• Maple Pumpkin Pudding (with Maple Spiced Pecans)

    As the last fleeting days of summer roll past, I anticipate the fall with great delight. We were fortunate this year that summer was not too ridiculously hot here. Even so, I look forward to a couple of months of Continue reading

  • Raising Awareness about Food Insecurity: No More Hungry Nights

    How many times have you opened the cupboards in your kitchen or the doors on your refrigerator only to stare at the contents bleakly and declare, Theres nothing to eat here. I am guilty of this all too often, although Continue reading

  • Tangzhong Water Roux Pain au Lait: Soft, Springy Sandwich Bread

    If you are a fan of soft, springy sandwich bread, I’m pretty sure you can’t beat the Tangzhong method. I am by no means an expert, but I’ve baked four loaves so far, and I still have a portion of Continue reading

  • Gelatin-Stabilized Whipped Cream. With Fruit Puree. Or Just Call it Fruit Mousse.

    Frosting. I love most kinds: French buttercream, Italian buttercream, straight up American powdered sugar buttercream. Cream cheese frosting. Ermine. Ah! Sometimes, though, a thick and decadent frosting is not What Is Needed. Sometimes what is needed is a light and Continue reading

  • Fig Jam with Vanilla and Black Pepper

    Just over a year ago, I met my friend Stacy through her blog, Food Lust People Love. The first post I ever read of hers was about her Grams fig preserves. They couldnt have been simpler. Two parts figs, one Continue reading

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