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Anonymous Japan Official: We must prepare for Fukushima radioactive leakage into ocean becoming drawn out Prime Minister: The future of Japan is at stake

Asahi: Fukushima officials declare emergency over 300 tons of radioactive water entering ocean everyday; Demands Govt retract 2011 claim that plant is under control Tokyo Governor: Its not under control as Prime Minister says

Senior Scientist: Fukushima giant ice wall to make crisis worse Radioactive release into ocean from saltwater intrusion Side effects not good at all (AUDIO)

Extremely Malicious: Hundreds of tons of radioactive waste found over 500 kilometers from Fukushima near Japans biggest lake

Senior Scientist: Fukushima problem getting worse Leaks from plant becoming stronger We’re back to where we just can’t predict how long and how much is coming out of there (AUDIO)

TV: Govt reports large spike in health problems for Fukushima nuclear workers 400% of levels seen previously Unhealthy white blood cell counts (VIDEO)

Asahi: Underground route Fukushima contamination is taking into ocean is unknown Crisis warrants no optimism Govt must ackowledge enormity of challenge News media should do soul-searching over its failure

Science Journal: Fukushima Forever Nuclear Denial High number of thyroid cancers in Japan already for a rare disease

Yale Professor: Fukushima Unit 4 pool in perilous condition All of humanity will be threatened for thousands of years if not able to be kept cool Danger of collapse during storm or while attempting removal of fuel rods

AFP: Tepco spells Japan Prime Ministers name wrong during Fukushima visit and had him wear it We are very sorry They cant even check on something as trivial as this

Ban on Japanese seafood in full effect, says Russia Includes Fukushima and 7 other prefectures Decision is based on monitoring

Radio: Im afraid impact of Fukushima contamination on west coast of N. America will be downplayed, it could impact so much Professor: This is a concern (AUDIO)

Japan Prime Minister reveals shocking lack of knowledge about his Fukushima claims: Asks plants chief, Where is the 0.3 km² area? Had promised contamination perfectly blocked inside 0.3 km² area of port

Official: Prime Minister and government are lying about Fukushima This is a big problem

TV: Warnings the worst is yet to come at Fukushima Deep underneath nuclear plant a massive pool of contamination is believed to be heading toward Pacific Ocean (VIDEO)

NHK: Tepco says its checking tanks of nuclear waste for quake damage Official expects more aftershocks in Fukushima over next week, warns of mudslides

AFP: Quake rocks Fukushima, shaking felt in Tokyo WSJ: Strong quake with a magnitude 5.8 struck prefecture Friday

TV: Officials concerned about 400 ft. tall pipe near Fukushima reactors collapsing during quake 8 cracks found in support brace Govt orders immediate investigation Tepco unsure how to access area as radiation levels around it are 10 sieverts per hour (PHOTO VIDEO)

Famous Japanese Actress: Govt is covering up Fukushima crisis Our nation has a right to know People who write the truth on Internet will be punished under new law TV stars in Japan are to never discuss political views

Professor: New studies show radioactive materials being carried across Pacific relatively intact from Fukushima On West Coast we need to monitor these pockets of high contamination Parts of areas may be affected in a significant way (AUDIO)

Steam observed 5 of previous 6 days at Fukushima Unit 3; Lasted for 24 hours straight at one point Nuclear Expert: There could be pockets of corium still in molten state; Nobody quite understands what’s going on (AUDIO)

Crack found over 200 feet above ground at Unit 1 2 exhaust stack Fukushima Worker: May be more difficult to deal with than contaminated water