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To my knowledge hamingja in Icelandic means mainly «luck», but in Old Norwegian it meant first and foremost vardøger or fylgja («follower», in the meaning «guardian spirit»). A vardøger is a «double» which precedes a person wherever he goes. This spirit is some times seen by other people well ahead of the actual arrival of the person concerned. The direct translation and the original meaning of hamingja on the other hand is «one who walks in hamr». The hamr is the shape, the form, of the person.

So who is it that walks in shapes and forms? And what shapes and forms are we talking about here? The myths tell us that the gods could put on different shapes and thus change into them; birds, snakes, insects, oxen, wolves and so forth. So they too “walked in shapes”.

First though, who or what walks in shapes? The answer is of course our spirits. You are born into a shape, you live (walk) in this shape and then you die. You are then born again, into a new shape, and you live (walk) again and you die again. And so it continues, possibly for all eternity. So our spirits are immortal entities who just change shapes every now and then; we are the ones who walk in shapes! The gods are us, and we are them, and just like the Greek philosophers generally speaking believed; we can walk in all kinds of shapes. From the lowest of creatures (bugs, worms) to the highest of creatures (gods), and in everything in between too. If it is physical and if it has life it is a vessel of some sort of spirit.

We must continue to ask questions though; what then is a “spirit”? The spirits and deities also were said to take the form of trees and other plants, and as explained here all life is caused by light. So it would be correct to call our spirits and deities simply by the name “light”. Or perhaps light elves would be better? White light! So the true you is white light walking in shapes.

However, our most noble and highly intelligent forebears claimed that you could add to this light yourself. You could feed it, nourish it and make it greater! Like you can with a rumour! Like you can with your Honour! On a spiritual plane your Honour will also light up the world for others; inspire them, strengthen them in their resolve, comfort them when they are in trouble and help them find the way through the darkness of our world. We know this is true. We still grow from the light created by our long gone Heroes and Heroines; Marcus Aurelius, Tore Hund, Michael Wittmann, Decebalus, Vercingetorix, Araminius, and so forth. Their light is still here; shining, warming and illuminating. They are still here, with us, in us, feeding us spiritually, giving us metaphysical nourishment.

stamford_bridge spartan-warriors-2 images (1)

So the hamingja is not just your luck in life, but it is you and the sum of all your Honourable achievements, and also of all the Honourable achievements of your forebears that you have been spiritually nourished by. You can let it wither and fade, through a modern life of shame, that will bring no light to it and only smite it, or you can do as our forebears did and strive for a life of Honour and Glory! A life of Immortal Fame! Be the spiritual light that will nourish your descendants in the future, or cease to be when you die. HailaR WôðanaR!

Hâvamâl, stanza 76

Cattle die,

friends die,

you die the same way yourself;

but I know one thing

which never dies:

an honourable reputation.”


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134 thoughts on “Hamingja

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  37. Varg,

    Enlightening words, very beautiful! I have been reading about the meaning(s) of hamingja recently, and via my studies and now with your article about such connections to our heritage and ancestors, i feel a even stronger pull to the past and a stronger bond and connection to my true nature, my true self and my true family.

    On the flipside. SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Michael Wittmann. Dare i say the greatest tank ace of all time, if not, at least WWII. How could one not admire such a man! Regardless of what “historians” feel about The Third Reich and the SS during WWII, they do agree men like Wittmann cannot be talked about lightly and must be praised for there absolute genius tactics and warfare. He was a fair man also, he took care of his crew, “his boys”.

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  39. I’m really sorry for the offtopic comment here, Varg, my apologies, really, but I have just come across this montage of gypsies (of Romanian nationality) living in Norway and I must inquire. As a Romanian myself, this is just too embarassing. I know we’re a backwards thirld world country so there isn’t much expected from our authorities but how can the Norwegian government tolerate such filth? They might blend in over here, but over there in Norway? How can the norwegian government think this is politically correct or beneficial for the Norwegian people or state? Out with the gypsy scum, send them back to their shit holes in India!

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  44. Being a speaker of the old Norse, I never contemplated the word until I read this article.
    At first I thought that luck was a reach, and far from the true meaning (in the daily use of the word hamingja) but thinking about it, it is close to the truth.
    Hamingja is closer to “happiness” generally but the word luck is closely linked to the word lukka. It is not used so often but people in the old norse language often say “til lukku/hamingju með …” and it is far from the meaning of “be lucky with …”
    It is closer to “best of wishes with …”

    • Like the Norwegian “Til lykke med”. It means “good luck with”, but also “may the day bring you good fortune” or something like that.

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  53. Hâvamâl, stanza 76…

    Were Your words on the Det Som Engang Var shirt a twist on this stanza? Or is there a stanza in Hâvamâl with those words:

    Faeries die
    Friends die
    You die the same way yourself
    But Odhinn’s splendour
    will never die
    In honourable posthumous fame

    Just curious.

  54. Varg,

    This is probably off-topic but I wasn’t sure where else to pose this question to you:

    Suppose a young man wishes to, in the future (hopefully the very near future), leave the USA to live in Europe for the purpose of fighting for Europe (this young man is a native European himself, and wants to be united with other Europeans), do you have any recommendations as far as locations? What countries/areas would be best suited to establish a pagan “home base”, if you will?

    • He recommended the more rural countries a while back like France and Spain maybe, and to stay away from the most Marxist countries, so the likes of Sweden, Norway and Germany I guess…I’d like to recommend England, but…I dunno…I’m not sure if I really want to stay here…at least we haven’t been dragged into the eurozone like poor Greece and Ireland…

  55. The ancients knew that all life was in essence light, we are now learning that all matter is made of energy. It took us this long, just to make a full circle. It took us decades worth of research to reach the same conclusions that we knew as fact thousands of years ago. Modern science is still playing catchup.

    • Absolutely. They knew so much before using only intuition and their ability to reason, and only now — with science — do modern man (after having been disabled by Christianity for a thousand years) start to catch up.

      • Yes, and that really piss me off. Imagine where we would have been if islam/christianity was defeated in earlier ages as 700-1000.

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  57. These posts are great, I don’t need a newspaper, because Varg does an article for us nearly every day! Also, that quote about honour is my absolutely favourite stanza of the Hâvamâl. I’d love to see an article about the Berserkers. They interest me greatly!

    • I also read here daily. This is a great service for our people. The Hamingja essay was enlightening. Berserkers, now I have an opinion on that, I believe that it is something that is passed down through one’s family, so it is not a learned state of being. Just my opinion….

      • A neat fact: When Norwegians joined the Waffen-SS, their German instructors were ordered by Himmler to not use force, shouting and brutality to get them prepared for military life and battle. They were (in Himmler’s eyes) already natural leaders (“Petty-Kings”) and their fighting spirit, Berserker nature would emerge by itself and a simple (‘lowly’) German officer had nothing to say or do regarding this-it was inevitable. And in Himmler’s words, Aryans (unlike Germans) had not been beaten into a ‘collective submission’, and they would therefore not react well to the spartan methods that worked on the German soldiers. Source: ‘Himmler’s Norge’ by Emberland and Kott. (A book that is,as far as I know, unfortunately only available in Norwegian.)

        • “Aryans (unlike Germans)”? What is that supposed to mean? Did the author of this book think that the Germans were not “Aryans”, or did he speak about the actual Aryans, the European tribe who settled in the Indus Valley?

          (Terje) Emberland is an “anti-Nazi”, by the way. He has amongst other things written about Julius Evola and called him “a Fog Prince”, because he claimed Evola had no contact with reality.

          Well, to sum it all up in one sentence what we can expect from him; he is a “senior researcher” for the Holocaust center in Norway…

          • I did not know these things…no picture of him in the dust jacket,and Emberland seemed like a wholesome Norsk name…:( I found it the book to be interesting, nevertheless! (Once you know how to, as you say, read between the lines,and suss out the grains of truth! :)

            • That’s true. He does involunterily give some good info in his books. He also fails to hide all his admiration for the SS… most writers do.

    • Yes, it’s really nice that Varg writes here on a regular basis. We have something entertaining and educational to read every day.

      • Thank you for that I do my best, and I am very happy to see that many of you appreciate what I do, but keep in mind that I might not be able to keep this up forever.

  58. But then how can we understand this : too much “light” doesn’t illuminate our paths and warm us, it only blinds and burns us. What would be that other light that would blind us?

    • The Sunlight will light up your path and warm you, but too much Sunlight will only burn and blind you.

      On a spiritual level this would mean that you don’t strengthen your “light” without moderation and temperance. As simple as that.

      • This is probably the best advice I’ve ever read. Thank you for that clarification.

  59. Again a great article, particularly the close relation between spirit and honor. See what Evola wrote about this:

    “There exists a close relation between fides (i.e., “fidelity”, Roman word for “Honor”; cf. the ancient meaning of the Indo-Aryan “bhakti”, “devotion”, “loyalty”) and personality (i.e., spiritual personality, spirit). Fidelity is something that can’t be bought and sold. A law is obeyed, one yields to a necessity, convenience can be weighted, but fides, fidelity, only can be established by the free act of an inner nobility. Fides means personality.”

    I believe that this, the Spirit, the Self, not as a theory, but as a Self-conscious power in the very center of the mind and blood, that “light” that allows us to say that the mind is “divine” to some degree as you said on another article, showing Honor in every step of one’s life, in each though, word and action, that is the essence of the Aryan or European man or, better, what makes a man a man and not something less that a man.

    I fully agree with what Fabio and Jason said before, and I am sure that by means of this articles you are contributing and will contribute to the spiritual and biological regeneration of our race more than what anyone has done before (well, after WWII :) ).

  60. Love Havamal :) Interesting examples, why Wittmann especially? Or do you generally admire SS officers? What are your views on the likes of Eichmann in relation to this? Forgive me if I am crossing the line of what we/you are legally allowed to discuss on here, but what, if any, of the leading Nazis do you consider honourable men? (Rommel aside perhaps, as he was and is widely respected even by the Allies)

  61. Michael Wittmann -the perfect example of a modern heathen(in my personal opinion). This is an example of what I consider a modern exspression of Hâvamâl, stanza 76(I hope you can look away from the fact that it’s actually a commercial and the mention of “god”[a relative term in this context I think])

    makes me want to cry


    • That is truly inspiring! And I think it is all right to mention God if one has the idea of Infinity instead of a giant punisher.

    • Late reply, but what proof do you have that he was a heathen? (I would be keen to find out how many nazis were heathens for sure, I even read himmler was, but…I don’t know…could a heathen behave in such an atrocious manner as Himmler did?…)

      Reading about Witmann is incredibly inspiring…what he achieved in command of one tank in 15 minutes! Goes to show the Germans definitely triumphed where ground troops were concerned, they just lost due to Allied air superiority I guess (I don’t know enough about the naval conflict to comment on that)

  62. I feel you are a bit wrong when you say things with roots have no spirit.. If one walks in a old forest how can one not feel surrounded by spirits… Im not saying old threes is like the Ent in the “lord of the rings” but i feel there is something there nevertheless.. Also in the Åsatru threes and plants are things one can speak to and witch has feelings.. Otherwice you are spot on mister Vikernes ;-)

    • Well, my friend, I am not really saying trees don’t have spirits. They do too, of course, as made perfectly clear here. :-)

      • You set it as a rule that the wesel must be able to move.. therefore not have roots ;-) Do you perhaps mean that people can not become plants or threes as the gods allready reside in them??

        • Yes, it seems I did, but I didn’t mean to. Sorry about that. Mistake has now been corrected.

              • Hvis dette ikke kommer ut i bloggen kan vi like gjerne snakke norsk ;-) Hva med en artikkel rundt Nornene Urd ,Verdadne og Skuld som er bundet sammen med en tråd på samme måte som vi er bundet til vår fortid :-)

                • Hvorfor skulle ikke dette komme ut i bloggen? Du kommenterer i bloggen…

                  Ja, det er kanskje en idé å skrive litt om nornene. Vi får se hva en stakkars gammel mann får tid til. :-)

                  • Man er ikke eldre enn man føler segog sånn du holderpå med husbygging..film..blogg.musikk..forskning og alt så måda du føle deg rimeligung..

                  • Jeg synes Hrafnsvartr har rett x) Slik som du arbeider må du føle deg sterk som en bergrese! Håpes jeg ikke gjorde bort meg nå, da jeg ikke taler norsk… Men svensk, norsk og dansk er jo samme sak til syvende og sidst som de sier i Danmark. Nornene tykkes meg være en god idé òg!

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  64. Varg,
    Correct me if im wrong but i think I recall on burzum.org that you say all if the poems in the Edda were christianized other than Voluspa. Is this correct? Is there things to be learned from the other poems? You seem to be partial to Havamal

    • My guess is we degenerate into a stupid creature that will not survive the coming ages, we will become extinct.

    • A Jewish utopia where they grow ratty beards and throw stones at each other for eternity.

  65. True words… Honour, strength and discipline are the diffrences between us and the subhumans.. our sons, daughters and their kids will remember our acting. Nothing is more important than to show our kids the meaning of honour… My grandfathers dad was in the 30s a nsdap member in Austria. This men were called the illegal because the nsdap was banned at this time in Austria. He was shot by the Police in a streetfight. I would say odin was taking him to walhall. Nothing makes me more proud than knowing that this brave mans blood is running through my veins.
    Mg mother (left wing) was always saying to me: you are the same rebel like tour grandfathers dad!!!
    I hope so :)

  66. This is awesome you just happened to address this I was reading on Fylgja amd was going to ask you about it. The books The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife , and the Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman contain Fylgja if what I understand is correct. All of this summed up into one is what im trying to say in my book. The name is to say that we need to live our well of life in hamingja. If we do this, we will then obtain Astrid/a which is to mean god like beauty and strength. That is what the end result of that shall be to find Astrid(although Im not sure if I should make that as an item or a person). Any opinions on this would be well recieved. Thanks

    • Ah, I actually finished one about Fylgja too, earlier today, but figured I’ll give you guys some rest and not bloody spam you with posts, so I hold unto it at least until this evening. ;-)

  67. I’m not certain if you believe in that “Near Death Experiences” are real or not, but the commonality in all of them is going from darkness to pure white light.

    • Yes, I know. I have been there. Bright, but not blinding. Warm, but not burning. Perfectly comfortable light. I think that’s just an illusion though, created by the body to spare you the physical suffering and shock you endure when this is happening.

      • I have read this, that there is release of chemicals that target “good feelings” in the brain to give a sense of bliss. I have also read that a mind’s awareness of spirits or the divine can be attributed to electro-magnetic activity or alterations in the normal magnetic field the brain is exposed to. These are rather dull explanations, though. Perhaps true, but dull.

        • Ha ha ha, yes they are very dull, but probably true. The truth is often rather dull.

          • Herr Varg, do you believe that “oblivion” awaits us all? i.e. the loss of all awareness and a return to nothing? I’m speaking in the purely scientific sense.

            • This is the philosophical question you know. I wish I knew, but… it would only be pure speculations.

              Maybe we are simply not meant to know. Or maybe like you say there is only oblivion.

              If we have children we at least continue to exist in some form.

              • Once again, legendary, great post. From what I’ve heard, is that Aristotle proved the immortality of the soul. Meaning the mind still lives. Yes I’ve noticed the spirit double–right when someone decides to plan a trip to visit–then a precognition of them. Plato and Socrates get into some of the happenings after death. According to Plato many aeons ago, we were once spirits without physical bodies (therefore no there is no fossil record of it). I believe even the constellations like Orion were our forebears now– their honorable and powerful existence immortalized. The word eternity is unclear – but there may actually be a life and death of our universe, where our honorable spirits will reach the stars in magnitude and to reign as gods, and then to be given over to the dark moon of the universe right before giving birth to a greater one with more potential, and this will go on and on and on, meanwhile endless universes are also in their life cycles just ask an insect or a tree.
                Michael Wittman 88 forever immortal! Forever honored even in Orion’s belt! Curse the rumors!
                Varg, A couple other things quickly: misspelled “forth” as “froth”, and also, would it be possible to get a master bibliography, especially to know which translations and editions would be the best (for sagas, and related) ? thx!!

                • Thanks for the correction.

                  Not sure if I can help you there. I always use the original Norse versions for the myths and then just translate them myself (usually using grammar books and a dictionary) or quickly find a translation online that is more or less good, and I haven’t read a saga in 15 years or so…

                  • That is enlightening. Btw, did you know Erzsebet Bathory got atleast some of her victims from the juden platz

  68. Love these daily articles of yours, mr. Vikernes. They are so full of pride and hope for our people.

    For Europe.

        • It is indeed! But also quite the responsibility, since our numbers are few and our heavily desecrated words/ideas are our only weapons. It’s not easy trying to figure out how to change the world (or at least restore it).

          • I think more and more people seek a different life than what they are living today.. so just by being here answering eachothers questions and responding to ideas i think it will spread. And when people seeks to find back to their roots it is great that they will find this place..

            • I agree totally with you, my friend…I think that here we are like a family, in a way.

            • I agree with that I think this has probably been one of the biggest steps forward. Look at all the comments and links. More and more is added everyday. When the articles were on burzum.org I would go nuts waiting for a new article, now they are so frequent, half of the time I cant read a whole blog at once, and that is definitely not a bad thing! Its a wonderful thing to be able to put a question discuss and get an answer in our perspective. Ive said it once before and shall again, this is a clan, those that belong will stay, those that dont will go or prove themselves to not be aligned with our cause. This has become an everyday part of my life. Varg and Marie have done something i personally think will impact history. Funny thing is we are just as necessary. We have to get these truths out to the world. This website could be called Eir the Norse god of medical skill or Aceso the greek god of healing an illness. This is the cure to mankinds sickness

              • Really the difference between burzum.org and the structure of this blog is immense…

              • It is very inspiring for us to see that you think that way — and also share your thought about this with us all. I think together we can all make a difference, and like one of the posts state;you only need one single light to banish the darkness. With this light you can see the truth and show it to others too.

                • I think you were referring to jason hensley, however…I think we all together compose that single light…who more, who less…keep up the good work and the fight!

                  • Yes, we do.

                    I will fight until I drop, and then keep crawling forwards until there is no more light in me. :-)

                  • Exactly! We should strengthen eachother. We can show the world what a tribe is. We can show who really cares. Its all of us together. One man cannot defeat our enemy. I tell people I work with Im a warrior. They laugh of course but its very serious. Just like Varg said I will not give up EVER! This world can leave me beaten and bloody and they may win a battle but they will NOT win this war. I will crawl on my knees to my enemy and destroy him with Ódinns spear and show that I cannot and will nkt ever give up. I am a warrior with haminja and i will die with hamingja. Someone i know once said (even though ive come to learn shes a feminist idiot) the gods will only die when they are forgotten and we cannot let this happen my friends
                    The gods shall live forever!

              • An objective really hard to reach…more and more every day I think that if you are not “born” like we are…it is very difficult. You will rarely succeed in letting the people changing perspective…I’m not talking about the knowledge (like about Neanderthal, our Culture and History ecc.) but the spirit.

          • Not only words/ideas. Its how you live your life, day to day. If you are honourable with how you deal with this rotten world, believe me people notice. So, everything you do,, should be based on your pagan beliefs! …Thank you, Varg, again

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