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$3.00 Palm Oil Certificates Last Price Traded

RSPO sustainable palm oil the journey so far

The infographic provides the position as it stands at the begining of 2013 for the RSPO's sustainable palm oil journey towards market transformation, with the overall vision of making sustainable palm oil the norm.  

The Infographic provides the following information:

  • Where is palm oil produced?
  • Where is palm oil consumed?
  • How much is currently produced sustainably (RSPO certified against the principles & criteria) ? 
  • How much RSPO certified palm oil has been purchased and via which supply chain option? 

You can download a PDF or JPEG copy of the infographic below.  

Learn more about the RSPO Supply chain options, whats required for each and what companies can say to the market. 

  • Identity Preserved
  • Segregated
  • Mass Balance
  • Book and Claim (GreenPalm)

Our infogrpahic was featured on the 2degrees website: http://www.2degreesnetwork.com/groups/supply-chain/resources/rspo-sustainable-palm-oil-journey-so-far/  


Our other infographic: The Cost & Complexity of Segregated Palm & Palm Kernel Oil  

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