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Social networking has been the best way to meet new people online and stay connected with friends and family. Today, social networking is becoming one of the most important and most powerful branding strategies. Added to that, it is also used to build links for websites, which in turn boosts the ranking of websites in Google and other leading search engines.

What Exactly Is Social Networking?
Social networking allows the users to share information online with their friends and with their network of followers. The content shared can be in the form of links of websites that they liked, photos, videos or simply their thoughts or opinions about the brands that they have used. There are many popular social networking sites like New social networking sites are emerging constantly and people flock to them. Reports indicate that among the most visited websites on the internet, social networking sites top the list.

Branding & Improving Your Link Popularity Through Social Networking
Given the fact that the social networking sites or the social media sites receive the highest level of traffic, all the search engine marketing experts today use the social networking sites for their branding needs. By marketing your brand in the social networking sites, you are bringing your brand closer to your target audience. Your brand visibility will be boosted tremendously, which will subsequently enhance the brand familiarity among your target audience.

Another great advantage with social media marketing is that you will be able to improve your link popularity too. Link popularity is considered a very important signal by Google while assessing the importance of a website and in its ranking algorithm.

How to improve your brand popularity and link popularity in the social networking sites? These can be done in a number of ways. You can post information about your products and their features for example in your Facebook company page. You can also post videos online and share them in social media sites including YouTube. The videos that you create can be in the form of product demos or in the form of ‘how to’ videos.

Another important way of promoting your brand and building links for your website in the social networking sites is by posting third party reviews. This method in particular has helped numerous brands increase their sales. Most customers today go online to search for the products that they would like to buy or the services that they would like to hire. When you post third party reviews about your products and services in the social networking sites, your target customers when they search for feedback or reviews about your product will have something positive to read about your brand.

Promote your brand effectively in the social networking sites. When you are promoting your brand in the social media sites just make sure that you are handling the entire process in a very professional way and that everything is in line with Google’s webmaster guidelines. Go ahead and let the world know about your brand.

Free Guest Posting


On Dizcool all members can create free guest posts in the blog section. Guest posting is a great way to promote yourself, a website, or a product online.

What is Guest Posting?
When you browse online, you will come across hundreds of blogs on any given niche. All these blogs need fresh content and not all blog owners are great writers. Even if they are talented writers not all of them have adequate time to generate content regularly to keep their blogs populated. As a result, many blogs allow other writers or bloggers to post content in their blogs, which is termed as guest posting, or guest blogging.

Guest posting is therefore nothing but writing for other blogs whereby the blogger does not have to worry about managing a blog or about promoting it. Many popular bloggers and experts in respective fields are highly sought after in their industries for their style of writing and for the quality content that the produce. In every niche, there are many popular guest bloggers who are considered authority figures. You too can become one such authority figure in your niche through guest posting.

Using Guest Posting To Promote Websites & Acquiring Back Links
Today, guest posting is used in a number of ways by social media marketing experts. The two major benefits of guest posting from the search engine marketing perspective is branding or website promotion and link building. If you are capable of producing quality content, you will be able to promote your website through guest posting. How do you do it? Select popular, high traffic blogging networks that are relevant to your niche industry that allow guest posting. Create content that are relevant to your products or services and post them in blogs. It can be in the form of review about your products or review about your websites. In your guest article you can include links to your website or the websites that you are promoting.

You need to pay attention to two important factors here. Firstly, when you are creating your articles make sure that you have some useful content to share with your target audience. Do not create articles that are nothing but sheer marketing material. Creating purely marketing text will be considered spam and your articles will not be approved by the blog network.

Secondly, when are making a guest post with the intention of creating back links check whether the blogs that you have selected use ‘do follow’ attribute. Many blogs today make their pages into ‘no follow’ pages to avoid spamming. You will be able to get the back links benefit only with ‘do follow’ blogs. Search engines will index the links in ‘no follow’ pages. Therefore, it is your responsibility to find identify the right kind of blogs for your guest posting.

If you can give good quality content to your audience, you will be able to drive excellent traffic to your website. Good quality articles will also be shared online which will improve your brand popularity greatly. Guest posting can be done by you or by someone that you hire to do guest posting for your brand. You will have to make sure that you are posting only 100% original content if you want guest blogging to work for you.



Share your thoughts and insights by writing blogs to the community.

What Is Blogging
Blogs allow the internet users to share their work online easily and totally free of cost. If you are a specialist in any particular area and if you want to share your work or publish your work online, you can make use of blogs to publish your work online. You can set up a new blog in a matter of just few minutes. There are many free blogging platforms such as Blogspot, WordPress, etc. These are free blogging software, which also host your articles free of cost. If you want to set up your blog and host it yourself then that is also possible. You can install the blog to your desired domain in a single click and start blogging.

You can write on just about any topic and share your views or your opinions. You can share your expertise. The best part is that other users will also be able to post their comments or feedback on the blog posts that you publish. If you do not want to set up a blog or manage a blog yourself, you can post your articles in other people’s blogs and when you do so, it will be called guest blogging.

Using Blogs to Promote Websites and Build Links
Blogging is useful not just for sharing or publishing your work online but it has number of other benefits. You will be able to promote your website online through blogging. .When you create fresh content regularly and publish them in your blog it will attract a lot of visitors. Search engines like Google always liked websites that created fresh content. Blogging creates an excellent platform where you can post fresh content in a very organized way without disturbing the rest of the website.

If you want to get the best results from blogging, you should post unique content so that your readers benefit from the content. Secondly, you should make sure that you are posting your articles regularly. When the search engines like Google see that your website or your blog is updated with fresh content regularly, they will visit your website frequently and it will index your website regularly. You will also get a boost in the search results for fresh content.

Added to that, you can promote your content that you post in the social media sites. This will attract new visitors to your website and also help you get good quality back links to your website. When the traffic that you generate through social media sharing finds the content and your blog resourceful, they are bound to share your content online, which will generate natural back links.

All the links generated through blogging will not only be natural links but they will also be contextual links. Search engine marketing experts recommend blogging for website promotion and link building because this is one of the most search engine friendly ways to improve your ranking online.

You can use your blog to address your customers’ concerns and create articles that address their queries. Interesting content has a great capacity to pull the crowd your way.