Aoi Kako – Image Sets

Aoi Kako – Image Sets

Aoi Kako Image Sets 1Aoi Kako Image Sets 2
Starring: Aoi Kako
Size: 930 MB
Images: 1500
Christmas set, alot of Swimsuits, Gym clothes, School clothes, Casual clothes.
KANEKO Miho and a few other Japanese Junior Idols also participate in some image sets.
Download Link Not Available.

6 thoughts on “Aoi Kako – Image Sets

  1. Sorry to hear about the file deletion! This site really has the best collection ever seen on the web. I have a large collection of dvds that I want to trade with you, in order to get the rare movies from your collection, while still offering videos you don’t have. Please email me so I can contact you personally :)

  2. Searching for “Aoi Kako” on this afternoon, I found a torrent called, simply, “Aoi Kako,” which contains about 1470 image files as well as the “[mcco12] Aoi Kako” 5 mins/111 MB video clip already posted here by admin. All the files are separately identified within the torrent – it’s not one big zip or rar file. uTorrent identified 3 seeds, of which 2 are active, and 4 peers who seem to be asleep. :) Download speed is slow (under 50 kB/s), but it should still complete within 6 hours, if I am lucky! Obviously, I’m not downloading the video clip. So, if anyone is still desperate for Aoi Kako pics, you know what to do!

      1. LOL. A shortcut is in the torrent, but it just leads to a blocked MediaFire account. You must be pleased to know that your “child” is still alive and well. :) Torrent has now reached 79%, and could finish within 90 minutes.

        1. The torrent has finished downloading. Don’t waste time, guys – get in there while the seeds are still feeling generous. :)

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