newsletter-smlThe first issue of the Proecoserv Newsletter is now available online.

The Proecoserv Newsletter brings together a number of different project news, stories and features updates on all areas of Proecoserv activity for the international community.



estalk-bannerThe Project for Ecosystem Services

carries a podcast, ES-Talk, hosted by Pushpam Kumar, Chief of Ecosystem Services Economics Unit, UNEP. The podcast is designed as one-on-one discussions with a mix of authors, professors, decision makers, leaders of international decision making and businesses. The podcast explores how ecological economics emerge in development policy making. The topicsare on the role of natural capital in development.


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proecoserv 2The Project for Ecosystem Services(ProEcoServ) is a GEF-funded umbrella project aiming at piloting the bundling of ecosystem services and the integration of ecosystem services approaches into resource management and decision making. The overall goal of the project is to better integrate ecosystem assessment, scenario development and economic valuation of ecosystem services into sustainable national development planning.        

Building on studies undertaken as part of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), five countries will focus on a) site-specific assessments; b) close involvement of national and local stakeholders; and c) tools, models and methods for decision makers and policy implementation to mainstream ecosystem management approaches into national development policies.

ProEcoServ combines three distinct but linked components:

Support Tools for Policy Making: Development and application of multi-scale and locally valid tools and decision support models for development planning and policy making.

Assistance for Policy Implementation: Support for the application of ecosystem and ecosystem service management approaches at national and transboundary levels.

Bridge between Science and Policy: Strengthening of science-policy interfaces to reinforce multi-scale linkages from local to international actors, as well as to bridge the gap between research results and policy application in developing countries and the international biodiversity arena.








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second sc logoThe Second ProEcoServ Steering Committee Meeting will convene from 8-10 May, 2013, in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

Dr. Shango Alamu explains the role of Proecoserv in Caura Valley

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