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ANTHONY - Quakers of Colonial Virginia
Compiled by Patricia Davidson-Peters 2000-2008
A Note from Patti: Mark Anthony's direct descendancy into the Moore & Pilcher lines is listed below, beginning with his son Joseph Anthony, and this line as far as I have researched and documented, is correct to the best of my knowledge.

The Anthony branch of the Moore-Pilcher family is traced by through the ancestry of Clarissa Pilcher-Moore (1845-1890) who was the daughter of Ezekiel Pilcher and Louisa (Ballard), and wife of Thomas Anderson Moore.  Louisa Ballard (1809-1872) was the daughter of William Ballard and Elizabeth (Anthony) who was the daughter of Christopher, son of Joseph Anthony.

Other lines of these families and data earlier than that which can be documented in the Quaker Records, has not been verified but has been taken from secondary sources. If you know of incorrect information which has been researched and documented, please feel free to contact me to correct these errors.

The Anthony ancestry is traced to Mark Anthony, who family "folklore" says he'd runaway from school in Italy on a merchant vessel which had been captured by pirates and that Mark had been taken as prisoner to Algiers.  After managing to escape on a British vessel, he came to the America Colonies and settled in Bedford County, VA where he had a grist mill and married Isabella Hart, who was the daughter of John Hart and Susannah Rush of Buck county, PA.

There are others who speculate that it was possibly Mark's brother John who was captured - this said to have been detailed in a book by William Oakey which was published in 1675. There has also been a dispute over whether Mark was actually of English or Italian descent and may have been connected with the family of Derick and Dr. Francis Anthony. Then there is another uncertainty of Isabella Hart's mother - some list her as Susanna Rush and others as Eleanor Crispin ... so, as always, please check your own sources and use other's as a guideline.

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Joseph Anthony - was the son of the Mark Anthony and Isabella (Hart). He was born in Henrico County, VA on 2 May 1713.  He married Elizabeth Clark who was born in Hanover County, VA on 15 Feb 1720. She was the daughter of Christopher and Penelope (Johnson) Clark. They lived in what is now Franklin County and were Quakers. Joseph died on 23 Nov 1785.
  1. Sarah Anthony - born 15 Aug 1742. On 08 Jan 1762 she married Thomas Cooper who was born about 1733. Sarah died on 13 Feb 1796.
  2. Christopher Anthony - born 24 Mar 1744. He married Judith Moorman who was born 26 Jun 1748 in Campbell County, VA and was the daughter of Charles, Jr. and Mary (Adams) Moorman. He married (2) on 05 Jan 1776, Mary Jordan who was born on 16 Nov 1749. Christopher died on 28 Oct 1815.
  3. Elizabeth Anthony - born 10 Mar 1746. She married William Candler who was born 21 Apr 1736. In 1769 William was a landowner in St. Paul's Parish and is mentioned in the records of Columbia County, GA. He was made a deputy surveyor in 1771. Elizabeth died on 14 Jul 1784.
  4. Penelope Anthony - born 21 Feb 1748. She was the second wife of James Johnson, his first wife being Mildred (Moorman) who was the daughter of Thomas Moorman of Louisa County. They were married in public meeting at the Friends Meeting house on twelfth day of the eleventh month in 1758. Penelope died 26 Jan 1822 in Leesburg, OH.
  5. Joseph Anthony Jr. - born 28 Mar 1750.  In 1777 he married his first cousin Elizabeth Clark (daughter of Micajah, son of Christopher). He moved to Wilkes County, GA where he bought 500 acres on Fishing Creek and had seven slaves. He died 2 Sep 1810.
  6. James Anthony - born 18 Dec 1752. On 29 Sep 1772, he married Ann Tate (daughter of Henry). He is listed among those who renounced allegiance to Great Britain and swore allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia; and is accepted as by the DAR as a Revolutionary Patriot. He was a Sergeant in 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment, 5th Company, Infantry of Wilkes County, GA under Major Aaron Lipham. He moved to Georgia and was a leader in enterprise, interested in cotton and woolen mills. James died about 1827.
  7. Mary Anthony - born 17 Nov 1754. She married Josiah Carter on 26 Jun 1771 in Bedford County, VA. Josiah is said to have been a brother of John who married Winefred Anthony.  Josiah was listed in the VA Tax Payers as owning six slaves and land on both sides of Blackwater River. He was among those who took the Oath of Allegiance in August of 1777 and in 1820 was listed in the census as the only person in his household although Mary's date of death is unknown.
  8. Charles Anthony - born 26 Mar 1757 and died at a young age.
  9. Micajah Anthony - born on 23 Feb 1759 . On the first of August 1792, he married Sally (Sarah) Tate, the daughter of Jesse.  Micajah was among those persons in Wilkes County, GA prior to 1778, and might have gone there on a scouting expedition. He received ten grants in Franklin County and one in Wilkes County between 1787 and 1792. Micajah died mysteriously on the road between Washington, GA and Augusta GA in 1793 and left  his wife and one son, Micajah Tate Anthony. His wife Sally returned to Virginia and married Armstead Stokes and had at least three more children.
  10. Agnes Anthony - born 07 Mar 1761. She married Churchill Blakey who was born on 11 Apr 1760 who was the sixth child of Thomas and Ann (Haden) Blakey.  His August 2nd marriage to Agnes in 1780 was one of the first marriages recorded in Henry County, VA. They moved to Wilkes County, GA where his name is listed in Knights Roster of Georgia Revolutionary Soldiers. He owned three slaves and 200 acres in Green County but returned to Wilkes County in 1794.
  11. Rachel Anthony - born on 08 Mar 1763. As his second wife, she married James Lane on 09 Jun 1788. His first wife, Elizabeth Anderson, died at the birth of their first child, Betsy A. Lane.  James was Sergeant, Infantry of 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment, 5th Company of Wilkes County. Rachel died in about 1800 and James died in 1811. They were the parents of: Mark, William, Sarah "Sallie" and Micajah who married Lucinda Hester.
  12. Winifred Anthony - born 08 Apr 1765. She married Joseph Blakey (brother of Churchill) who was born on 28 Aug 1762. After the death of her husband around 1800, Winifred married John Carter who is believed to have been the son of Thomas Carter.
  13. Mark Anthony - born in 1767. He married (1) Sarah H. Tate, and (2) Elizabeth Stinson.
  14. Bolling Anthony - born 23 Aug 1769. He married Ann (Nancy) Stone who was born on 02 Dec 1777. He bought land 14 Jul 1793 on Fishing Creek from his brother Joseph Anthony. He built what might have been one of the first brick homes in Wilkes County. He and his wife and other members of the family are buried near the house which became known as the Lane Place.
  15. Judith Anthony - born 23 Oct 1771. She married William Green, Jr. who was born in 1772 and was the 7th child of Captain William Green, Sr. (1739-1804) and Mary Christmas. His date of death is evidenced by his will probated in 1804 in Wilkes County, Georgia. Judith married (2) Robert Ware and according to the tombstone of their son, Young S. Ware, they moved to Montgomery on 01 Feb 1822. Judith died on 25 Jan 1856 and is laid to rest in the Ware Family Cemetery in Montgomery, Alabama.
Christopher Anthony - son of Joseph, was a member of the Society of Friends South River Monthly Meeting in which her served in the capacity of elder and clerk. This meeting had been established in 1757 from Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting and encompassed the counties of Bedford, Campbell, Albemarle, Amherst, Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin and Patrick Counties.

He married Judith Moorman, the daughter of Charles Moorman & Mary (Adams).  In February of 1769, he and Micajah Terrell were appointed to build a new meeting house on South River which was possibly the second wooden structure constructed there. In 1788 he was considered one of the most eloquent speakers of the Quakers who lived in Bedford County, VA, but finding himself at odds with a country that was in favor of slavery, he moved with this family to Cincinnati in 1812.

As Recorded by the South River Monthly Meeting, Bedford County, VA
  1. Mary "Polly" Anthony - born 02 Sep 1766. On 25 Sep 1788, she married David Terrell, III who was born 11 Mar 1763 and was the seventh child of David Terrell, II and Sarah (Johnson). Mary and David had eight children.
  2. Joseph Anthony - born 02 Sep 1767. He married Rhoda A. Moorman and in 1814 they moved from Henrico County, VA to Cincinnati, OH with his father. Joseph and Rhoda had 13 children.
  3. Elizabeth Anthony - born 09 Oct 1769. She married William Ballard, the son of Byrom and Eleanor (Candler) on 24 Apr 1788.  They were Quakers and their marriage is recorded in the South River Monthly Meeting, Bedford County, VA.
  4. Charles Anthony - born 21 October 1771; married Elizabeth Ladd on 01 Jul 1797 at White Oak Monthly Meeting.
As Recorded by the South River Monthly Meeting, Bedford County, VA
  1. Christopher Anthony - born 06 Dec 1776; married 06 Aug 1803, Mrs. Anna (Couch) Woolson.  Christopher died 01 Oct 1835.
  2. Samuel Anthony -  born 26 Jan 1779; married Mary Irvine, the daughter of Charles Irvine and Anna (Ross) at Goose Creek Monthly Meeting, Bedford County, VA.  Records indicate he was disowned for marrying contrary to discipline on 03 Dec 1813; Samuel died in 1839.
  3. Hannah B. Anthony - born 27 Oct 1781; married (1) 13 Dec 1798 David Johnson, recorded in the Goose Creek Monthly Meeting, Bedford County, VA; She married (2) John Davis on 07 Jul 1805. Hannah died 12 Aug 1830.
  4. Sarah Anthony - born 21 Feb 1784; married Henry Davis on 10 Jul 1800. Sarah died in 1824.
  5. Penelope Anthony - born 13 Apr 1786 and died unmarried.
  6. Jordan Anthony- born 16 Aug 1788; disowned for volunteering himself as a soldier and taking an active part in military affairs.  Jordan died in Buchanan, VA.
  7. Rachel Anthony- born 25 Jun 1791; married Lot Pugh in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rachel died in May of 1871.
  8. Charlotte Anthony - born 19 Oct 1793; married Ephraim Morgan in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Charlotte died in October of 1858.
Joseph Anthony, Jr., son Joseph Anthony and Elizabeth (Clark), married his cousin Elizabeth Clark, daughter of Micajah and Judith (Adams) who was born 04 Jan 1754 in Virginia. Joseph was was born 28 Mar 1750 in Virginia and around 1786 moved to Wilkes County, Georgia where he owned land along Fishing Creek. He died 02 Sep 1810 in Wilkes Co., Georgia and his Will was probated 03 Sep 1810 listing his wife, heirs of his daughter Sarah Mary Stokes; sons Anselm, Micajah, Joseph, Mark and daughters.

Biography of son Anselm Anthony

For further information on this line you may want to visit Dana Huff's genealogy site

  1. Mary Anthony - born about 1774; mentoned as Mary Stokes in her father's will.
  2. Mark Anthony - born about 1776; mentioned in his father's will as owner of Anthony & Co., land in Lincoln Co., GA on the Savannah River known as Clarke's Fishery.
  3. Anslem Anthony - born 09 Jun 1778 in Campbell Co., Virginia; died in Polk Co., GA on 06 Jan 1868. He was a Baptist preacher who married (1) Sarah Menzies on 16 Dec 1806 and to this union were born two sons and five daughters. Sarah died in 1830 and he married (2) Catherine Blakely on 15 Jan 1837.
  4. Joseph Clark Anthony - born 1780 and was a doctor. He married Betsy T. Aycock, but died young. His will was probated on 05 Nov 1811 and on 03 May 1814 his widow married William Robertson, who in 1816 became the legal gaurdian of Joseph and Betsy's only child, William Augustine Anthony.
  5. Micajah Anthony - born 1782; married Rebecca Williams.
  6. Ann (Nancy) Anthony - born about 1784; mentioned as Nancy Early in her father's will.
Mary "Polly" Anthony - daughter of Christopher and Judith (Moorman) was born on 02 Sep 1766 in Virginia. She married David Terrell III on 25 Sep 1788 at South River Monthly Meeting in Bedford Co., Virginia. David was born on 11 Mar 1763 in Virginia.
  1. Pleasant Terrell - born 1791 in Virginia
  2. Christopher Terrell - born 1793 in Virginia.
  3. David Terrell - born 1795 in Virginia.
  4. Judith Terrell - born 1798 in Virginia.
  5. Sarah Terrell
  6. Joseph Terrell
  7. Mary Terrell
  8. Elizabeth Terrell .
Joseph Anthony - son of Christopher and Judith (Moorman), was born on 2 Sep 1767 in , Campbell Co., VA. He died in Cincinnati, Ohio. Joseph married Rhoda Moorman on 15 May 1791 at Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting in Caroline Co., Viriginia. Rhoda was born 1768 in Virginia.
  1. Samuel Parson Anthony - born on 2 Dec 1792.
  2. Thomas Clark Anthony - born 01 Jun 1796 in Bedford Co., VA. He married Judith Timberlake, daughter of John Timberlake and Mary (Johnson) on 24 Oct 1832. Judith was born on 6 Nov 1802 in Campbell Co., VA. She died 08 Mar 1862 in Liberty, Iowa.
  3. Charles Anthony - born 31 Mar 1798.
  4. Judith Anthony - born 28 Aug 1800.
  5. Rhoda Anthony
  6. Clarke Anthony
  7. Jane Wood Anthony
  8. Rachel Anthony
  9. Sarah Anthony
  10. Penelope Anthony
  11. Christopher Anthony
  12. Joseph Anthony
  13. Elizabeth Anthony
Elizabeth Anthony - daughter of Christopher and Judith (Moorman), was born 10 Sep 1769 in Campbell County, Virginia. It is believed she may have died before 1830 in Grayson County, Virigina.

Elizabeth married William Ballard, son of Byrom Ballard and Eleanor (Candler) on 24 Apr 1788 at South River Monthly Meeting in Campbell Co., Virginia. William was born 20 Jul 1767 in Albemarle, Virginia and died in Grayson Co., Virginia.

Pedigree chart of Elizabeth Anthony

Ballard - Quakers of South River Monthly Meeting

  1. Christopher Anthony Ballard - born 22 Feb 1789; died 24 Oct 1862.
  2. Eleanor Ballard - born 05 Jun 1790 in Grayson Co., VA and died on 02 May 1845 in White Co., TN. She married Arthur Parker on 29 Dec 1808 in Grayson Co., VA. Arthur was born 17 Jul 1785 in Grayson Co., VA.
  3. Mary "Polly" Ballard - born 23 Jan 1792 in Bedford Co., VA. Mary married Samuel Lundy, son of Amos Lundy on 06 Oct 1813 in Grayson Co., VA. Samuel was born in 1785 in Guilford Co., North Carolina.
  4. Asa Ballard - born 19 Aug 1793 in Grayson Co., VA; counted in a census in 1850 in Dist. 18, Marion, Iowa
  5. William Ballard - born 26 Dec 1794.
  6. Hannah Ballard - born 10 Nov 1796.
  7. Sarah Ballard - born 14 Aug 1798 in Grayson Co., VA.
  8. Barkley Moorman Ballard - born 28 Jun 1802.
  9. Samuel Jordan Ballard - born 11 Apr 1805 in Grayson Co., VA.
Christopher Anthony - son of Christopher and Mary (Jordan), was born 06 Dec 1776 in Goochland Co., VA. He had withdrawn from the Quakers and joined the Episcopal church in about 1829. He married Anna Couch on 06 Aug 1803 in White Oak Swamp, Henrico Co., Virginia. Anna was born in Jan 1786 in Philadelphia, PA. Christopher died 01 Oct 1835 in Lynchburg, Virginia.
  1. Mary E. Anthony - born in 1809 in Campbell Co., VA; she died 28 Apr 1868.
  2. Samuel Anthony
  3. Sarah Anthony
  4. Caroline Anthony
  5. Margaret Anthony .
Hannah B. Anthony - daughter of Christopher and Mary (Jordan), was born on 27 Oct 1781 in Virginia. She died on 12 Aug 1830 in Cincinnati, OH. At the Goose Creek Monthly Meeting in Bedford Co., Virginia, she married (1) David Johnson, son of Christopher Johnson and Elizabeth (Moorman). David was born on 03 Jul 1774 in Virginia.

Hannah married (2) John Davis, son of Samuel Davis and Annis (Lipscomb) on 07 Jul 1805 in Bedford Co., VA. John was born on 24 Sep 1774.

  1. Anna Maria Davis - born 24 Feb 1806; died 14 Feb 1877.
  2. Mary Jordan Davis - born 10 Oct 1808; died on 09 May 1875.
  3. Samuel Davis - born 12 Aug 1809; died 02 Jul 1887.
  4. Sarah Annis Davis - born 08 Mar 1811; married Hugh Hall Smith of Indianapolis, Indiana and was the mother of Colona and Anna May Smith. Sarah died in Nov 1888.
  5. Charlotte Davis - born 21 Feb 1813; died in Sep 1888.
  6. William Davis - born 23 Mar 1815; died in 1837.
  7. John Davis - born 15 Apr 1818; died in Oct 1832.
  8. Charles Davis - born in Jul 1820; died in 1836.
  9. Hannah Isabella Davis - born 21 Oct 1823; married Henry Stagg and died on 05 Dec 1908 in St. Louis, MO.
Sarah Anthony - daughter of Christopher and Mary (Jordan), was born on 21 Feb 1784 in VA. She married Henry Davis on 10 Jul 1800. Henry was born in 1782 and was the son of William Davis & Mary (Gosney). Sarah died in 1824.

For more information on this family, you may wish to contact Anne Lieberman

  1. Lucy Elizabeth Davis - born about 1802. She married William Tudor Yancey on 21 Mar 1839. William was born in 1811 in Bedford Co., VA. He died in 1889 in Bedford Co., VA. Lucy was "a woman of remarkable intellectual gifts." Her children were: Mary Louisa who died unmarried; Henry, who was in the 2nd VA Cavalry and killed at age 20 at the battle of Spottslvania Courthouse; William Tudor Jr. who married (1) Mary Radord of Pulaski and (2) Eugenia Macon; and son Robert Davis Yancy, who was born Lynchburg, VA Sep 15, 1855 and graduated VMI in 1875 - was mayor of Lynchburg 1890-1894 as well as commonwealth's attorney for many terms.
  2. Mary Lou Davis - born 26 Jul 1804.
  3. Samuel Davis - born about 1806.
  4. Robert Jordan Davis - born 03 Aug 1813 in Lynchburg, VA.
  5. Alexander Christopher Davis - born 12 Dec 1817.
  6. Charles Henry Davis - born about 1819.
Christopher "Anthony" Ballard, son of Elizabeth (Anthony) and William Ballard, was born on 22 Feb 1789 in Grayson County, VA. He was listed in the Grayson County Personal Tax records for the years 1810 and 1813. In 1820, he was located in the census living in Lake Twp., Logan Co., OH engaged in agriculture. In 1830 he's residing in Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL near the Ezekiel Pilcher & Louisa (Ballard) family; in 1850 he is listed as a clock maker residing in Goliad, Texas with his 2nd wife Louisa and their son Charley; and the 1860 census for Atascosa Co., Texas has him listed as a silver smith living near his brother Barkley Ballard.

In the war of 1812 Veterans in Texas, it states that he was age 60 on 26 Dec 1850, and lists his marriage to aLouisa indicating he had also lived in Virginia, Hancock Co., IL (P.O. Carthage); and Goliad Co., TX. It states that he was a private in Captain James Anderson's company of Virginia. Lists Pension W.O. 40-817; W.C. 32,194; and bounty lands 3,791-40-50 and 34, 167-120-55.

Christopher's first wife was Eleanor Mossman, the daughter of Archibald Mossman and Margaret (Young) whome he married on 28 Jan 1808 in Grayson Co, Virginia. Eleanor was born 29 Nov 1791 in Berwick Upon Tweed, England and died on 08 Feb 1875 in Canton, Lewis Co., Missouri. (Obituary)

Eleanor emigrated in about 1794 from from Berwick Upon Tweed to Grayson Co, Virginia. She was counted in a census in 1820 in Lake Twp., Logan Co., OH with "Anthony" as well as in the 1830 Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois census.

Sometime before 1850, Eleanor and her husband seemed to have parted ways. He as he was listed in the 1850 census with a wife Louisa. Eleanor is not located again until 1860 at which time she is listed in the household of her daughter, Caroline (Ballard) Pilcher in the Lewis Co., MO census. She appears again in that same town in 1870.

Christopher died on 24 Oct 1862 in Mission, Refugio, Texas.

Ballard - Quakers of South River Monthly Meeting

The Pilchers of Culpeper County, Virginia

  1. Louisa Ballard - born 28 Feb 1809; married Ezekiel Pilcher and died on 22 Dec 1872 in St. Louis, Missouri.
  2. Margaret Ballard - born 31 Aug 1810; she married Samuel Caldwell Meredith and died 13 Nov 1884 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  3. Helen Ballard - born about 1811; died in her infancy.
  4. Mina Ballard - born in September of 1812; married John Jenkins Kerns; died 24 Dec 1879 in Shasta, CA.
  5. Elizabeth Ballard - born about 1814; married a McCafferty and according to a family letter written in 1893, she was resising in Quincy, Illinois.
  6. Arminta Ballard - born about 1816. She left home at a young age, and though mentioned in a family letter, nothing further is known of her.
  7. Archibald Mossman Ballard - born in 1818; married Matilda True and died on 29 Sep 1867 in Almo, California.
  8. William B. Ballard - born about 1820, and was living with his mother Eleanor (Mossman) Ballard in Canton, Lewis Co., MO in 1893. He had probably moved there from Springfield as early as 1853, but had lived in Missouri in 1850.
  9. Christopher Anthony Ballard - born 28 Sep 1822 in Lake Twp., Logan Co., Ohio married Martha Ann Thorp. He died in Bexar Co., Texas on 26 Nov 1863.
  10. Caroline Ballard - born in Dec 1824; married Shadrach H. Pilcher, younger brother of Ezekiel who had married Caroline's sister Louisa. Caroline died on 21 Apr 1908 in Canton, Lewis Co., MO.
  1. Charles Barkley Ballard - born about 1842 in Texas, he was counted in the 1850 and 1860 census with his parents. In 1891 he was residing in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas where he was listed in the San Antonio city directory as a tank builder for F.F. Collins Mfg. Co. and was living at 521 Perez.
Anna Maria Davis - daughter of Hannah B. (Anthony) and John Davis, was born on 24 Feb 1806. She married Achilles Pugh on 23 Aug 1832. Achilles was born 10 Mar 1805 and died 31 Oct 1876. Anna died 14 Feb 1877.
  1. Esther Pugh - born 31 Aug 1834.
  2. John Davis Pugh - born 14 Mar 1838; married Laura Fay on 26 Jun 1877.
  3. Mary Taylor Pugh - born 26 Sep 1840; married John Wildman on 29 Nov 1865.
  4. Achilles Henry Pugh - born on 24 Nov 1846; married Mary Lavinia Darr on 14 Jun 1875 and were the parents of Achilles H., Theresa Josephine; Marie Louise; and Anna Charlotte Pugh.
Mary Jordan Davis - daughter of Hannah B. (Anthony) and John Davis, was born on 10 Oct 1808. She married Caleb Taylor on 01 Jan 1830 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mary died on 09 May 1875.
  1. Hannah Taylor - born 02 Sep 1831; married Murray Shipley on 22 May 1851. She died on 19 Nov 1891.
  2. William Henry Taylor - born 25 Dec 1836; married (1) Charlotte French in Dec 1861; married (2) Mary Haines in 1878; and married (3) Helen Collard.
  3. Elizabeth Lippencott Taylor - married George Dean.
  4. Anna Maria Taylor - married Evan Lewis Johnson.
Samuel Davis - son of Hannah B. (Anthony) and John Davis, was born on 12 Aug 1809. He married Rebecca Wallace of Rushville, Indiana. Samuel died on 2 Jul 1887.
  1. John Wallce Davis - resided in St. Louis, Missouri.
  2. Charles Henry Davis - resided in St. Louis, Missouri.
  3. Ellenor Davis - married a Mr. Braithait of England.
Hannah Isabella Davis - daughter of Hannah B. (Anthony) and John Davis, was born on 21 Oct 1823 in Cincinnati, OH. She married Henry Stagg of St. Louis on 20 Apr 1843. In 1860, the family was living in St. Louis and Henry was listed as an insurance agent. By 1870, Henry has done well for himself and is listed as a money broker. He was last enumerated in the 1880 census, his household including his married daughter Virginia and her two young daughters.

Henry Stagg died 07 Apr 1887 and was laid to rest at Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis. After his death Hannah lived with their daughter Virginia Forbes. She is listed in their 1900 household as age 77, widowed, and mother of five children - two living. Hannah died on 05 Dec 1908 in St. Louis, Missouri.

View Brief Biographical Sketch of Hannah (Davis) Stagg

  1. Charles Henry Stagg - born 29 Mar 1844; may have died 02 Jun 1851 and was laid to rest in Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis.
  2. Virginia Isabella Stagg - born 06 Dec 1846 in Missouri; married Moses S. Forbes 12 Oct 1871 and lived in St. Louis where Moses was a wholesale tea merchant.
  3. William Lewis Stagg - born 13 May 1852; lived in Springfield, Illinois in 1900 and in Chicago, Illinois in 1910 and 1920. It is believed he married Mary E. Phares in Cook Co., IL on 26 Sep 1883, License #75308.
  4. Charlotte Stagg - born 15 Jul 1856, appears to have died young.
  5. Henry Taylor Stagg - born 14 Dec 1862; appears to have died young.

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