lateral movement and it can get tiring fast.

 Liquid Logic  With steep entry and exit points the second water obstacle requires a quick mind and teamwork to complete.  Balance and leg strength are very helpful here.  Stand with feet hip distance apart with your toes, knees and hips in a straight line.  Pull your belly button toward your spine and contract you abdominal muscles.  Slowly lower your body as though you are sitting in a chair.  Lower until your rear end is in line with your knees - 90 degree angle.  Make sure your knees are behind your toes, your back is straight and the weight is in your heels.

 My Big Tow
You think you can. You think you can. Select your level of difficulty to ascend each of these inclines. Ropes and team members can assist you, but choose your route wisely.
Classic Pushups: On the ground, place your hands directly under your shoulders and make sure your hips are in line with your back—no hiking or sagging. Slowly lower yourself to the ground. Your chest should touch the ground. If you can’t get your chest to the ground, drop to your knees for a modified push up