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Friday, September 27, 2013 Last Update: 7:01 PM ET

Obama, After Call to Rouhani, Sees Basis for a Nuclear Deal

President Obama, speaking from the White House, said that he and President Hassan Rouhani of Iran talked about the country’s nuclear program, and Mr. Obama called the discussion an important breakthrough.

In Iran, News of Call Greeted With ‘Wow’

The telephone call between the Iranian and American presidents came as a shock to many in Iran.

Mr. Obama suggested the discussion could be a starting point for renewed relations between the two countries, who once were allies.
Doug Mills/The New York Times

Mr. Obama suggested the discussion could be a starting point for renewed relations between the two countries, who once were allies.

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Budget Clash Nears as Senate Restores Funds Cut by House

The Senate approved spending legislation to avert a shutdown without gutting the health care law, setting up a showdown with the House.

Judge Rules New Jersey Must Permit Gay Marriage

A New Jersey judge ruled Friday that the state must allow same-sex couples to marry in light of the United States Supreme Court’s decision in June striking down the Defense of Marriage Act.

Quotas Led Firm to Rush U.S. Security Vetting, Insiders Say

The details of how USIS’s contract with the government was structured provided new insight into the workings of the company, whose 700,000 yearly background checks included those of Edward Snowden and Aaron Alexis.

U.N. Climate Panel Endorses Ceiling on Emissions

The world’s top climate scientists warned that an upper limit on greenhouse gases is likely to be exceeded within decades if efforts to curb emissions are not accelerated.

Russia Lauds Syria Resolution on Chemical Arms

Russia’s foreign minister said a breakthrough was possible because the West had realized force was not an option.

Rights Groups Sue Texas Over Abortion Law

The plaintiffs claim the new law would have “dramatic and draconian effects” on women’s access to abortions.

Hers to Lose

Christine C. Quinn, once the front-runner in the New York mayoral race, lost in the Democratic primary. A behind-the-scenes film captures the final month of her campaign.

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‘Carrie’ Is Back. So Is Kimberly Peirce.

The “Boys Don’t Cry” director, who has done a remake of Brian De Palma’s 1976 horror classic, opened up about the career she’s had and the one that might have been.

Ominous Signs, Then a Cruel Attack

With Kenya’s growing affluence and the mayhem next door in Somalia, the attack on the mall in Nairobi was inevitable.

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New York Film Festival Is Sober, but Not Dry

The New York Film Festival returns.

Headbanging After Therapy

“Metallica Through the Never” shows the rockers in robust middle-age form.


So Full of Himself

Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrays a man hooked on pornography in “Don Jon.”

V-8 Expats Roll Into England

There is a growing classic-car movement in England to collect what are called Yank Tanks, big American cars made after the war.

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Rakesh Kapoor on Accepting Bitter Pills

The chief of Reckitt Benckiser urges workers not to gripe “about how life should be.”

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