MWCW Title MWCW Tag Team Title MWCW Junior
Heavyweight Title
ICW Street Fight
Tag Team Title Title
ICW Lucha Libre Title ICW Brass Knuckles Title

MWCW Title

1994/06<Malcolm Monroe
1995/07/08Butch ReedLincoln Park, MI
Reed is no longer booked by the promotion
1996/01/20Tex MonroeRiver Rouge, MI
Won battle royal
1996Malcolm Monroe [2]
1996/05/18Tex Monroe [2]Lincoln Park, MI
1996/09/29Ric MatrixDetroit, MI
Held-up 1996/11/23 vs. Tex Monroe and Death Wolf in Detroit, MI
Monroe won rematch vs. Matrix
1996/12/22Tex Monroe [3]Roseville, MI
1997/01/12Brian FuryRoseville, MI
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MWCW Tag Team Title

1995/07/22Sex & Violence: Sexton Hardcastle & Joe E. LegendLincoln Park, MI
Beat Christian Cage & Chi Chi Cruz
1996/01<The Outlaws: Woody & Bobby Lee
1996/05<Sex & Violence [2]
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MWCW Junior Heavyweight Title

1995/05/20Pantera LeoInkster, MI
Beat Atom Breed to become first champ
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ICW Street Fight Tag Team Title

1996/06/08The Headbangers: Mosh & ThrasherDetroit, MI
Beat Tex Monroe & Ric Matrix to become first champs
1996/12/22Sex & Violence: Sexton Hardcastle & Joe E. LegendRoseville, MI
1997Ric Matrix & Tex Monroe
Beat Sexton Hardcastle & Christian Cage
1997/12<Suicide Blonds: Sexton Hardcastle & Christian Cage
1998/09<Steve Nixon & Jason Fuller
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ICW Lucha Libre Title

1996/09American Kickboxer
Awarded first championship
1996/09/29El PerroDetroit, MI
1996/11/02American Kickboxer [2]Roseville, MI
1997/07/20Terik the GreatLincoln Park, MI
Beat Kickboxer and Rick Wild in three-way match
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ICW Brass Knuckles Title

1997/01/12Death WolfRoseville, MI
Beat Alexis Machine in tournament final to become first champ
1997Bill SkullionRoseville, MI
1997Ric MatrixRoseville, MI
1997Joe E. LegendRoseville, MI
1997/08/10Ric Matrix [2]Lincoln Park, MI
Beat Tex Monroe and Joe E. Legend in a three-way match
1997/12<Tony Smallz
1998/01/17Joe E. Legend [2]Warren, MI
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