Know Your Districts
and Representatives

  • Explore your districts
  • Learn who your elected officials are
  • Contact your state's redistricting commission
  • Understand your state constitution's articles

What is gerrymandering?

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What is the correlation between district shapes and gerrymandering?

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Why You Should Care

Every ten years, following the national Census, city council, state legislature and congressional district boundaries must be redrawn to reflect the nation’s growing and shifting population. Do you know who draws the lines of your district and how this will affect your next election, the school system your children belong to, or the interests of the community you live in? Do you know what options you have under the current rules – and how to change them?

Much of the work of redistricting takes place behind closed doors. Legislators and political consultants decide which streets or neighborhoods are in or out, specialists make the maps, and the public has little opportunity to weigh in. Districts are often crafted for political gain – a practice known as gerrymandering.

We believe that this should change – that the process should be more transparent and that the web enables us all to be more involved. Armed with knowledge and the right tools, you should have a chance to redraw the map on redistricting and to end gerrymandering.