With all the massive wages in the Premier League, who is the top flight's richest star?

By Andy James


Wayne Rooney is the richest player in the Barclays Premier League with a personal fortune of 51million, according to the Sunday Times Sport Rich List.

The striker, whose wealth has increased from 45m last year, is 9m better off than Manchester United team-mate Rio Ferdinand. Rooney and his wife Coleen are jointly worth 64m.

Chart-topper: Wayne Rooney is the Premier League's richest player in a list headed by David Beckham (below)

Chart-topper: Wayne Rooney is the Premier League's richest player in a list headed by David Beckham (below)


Three Lions: England players Michael Carrick (left), Frank Lampard (centre) and Steven Gerrard are on the list


1David Beckham165m
2Dave Whelan160m
3Paul Caddick150m
4Sir Tony O'Reilly142m
5Johnny Dumfries110m
6Lennox Lewis95m
7Eddie Irvine83m
8Lewis Hamilton60m
9Jenson Button58m
10Jody Scheckter57m
11Dave Richards55m
12=David Coulthard53m
12=Tim Gredley
12=Steve Nash53m
15Wayne Rooney51m
16=Dario Franchitti50m
16=Nigel Mansell50m
18=Rio Ferdinand42m
18=Sir Jackie Stewart42m
20Peter Tom and family40m

The striker and Ferdinand are two of 24 current Premier League players among the 100 wealthiest sportsmen in Great Britain and Ireland.

David Beckham unsurprisingly tops the lot with a 165m fortune.

Formula One stars Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are also in the top 10 with a fortune of 60m and 58m respectively.

Michael Owen (38m) is third among the Premier League players, ahead of Ryan Giggs and Frank Lampard (both 34m).

Six Manchester United players are on the list, including Paul Scholes, Michael Carrick and Robin van Persie, who is a new entry with 12m.

Steven Gerrard is Liverpool's richest player with a 33m fortune, with Carlos Tevez (18m) the richest Manchester City player on the list.

But their wealth pales in comparison to that of former England captain Beckham, now playing with Paris St Germain, who is the richest sportsman in Britain.

He sits 11th on the Sunday Times World Sport Rich List, which is headed by Tiger Woods, worth 570m.

Beckham's joint wealth with wife Victoria is rated at 200m.

There are two other footballers on the world top 20, Barcelona's Lionel Messi, worth 125m, and Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo, worth 120m.

The Rich List is based on identifiable wealth, including land, property, other assets such as art and racehorses, or significant shares in publicly quoted companies. It excludes bank accounts.

United wealth: Six of Rooney's team-mates are on the list, including Rio Ferdinand and Robin van Persie

United wealth: Six of Rooney's team-mates are on the list, including Rio Ferdinand and Robin van Persie



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@El diablo - success pays very well. No one can say Rooney and Ferguson haven't earned it.....

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So it's a crime that Wayne Rooney is worth £60m but perfectly ok that Tiger Woods is worth £570m.......

Click to rate     Rating   9

People are forgetting sponsorship deals!

Click to rate     Rating   9

The richer he gets the more his football suffers fact!

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The world's def mad, obscene amounts of money but the lemmings continue to pay over the odd ticket prices, club merchandise etc. Ah well with all that money being taken from grass roots it's no wonder English teams are struggling to get out the group stages of CL!

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Odd how United famously claim that players dont join them for the money and yet, mysteriously, their journeymen amass huge fortunes. Must be a coincidence. Presumably the same coincidence that has made Ferguson the richest manager.

Click to rate     Rating   21

Eddie Irvine, wow. Who would've thought being a number 2 driver was so lucrative? No wonder he never complained while he was at Ferrari.

Click to rate     Rating   17

How on earth has Rio Ferdinand amasted a fortune of millions. Hes over paid and over rated.

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How in the name of God is Coleen Rooney worth 13M? What does she actually do? - Conzaradikal, St Albans, United Kingdom, 28/4/2013 4:52>>>>>>she's made her money off the back of her husbands name. Littlewoods catalogue, her swimwear collection etc..... I know, it's obscene.

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Should be the 'The Times Guesstimate Rich List'

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