Oklahoma S.B. 1941

Lockdown Drills; Electronic Bullying, Threatening Behavior

Adds provision for annual review of school district and higher education institution emergency plans; revises requirements for school district lockdown drills (from one per year to two per year). Prohibits any lockdown drill from being conducted at the same time of day as a previous lockdown drill conducted in the same school year, and no more than two lockdown drills shall be conducted in one semester. Includes harmful electronic communication in the definition of bullying. Defines "Electronic communication" as the communication of any written, verbal, or pictorial information by means of an electronic device, including, but not limited to, a telephone, a cellular telephone or other wireless telecommunication device, or a computer; and "Threatening behavior" as any pattern of behavior or isolated action, whether or not it is directed at another person, that a reasonable person would believe indicates potential for future harm to students, school personnel, or school property.Requires school district boards of education to investigate allegations of bullying and intimidation; authorizes a board to recommend mental health services; authorizes the issuance of grants to schools and higher education institutions to encourage emergency preparedness.


Status: Signed into lawStatus Date: 05/15/2008