“Seawater is being poisoned at a continuous rate” from Fukushima plant — Source of life on which our lives depend is being corrupted

Published: September 9th, 2013 at 9:53 am ET
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Title: International help, political solutions for irradiated water
Source: The China Post
Date: Sept. 9, 2013

[...] In addition to the 300 tons that TEPCO is unable to capture in its storage tanks every day, reports on Aug. 20 of the leak of one of the tanks, with the escape of roughly 300 tons of irradiated water, shows the precarious nature of both the known and unknown strains on the current system of containment. The continuous leak of water into the ocean shows that seawater is being poisoned at a continuous rate, slowly corrupting a source of life on which our lives depend. The discovery that a storage tank has failed highlights the continued risk of random failings in the system, and thereby its inadequacies.

South Korea on Friday expanded its prohibition on fishery imports from Japan to include eight prefectures. As neighboring countries refocus on the crisis, it is time also for a calm discussion of the eventual fate of the contaminated water — which Shunichi Tanaka, Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority chairman, says will have to be let into the sea at some point in the future.

No country welcomes the prospect of seeing polluted water in its front porch. Yet it is time for Japan to begin initiating discussion with neighbors to start coming to some agreements on the matter.

See also: Newspaper: Nations across Pacific are fearing impact from Fukushima -- Many expecting cancer will increase in Pacific Rim -- Japan exporting their environmental problem to the ocean

Published: September 9th, 2013 at 9:53 am ET
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29 comments to “Seawater is being poisoned at a continuous rate” from Fukushima plant — Source of life on which our lives depend is being corrupted

  • nedlifromvermont

    General Electric Company was warned, repeatedly, that these flimsy containments would not work and would release catastrophic levels of radionuclide poisons onto the environment. The NRC knew this also, and they considered shutting down the BWR fleet … but no one wanted to piss off GE, so the risk was run, and now life as we know it will suffer the consequences. And GE has no liability exposure?!

    This is what you get when a big money bully insists on getting his way in the marketplace.

    The pollution of the Pacific Ocean and the northern hemisphere represent a failure of corporate management, a failure of regulators to step up and do their job, and a failure of government officials to ask the hard questions and take the necessary actions to reverse course before disaster ensues.

    The whole problem is almost a tragi-comedy of errors … except the consequences are indeed dire.

    And nobody from GE stepping up to answer questions? Only insisting on spreading the radioactivity all around, so epidemiological studies will not be able to be performed?

    And the nation debates Bashar Assad's release of chemical poisons, while no one talks about GE and TepCo's releases of toxic cesium gas, on a much huger scale.

    It is truly unbelievable.

    And GE is held harmless??

    No liability to their reactor customers, whatsoever?

    Who thought that one up?

    Thanks (for this god-awful mess) Be to GE.

    They apparently do not care about life.

    It's a cruel hoax.

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    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Ned…its a very sick troublesome created by someone else reality that we all live in today!

      We must be very patient for what this way comith! It still comith I say..

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    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Too big to fail. Just like the dinosaurs.

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    • We Not They Finally

      nedli, why are you so fixated on General Electric? Every other post. OF COURSE they are culpable, without a doubt. But in one post (if I remember correctly) you even suggested that you held General Electric stock.

      My God, it would be good to even get General Electric to pay taxes!! It's part of the overall corruption. But they are hardly the only villain.

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      • nedlifromvermont

        Hello WNTF … and I'm glad you ask. The bit about the GE stock dividends was just irony. I haven't owned any GE stock in my own name for years.

        The company was started by my paternal great grandfather, when he was running Thompson Houston Company (maker of dynamos) and went to Edison Electric's bankers (JPMorgan et al) and proposed a merger. Charles A. Coffin ran GE for thirty years or more, after a long career in the shoe business, from 1890 to 1920 and then on.

        I grew up believing Coffin had done a good thing, that GE really did "bring things to life," but my Dad used to turn off the lights, so I asked him, "If it's so bad to waste electricity, why do they sell us electric can openers and electric tooth brushes?", and he had no answer, which was a rarity.

        Fast forward to my engagement against the nuclear power cabal, as Vermont Yankee was to be sold to first Amergen and eventually Entergy, and my eyes were opened to the dangers of the spent fool pools and the flimsy containments in the GE Mark Series of BWR's …

        Then Fukushima happened, and the truth came pouring out of the fractured reactors, like radioactive cesium gas, and I realized I had been had. It was all a pack of lies: the necessity of nuclear power, the "safety" of the systems, etc.

        GE stated in a 1970's era annual report that "their intentions to sell nuke plants was not entirely altruistic," that they could book six times the profit on a nuke over a thermal plant. (cont.)

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        • nedlifromvermont

          So you see, WNTF, this big bad business has its fingerprints and DNA all over the disastrous foray into nuke power. They used their money, connections and influence to get the Price Anderson liability waivers through Congress. This paved the way to this extinction level event, with no liability for their reckless actions. The liability laws were what had kept business in check, away from stupid business decisions which could redound on the owners and lose their money. This was the original nuclear sin and it was shepherded through Congress by corrupt politicians and atomic boosters and almost nobody knows about this.

          GE had made lots of money off the Manhattan Project, as a prime contractor to this Doomsday effort. They got hooked on the uranium business, spent money on the front end of the fuel cycle (mines, mills, enrichment and conversion plants) and nobody was going to stop their effort, not John Gofman, not John Kennedy, not Dale Bridenbaugh, nobody.

          They covered up the dangers, they used Nazi-styled propaganda techniques, they lied and they belittled. They built "Cheap, Cheap" reactors to compete with coal and took huge losses on the first plants sold, to stoke the market. Westinghouse and Combustion Engineering were foils to make it look like no anti-trust laws were being broken. You need look no further than GE (and their Morgan banksters) to find the seeds of our destruction. Somehow, for me, named for Coffin's son, Ned, it's personal.

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          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Very powerful story and I now understand your personal pain and its very close to home.
            Coffin what a name but I highly doubt he knew exactly where all this would eventually lead as there are always smarter boys and girls, opportunists, that take and then twist the reigns in many different ways. Pretty sure we have to blame ourselves, congress and the Civil Law for most of these problems that exist today regarding Nuclear. No liability is a civil law approved concept awarded to those who control their purse strings.

            Ned you do not need to be nice anymore. :)

            Anne, the world is in very serious trouble now and you are part of the leading edge. This current dilemma and the future course being laid out for our entire planet is not the correct direction. Its overwhelming the information coming to light and you should not be discouraged or lose your faith in awakening/informing the masses to what is about to unfold. Stay the course….there is/must be (A) Hope that humanity will awaken in time. You and all the others participating here are part of this new awakening process..

            The future headlines should read..in every classroom and newspaper.

            You Once Were All Being Exterminated~ But Not Anymore! :)

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    • anne anne

      I agree that GE-Hitachi should be held accountable for Fukushima. And Westinghouse owned by Toshiba should be held accountable for Fukushima. And I believe that all their earnings should be spent on Fukushima and paying damages to the whole world for Fukushima. And I believe that they shouldn't be allowed to invest in uranium mining, indlucing all investors the world over. And I believe that both GE-Hitachi and Westinghouse (Toshiba) should be banned from building nuclear reactors in the US and the world (and this ban should extend to South Korea, Russia, India, Pakistan, Iran and all countries with nuclear energy and/or weapons).

      With 16 new reactors in Saudi Arabia and 60 new reactors in China, kiss the world good bye.

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  • harengus_acidophilus harengus_acidophilus

    A kind of magic?

    "political solutions for irradiated water" …

    -> healthy by law.


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    • or-well

      If the political will exists, governments can make things happen, especially majority govs, especially in a crisis.

      They can make new laws or amend or re-interpret existing ones, issue edicts, pass special measures legislation etc. etc.

      No, they can't make bad things go away by magic.
      Yes, they can exert considerable pressure on any number of parties to a situation and the country needn't be a dictatorship.

      Any Canadian who remembers the War Measures Act of 1970 and the
      "State of Apprehended Insurrection" that was declared, suspending civil liberties, knows that.

      The Japanese Government, both present and former, could do/have done much more about the Fukushima nuclear disaster than has been done.

      The editorial is correct. It will take political will being manifested to address this, to whatever degree it can be addressed, on the part of the Japanese Gov't as well as it's neighbors and allies.

      Unfortunately, the illusion of health is what they have demonstrated they are willing to pursue.

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      • We Not They Finally

        Well, South Korea probably has some alert, non-corrupted SCIENTISTS. There is also historical enmity between the Koreans and the Japanese. So it is way easier to paint the Japanese badly with the public in Korea than in the United States, especially as U.S financial and nuclear interests are tied in with the Japanese.

        Korea apparently does have NPP's of their own. But they still don't want to be poisoned by their neighbor Japan.

        America is still a young country, with a short-range historical memory that blinks every time a new blockbuster film tells them "how it really is." Like who believed that "Let's roll!" was spoken from husband to wife on an endangered plane. It was a tale told by a (likely highly compensated) AT&T operator.

        Americans act like fools. Not all — not by a long shot. But the common culture has been deteriorating for a long time now. We may only get "political will" here when people get so sick they can barely drag themselves around.

        I so want this NOT to be true. It just seems to be the American way. So let's just keep educating best we can and hope for the best. Whatever happens, PEOPLE STILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW.

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  • UncleCrusty

    So the "flow" continues. Fast foreward a bit. Contamination rates continue to increase, less and less fish are being brought to market. China and the Koreas lose a big hunk of their diet. If I am not mistaken, resources have been triggers for wars all throughout history.
    Question: How is this any different? Will N. Korea say " aww – it's ok guys, we know you didn't mean it" or is there a potential for Asia to become the next battleground. Opinions?

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  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    You are not mistaken..
    " If I am not mistaken, resources have been triggers for wars all throughout history."

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  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    24/7/365/ad finitum

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  • Yes Orwell brought up the Canadian debacle of the kidnapping of Pierre LaPorte, by the FLQ, a radical separist group (terrorists?) intent on making the French speaking province of Quebec into a sovereign nation. So a threat to the government and then Prime minister Trudeau enacted the war measures act curtailing civil liberties until the crisis was resolved. I was 9 at the time so I don't remember the details. But fast forward to just recently the Lac-magantic train disaster where a train of crude oil smashed through the town exploding, levelling city blocks and spewing crude oil into the lake. The Quebec government is paying to help the dislocated survivors while the company declared bankruptcy. Why do we accept this duel justice system where private citizens get criminal charges while irresponsible executives disappear into the sunset with a gold plated pension? What Japan is doing is beyond criminal, a real act of terrorism yet only very slowly are we hearing official rumblings. Obummer is putting huge effort to make war with another mid east country. Syria is the result of 50 years or more of USA middle east interference, sorry, foreign policy. Besides turning off any public radiation detectors reporting high readings he seems obliviuos to Fukushima. These are not stupid people. So what is motivating them besides short sited political motives?

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    • or-well

      Mark, I'm "or-well", & history aside, the point is, gov'ts have power.

      While I expect scapegoating, no one should let the Japanese gov't off the hook for any aspect of this disaster.

      People may say the editorial in the China Post is the pot calling the kettle black; while I wouldn't disagree, if China wishes to use the Fukushima disaster as a political card, I say go for it and bring greater worldwide attention to Fukushima and the need for an international response.

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  • scottyji scottyji

    "Chernobyl, Fukushima, and Other Hot Places: Biological Implications"
    by Dr. Timothy Mousseau


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  • SusanS

    ☢ Fukushima Petitions to Sign & Share! ☢
    ☢ Japan Needs Worldwide Help NOW! ☢


    ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢

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