Hasbro Star Wars Q&A; - Session 18

On October 2nd, we sent our eighteenth batch of questions to Hasbro to once again take part in their Star Wars Question and Answer sessions. Today, we've got the answers to those three questions!
1. The VOTC Han Solo is a pretty great figure, but one thing still sort of bugs me - his magical floating holster (same goes for the "vintage" Endor Han figure). Any chance we'll see Han updated so his holster is tethered to his thigh like VTSC Bespin Luke and a few other figures have? It would be a cool update to the existing Hans as well as a feature we'd love to see on that 2010 SA Bespin Han you've got cooking!

** Thanks for the suggestion - it's something we'll consider the next time we release an EpIV Han. As for the 2010 Bespin Han, things have changed a bit and he's now coming in 2011 (a different Han will be coming in 2010).

2. A quick question on the 2009 line-up from one of our readers - "At SDCC, you guys said we'd be getting a repack General Grievous in the line (BD24, I believe). Well, the e-tailers have posted case assortments through the 2010 EU wave and there doesn't seem to be a Grievous anywhere to be found. Was he dropped? Bumped? Renumbered?" Jim

** He was indeed dropped, leaving a hole in our figuring number system. This was in response to needing to shift a bunch of assortments around - we just couldn't fit him in. As such, there will be no BD24 issued.

3. A few of us are still a little fuzzy on the new Imperial Scanning Trooper. Just to confirm, there will be two releases - Head #1 with Scanner Accessory #1 and Head #2 with Scanner Accessory #2, right? Any chance we could get pics of the two different head sculpts with their respective accessory?

** That is correct. The second one will be coming out in the last wave of basic figures - EU wave. Right now, we do not have any pictures to share.