Programs for Writers

These programs offer something for anyone who wants “to be a writer” and for those who simply enjoy writing as a hobby or are curious about the writing process. Any program can be customized for libraries, schools, workshops, writing groups.All writers and readers welcome!

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Tame Your Writing Demons (Kill Writer’s Block)

Demons can possess any writer’s imagination and writing process; it’s commonly called Writer’s Block. “Famous” writers have learned to harness ‘demon energy’ for creativity. We’ll lure your writing demon out of its dark corner so you can name it, tame it and get it to work with you instead of against you. Bring a short description or object that symbolizes your demon, something that represents what you feel like when you are blocked.
Book Writing Demon Program

Face Your Writing Challenges

The Writer’s Six Ps will empower you to overcome any writing challenge with confidence and ease. Bring a challenge you are facing with a current writing project (fiction, nonfiction).
Book Writing Challenges Program

From Idea to Story I: Tap the Creative Well

Did Twilight really begin in Stephanie Meyers’ dreams?
Did Tolkien’s own “star-crossed” affair influence his writing?
Find out how writers get their ideas and how ideas turn into story. Learn how to cull ideas for stories from your dreams, memories and daily experiences. We’ll use guided visualization, prompts and other holistic writing techniques to awaken the creative writer in you!
Book Idea to Story Program

From Idea to Story II: Start Writing Yours

Learn how to find the focus for your story (e.g., whose telling it) and brainstorm ideas for developing the story. Participants will describe their ideas and writing challenges so that everyone goes home ready to write.
Book Idea to Story Program

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