Alonso plays down Ferrari rift by claiming he wasn't calling his team 'idiots'... he meant 'geniuses'

By Chris Power


Fernando Alonso denied he was annoyed with Ferrari, despite appearing to call his team ‘idiots’ after a botched ‘slipstreaming’ tactic in qualifying.

The team had been trying to perfect a method where they line up their drivers so they could create a ‘tow’ — a boost of straight-line speed gained because of a reduction in drag.

Fernando Alonso

Tongue tied: Fernando Alonso claims he was using Italian word 'genii' not 'scemi', which means idiot

Fernando Alonso

It was a tactic the team brought into the third qualifying session, with Felipe Massa ahead of team-mate Alonso in an attempt to put the Spaniard on the front row for today’s Italian Grand Prix.

But Alonso appeared to vent his frustration over the team radio when Massa pulled too far ahead and finished a place ahead of him in fourth by saying, ‘Felipe’s too far’ and later to the team directly, ‘You’re genius’ — which was translated by one Italian newspaper as ‘You’re really idiots’.

Afterwards Alonso denied being unhappy. He said: ‘It was perfect — a very good qualifying for us.’

Fernando Alonso

Pain from Spain: Fernando Alonso has endured a difficult season and trails leader Sebastian Vettel by 46 points

Fernando Alonso

Slim shady: The Spaniard signs an autograph ahead of qualifying at Monza


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He calls the 'geniuses' in the same way i call every business development manager in my company 'geniuses', i don't think i can convey the level of sarcasm through text though..

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Every driver has the right to voice his concerns about his team. Fernando may not have been criticising them, but sarcasm comes across in EVERY language! If Kimi goes back to Maranello. . .oh my. Kimi just un-nerves people by being a fantastic driver. Fernando's little contretemps with Lewis will look like kids in a playground.

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Move aside Massa and know your place at Ferrari. Supporting the great god, Alonso.

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I used to hate Michael Schumacher. He complains a lot when things do not go his ways yet he does win races for his team. A true winner - A LEGEND. Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso......

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Wow! The fact that ir didn't worked.. Are you not being sarcastic Alonso to call them genius? I heard,.... or some say, that Ferrrari is signing Kimi for next year and they'll announce it on Wed... If that's true I'm guessing, Di Montezemolo wants to make Alonso's life even harder because of all his comments about his team.

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"If you're part of the team, then you're partially responsible for the results. I don't think in the last three years (2010-2012) I ever complained against the team. Because those guys, they work hard to make the best possible. It does take time, and sometimes it takes a bit longer, and sometimes, it maybe doesn't happen. But still, you're part of this family and you do it together. You win together and you lose together." --------------------- Michael Schumacher

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Alonso's weakness is that he needs an out and out number two driver, when he goes into that mode, it weakens him as a driver. As for all the slipstream rubbish, I am sure Alonso would have found the extra 2 tenths of a second he needed to qualify in 3rd place, if he knuckled down and done his own dirty work. When Alonso is truly leading Ferrari and doing his own work, he is just a roaring lion. When he expect special treatment and it does not work out he behaves like a wounded lion.

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So, not happy with being No 1 driver and having his team mate move out of the way whenever he feels like it, he now wants him to help him go faster as well. A true champion would just qualify by their own merit. Pathetic mummy's boy.

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I have never been a Ferrari fan. Stunts such as this attempt at slipstreaming Alonso to a better grid position just about sums up my feelings. But now we can see that in the right circumstances, Felipe CAN drive faster than Alonso . Let's hope that he is allowed to show the same pace tomorrow. And the same for Mark Webber. - blake_jake, newport -------------------------- What "circumstances"? It was a one off quali lap. Rosberg "in the right circumstances" CAN drive faster than Lewis. But fundamentally neither driver is better the the first choice/bigger name. That's the truth of it.

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I stopped supporting Ferrari after Alonso joined the team.

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