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  • We support Obamacare for our son

    By David and Joyce Bunting, McKinney, Texas on Health Care

    Our son was born with Spina Bifida 45 years ago. When he was in his 20s, he was diagnosed with leukemia. We know firsthand the tremendous expenses parents face with the birth of a child with health problems.

    We were fortunate enough to have health insurance through an employer that covered the cost of 40 surgeries, a bone marrow transplant to cure the leukemia, wheelchairs, leg braces, many doctor's visits, therapy sessions and more. He now qualifies for Medicare which is life-saving for him, since he was uninsurable under previous laws due to his pre-existing conditions. However, not every family is in our situation.

    It is painful to think about families without adequate insurance who have children with disabilities. This is why we support the Affordable Care Act—because it will allow those with pre-existing conditions to obtain health insurance. Those who oppose the law need to step into the shoes of these families.

    It is important to let everyone know—family, friends, community members, local and state leaders, Congress—that Obamacare is helping real Americans, especially those with pre-existing conditions and disabilities. Using OFA's Story Tool, we shared our support, and encourage you to do the same. People need to know.

    Whether Obamacare directly affects your family or someone in your community, share your story with the OFA community.

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  • Truth Team: What Obamacare means and what's at risk today

    By Erin Hannigan, Health Care Campaign Manager on Health Care Truth Team

    Obamacare means affordable coverage and the security of knowing you’ll be taken care of if you or a family member falls ill or has an accident. It’s what millions of insured Americans are already experiencing thanks to the law. And it’s what more than 30 million additional Americans will finally have the opportunity to sign up for when the new health insurance marketplace opens on October 1st.

    Despite the successes we're already seeing, opponents are still working to roll back the law. Now, just 20 days before the uninsured gain access to the new marketplace, these opponents are trying to chip away at one of the most important pillars of that affordability and security: financial assistance for middle class families.

    That’s right. Thanks to Obamacare, help is available to make the cost of coverage affordable for millions of middle class families—as well as those working to get into the middle class.

    How does it work? If you're purchasing individual insurance and you earn less than $45,000 per year, you could be eligible for financial assistance to help you pay for health insurance. A family of four that earns less than $94,000 would also be eligible. And that also applies to people who currently buy their own health insurance—nearly half of them will be eligible as well.

    On average, folks who receive financial assistance are expected to save $2,700 a year. For many people, that's the difference between being able to afford health insurance or not.

    But today, some members of the U.S. House of Representatives are looking to delay this important provision of the law, which would keep affordable health care out of reach for millions. As has been done many times in the past, they are doing it by spreading misinformation and confusion, using over-blown accusations that misrepresent the law itself.

    Obamacare provides much-needed security for the middle class, and opponents are putting that at risk. It’s up to us to spread the word. Join the Truth Team today to find out how you can help.

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  • A send-off to remember for Congress

    By Liz Merrow on Immigration

    Before members of Congress made their way back to Washington after the August recess, OFA supporters made sure they had a send-off to remember. Volunteers brought Action August to a close by reminding their representatives to stand with the American Dream and their constituents in support of immigration reform.

    In Kingston, New York, OFA members brought Congressman Chris Gibson 11 reasons to support the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in uncertainty.

    Advocates for comprehensive immigration reform rallied at Congressman Scott Rigell's office in Virginia.

    OFA Texas volunteers got their friends and neighbors fired up and honking for immigration reform.

    Congressman Kevin McCarthy heard from OFA California supporters who asked him to stand with the American Dream.

    Action August is over, but OFA supporters are still organizing for comprehensive immigration reform in their communities. Join them today and add your voice to the growing movement for reform.

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  • All thanks to you

    By Jon Carson, Executive Director on Action August

    I'll be the first to admit that we ask a lot of people throughout the year. Today I want you to know that it's paying off. We set our sights on winning the August congressional recess—and that's exactly what we did, making progress and leading the conversation on issue after issue. Thank you to everyone who played a role in that.

    Every Friday, the entire OFA staff from across the country gets on the phone together to talk about where we are and where we're going as an organization. When we launched Action August, I told everyone in that meeting that this was the biggest test our organization would face in its first year. We had talked a big game about what we thought we could accomplish, and it was up to our volunteers and supporters to come through.

    We've seen how August can go wrong—many of us still look back at the summer of 2009 and wince, because we lost so much momentum in the fight to reform health care. Because OFA supporters didn't let up, we turned the tide this August. We owned this summer.

    But we didn't offer up our time and energy just to "win" a month. We came here to win things like comprehensive immigration reform and gun violence prevention. We came to fight the myths on Obamacare, and call out the climate change deniers in Congress who are putting our future at risk.

    And the biggest lesson I've learned so far is you don't stop organizing—not for a minute. I know not everyone can get out there and put in several hours each week, but if you're willing to fight for what you believe in, now is a great time to go for it.