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Exclusive Report: Congressmen request hearing on new developments at Fukushima plant Key issue is whether radioactive pollution will affect U.S.

Japan Nuclear Expert: I’m totally fed up Fukushima fisherman: Radioactive water is getting more and more serious

NHK Special: Farmer in Fukushima no-go zone finds certain abnormalities in his herd Cancer Professor: I wonder what discoloration is study could be relevant to humans (VIDEO)

Japan Times: Prime Minister telling outright lie? Experts: Nuclear material has kept gushing into Pacific far beyond man-made bay Fukushima fisherman: He must be kidding he doesnt know whats going

Tokyo Professor: Recent tests show new radioactive materials flowing nonstop into ocean from Fukushima reactor buildings

NHK: Contaminated water problem getting more serious at Fukushima Govt task force on nuclear waste flowing into Pacific Ocean

AFP: Fears that Fukushima melted reactor cores have eaten through concrete of containment vessels Tepco plan claims fuel to be removed at same time as 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Japan Nuclear Expert: I was flabbergasted by Olympic speech Fukushima reactors are actually destroyed and constantly leaking in ocean Contamination dumping into sea PM: Its contained in 0.3 km² area of harbor

Expert: Ban all fish from Japan Cesium-137 absorbed by human body has 30 year half-life

Reports: New site with high levels of radiation at Fukushima Urgent problem at plant says IAEA; Experts to examine massive water build-up Found immediately after Olympic speech claiming its under control Cant dump groundwater in sea?

Nuclear Consultant: They will have to maintain Fukushima ice wall for hundreds of years if ever installed (AUDIO)

Japan Times: Professor equates Tepco with Homer Simpson NYTimes: Govt is taking us for fools -Fukushima refugee (AUDIO)

Seawater is being poisoned at a continuous rate from Fukushima plant Source of life on which our lives depend is being corrupted

Gundersen: Spent fuel likely to break when pulled from Fukushima Unit 4 pool Racks have been distorted; Fuel rods overheated Suspects some will be stuck there for long, long time (AUDIO)

Radio: Problems looming at Fukushima plant; Soil unstable, risk of liquefaction CBC: If fuel pool comes down, release could be dozens of times larger than Chernobyl (AUDIO)

Japan Prime Ministers Fiction vs. Fact: Fukushima contamination has never done any damage to Tokyo; Radioactive water at plant was blocked Study: Tokyo was contaminated Experts: Radioactive water is constantly flowing out to sea and almost impossible to stop

Nuclear-friendly Journalist: It’s shocking we don’t know where the fuel is at any of the 3 reactors that had meltdowns at Fukushima (AUDIO)

Radio: In the history of science weve never seen anything like this Fukushima plume heading across Pacific to U.S. and Canada Why is Japan allowed to get away with contaminating ocean? (AUDIO)

NPR: Melted reactor cores radioactivity being carried out to sea Expert warns saltwater will flow into Fukushima plant if ice wall is installed; Even if it works, it might not be a good thing can have unintended consequences (AUDIO)

Gundersen: Fukushima reactor cores are in crisis as bad as China Syndrome (AUDIO)

Nuclear Expert: Biggest concern at Fukushima is the huge source of radioactivity from molten fuel and spent fuel pools winding up in ocean The health of the entire Northern Pacific is at stake (AUDIO)

Radio: Were going to be hearing about Fukushima contamination for decades to come in U.S. and Canada -Physician (AUDIO)