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Spacious sales counter for plumbing, gardening, irrigation and technical supply. Paint showroom, featuring leading brands Ceramic tile and fixture showroom over 1,500 sq.m., with porcelain, sanitary fixtures, faucets, shower stalls, bath equipment, accessories, and more… Orders Center for company clients Office, storeroom and transportation center handling all logistics and transport for the company Storerooms adjacent to the HQ building Various Hasson Group operations handled on site in the Company offices

Welcome to the Hasson website

Glad to have you visit the Hasson Group website.

The Hasson Group is currently active in several fields, including

real estate development for private residential and commercial construction in Israel and abroad; trade and commerce for sales, marketing and service provision for ceramic tiles and fixtures, sanitary fixtures, plumbing, gardening, irrigation and technical supply, as well as infrastructure and development.

In the field of investments, the Group has been active in its own field as well as in additional industries.

We hope you enjoy this picture of our operations. For all inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions

Hasson Group Occupies
Ceramic tiles and fixtures
Infrastructure and development
Development and construction
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