Schools against sexism

Petition: Ask UK schools to tackle sexism

Schools should be safe places for everyone. Yet one in three girls in the UK experiences ‘groping’ at schools and sexual harassment is routine.

Schools have a unique and critical role to play in addressing harmful attitudes and abusive behaviour. It’s time for schools to make gender equality a priority and support students who are standing up against sexism.

We want headteachers in schools across the UK to sign the Schools Against Sexism pledge. This will commit them to:

  • Supporting girls and women who are experiencing sexism and violence
  • Teaching equality, consent and respect
  • Developing policy on gender equality and girls’ safety, and demonstrating this commitment publicly

Read the full Schools Against Sexism Pledge

I want headteachers to commit to tackling sexism in schools

This petition is for everyone to sign- not just students. It will be used by students to demonstrate support for making their school a School Against Sexism.

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