US Newspaper reports on link between birth defects and eating radioactive contamination — One piece of contaminated food may deliver radiation of hundreds of x-rays

Published: July 16th, 2012 at 1:36 pm ET
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Title: Geneticist charts effects of nuclear disasters
Source: Press-Register
Author: Sally Pearsall Ericson
Date: July 16, 2012, 7:15 AM


According to the British medical journal Lancet ( of April 24, 2010, the results of Wertelecki’s child development investigations have re-ignited a controversy among international agencies and scientists concerning the impact of internalized radiation through contaminated food on birth defects.


At a recent scientific colloquium at the University of South Alabama, Wertelecki pointed out two main lessons learned from the Chernobyl and the Fukushima-Daiichi disasters:

“It is not the scale of a nuclear accident itself that makes a human disaster it is the response by officials afterward and the public panic produced. The public should not be treated as idiots and told only the ‘good half’ of the story, as is often done by official agencies. People have the right to know, the need to believe those who are in charge.”

Wertelecki’s investigations in Ukraine show elevated population rates of certain types of birth defects, mostly of the brain and spinal cord


One mushroom eaten in affected areas may deliver as much radiation as hundreds of chest x-rays, he concluded.

This accumulation is most worrisome for pregnant women. Radiation is an agent that can not only cause birth defects, but alter the human genome with long-term effects on future generations, he stated.


Wertelecki is the former chairman of the Medical Genetics Department at the University of South Alabama from 1974 until 2010, and continues his work along with child development research teams from California, SUNY, Indiana and Emory Universities

Published: July 16th, 2012 at 1:36 pm ET
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48 comments to US Newspaper reports on link between birth defects and eating radioactive contamination — One piece of contaminated food may deliver radiation of hundreds of x-rays

  • doctorwhowhatwhere doctorwhowhatwhere

    Drop by drop by drop.

    Newspaper by newspaper by newspaper.

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    • ion jean ion jean

      The pieces just slide into place…almost everyone I know has some minor "birth defect" some minor genetic glitch…

      Think about it…if all this is true, the amount of internal radiation that large swathes of the American population carries is staggering…

      Enough to be responsible for every last cancer, stroke, heart attack, autism, alzheimers, miscarriage…

      Let us all join now in the atomic revolution

      REVOLT AGAINST NUCLEAR NOW…AlL Our Lives Depend on IT!

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  • weeman

    Damn right we have the right to know, no matter what the reality is, we have to trust the authority or the building blocks of social cohearance will fall and we are talking anarchy here, take a look at history, we will only take so much, lighten up or pay the price.

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  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The fact that one radiated mushroom can equal hundreds of chest x-rays shows how absurd nuclear power is.

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  • arclight arclight

    i am suspicious

    "..Ukrainian investigators are currently partnering with six U.S. University teams funded by the National Institutes of Health to study alcohol impact on the unborn there and in selected international sites.."

    even gerry thomas blames the alcohol and not the ionising radiation…

    how many "teams studying radiation?? more than six? doubt it… less than six? likely

    and virus is the causation for leukaemia..

    but maybe im being to harsh and this will not be another smoothover by physgen sciaentists looking after their masters…


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    • When I hear things like this I always think of the Indiana Jones movie quote… "top men"

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    • VicFromOregon VicFromOregon

      There is now very high alcoholism in the Ukraine, so that needs to be understood and separated out as a cause of deformity in the children. It is epidemic. No wonder. They were abused and abandoned as en entire region of people, given no hope, politically prevented from bettering their circumstances and left to die. Remember that there are many good people trying to bring light to the world who are touched by the suffering of others, including many of these researchers. We can't blame everything on one thing or another – not all bad things will all be because of radiation. In fact, most bad things won't be. They will be caused by far quicker acting impacts of other human behaviors – drinking, drugs, pesticides, herbicides, overuse of antibiotics, burning fossil fuels, wars, with governments and businesses covering up all sorts of harmful practices.

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      • arclight arclight

        hi vic
        if the causation was largely alcohol the whole of russia would be suffering birth defects as would ireland, england etc where there are large binge drinking populations.. its the ionising radiation in gomel NOT THE diet or poverty..

        Comprehensive Poverty Assessment
        in the Republic of Belarus

        "..Chernobyl-affected administrative districts are exposed to poverty to the greatest extent.
        An analysis of poverty prevalence factors revealed that 6 districts of the Mogilev Region, namely
        Mstislavsky, Dribinsky, Chaussky, Bykhovsky, Krasnopolsky and Khotimsky, and 4 districts of the
        Gomel Region, namely Kormyansky, Loevsky, Petrikovsky and Braginsky are in the worst situation of
        all (Figure 11). .."

        "Suicide is one of the leading external causes of
        death worldwide (LaVecchia et al. 1994, Lester
        1994, Voracek et al. 2003). It is well recognized
        that both acute and chronic alcohol use are among
        the major behaviorally modifiable factors that are
        associated with suicidal behavior"

        to download pdf

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        • VicFromOregon VicFromOregon

          arclight, i'm not really disagreeing with you. Radiation may be the sole cause of the birth defects, a primary cause or somewhere in the mix. What i am saying is that if it were that easy to prove, then you and i wouldn't be having this discussion. And, i'm saying, that the chemicals and metals that have been dumped in that particular region, and with the combination of radiation, may even synergistically increase the lethality of both. Add in alcohol and the genetic and cellular damage that drug causes and it gets even worse. So, when a researcher steps up and says that eating a contaminated mushroom is equal to hundreds of chest xrays, yet, there may be other factors at play as well, then, i say, let's believe him, and consider all the factors, instead of being suspicious of him. There have been high rates of birth defects in that region and others prior to Chernobyl, but, those tragedies never had the story power of a nuclear meltdown.

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          • arclight arclight

            hi vic

            thanks for the feedback.. you make some good and justified points.

            "…There have been high rates of birth defects in that region and others prior to Chernobyl, but, those tragedies never had the story power of a nuclear meltdown…"

            have you any links to this?

            the mushroom point made though is valid but the question of dose comes into play..

            "may deliver as much radiation as hundreds of chest x-rays, he concluded…"

            the word "may"

            the reason for this report and subsequent article i believe is not to explain how dangerous bio-acccumulation is it is to mitigate it in places that are not so badly contaminated imo..

            these terms stuck out of the report for me..

            "..People have the right to know, the need to believe those who are in charge.”.."

            gets the trust back to the caring corporations..

            "..The public should not be treated as idiots and told only the ‘good half’ of the story, as is often done by official agencies,,"

            told the good half or blatantly lied too??

            seems like this report has been developed because the effects of fukushima are not going to be swept under the carpet so easily..

            i believe the fukushima symposium as well as others were used to work out a strategy..

            remember geraldine thomas said she would/could destroy the thyroid samples of the kids and just use the statistical evidence.. and this guy said statistical evidence is not always accurate..

            gerry did respond to my question about this issue as…

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            • arclight arclight

              …well as others that i have posted.. and in fairness to her she explained that the wording just sounded like that and she was talking theoretically.. so they cant destroy the tissue samples ..
              so tepguv then refuse to give data claiming it is for scientific use only..
              the cancer organisations change the practice of biopsy in time so the children of fukushima now have to wait for a cancer to mature and be noticed before they deal with it, because it is treatable.. the fact that you end up with a scar on your neck and having to take medicine for the rest of your life and resultant illness`s.
              and finally this report will be used to ignore all the other studies and tie up the new studies for decades.. and can we trust the final conclusions then??

              i hope this explains my reasoning a bit better on this particular report..

              they give us a little to draw us in.. and good copy for the papers, knowing that they can statistically mitigate any ionising radiation effects later, can you imagine oncologists saying "we could do this another way", against thier colleagues point of view? not likely.. so they need to keep the status quo.. even if the evidence is going against them..

              cool conversation, very inspiring vic

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  • chrisk9

    Anyone who knows about radiation safety knows that internal radiation something to be avoided at all costs. In commercial operating nuclear plants it has always been a pretty big deal if someone got any measurable internal radiation. In goes into the body seeks out specific places in the body and can stay there a long time. And continue to emit radiation until it is eliminated from the body by natural processes or decays to a stable isotope.

    And that has been one of the hardest parts of TEPCO's response to watch. They were slow to evacuate contaminated areas, they allowed people to live normally in areas that still had significant contamination, and have downplayed the dangers the dangers of internal radiation.

    A large area of Japan, not just the evacuated area, would be considered a contamination area by almost all nuclear agencies, regulators and utilities throughout the world. There would not be allowed eating smoking or drinking in these areas. Protective clothing would be required. And every person would have to be whole body counted before starting work, every 6-12 months, and when they left employment.

    And yet children and adults live and work in these areas without controls of any kind. And this situation is criminal especially towards the children, who are much more radio-sensitive.

    Thank you Dr. Wertelecki for coming forward.

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    • Gotham

      Of course it is not just the Japanese who are downplaying this disaster as we all know.

      How about taking a look at "change you can count on" – and his cohorts in the ObamaNation. Hillary Clinton has played a big role in downplaying this awful aftermath.

      The Egyptian's have a right attitude towards Hillary when they threw tomatoes and shoes at her caravan as it traveled through Alexandria yesterday. They also chanted "Monica, Monica" reminding her of her whoring around "husband" Bill Clinton.

      These people have no shame.

      And yet it is nothing but SHAME, SHAME, SHAME that should be shouted from the rooftops as they slaughter untold numbers of humans with their "change you can count on" bullshit.

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      I agree chrisk9; we should be thanking him for speaking truth to power.

      Another thing that caught my eye was his statement that "…statistics illuminate realities but cannot prove causes." He's being proactive in his observation that we'll see the numbers (in disease and death) but won't necessarily be able to associate them with these ongoing disasters (Fukushima and Chernobyl). However, it's likely we'll see numbers become so evident as to cause (such as the thyroid cancers in children that we're already seeing), they'll not be able to sweep them under the carpet with impunity.

      Some of us have predicted (myself being one) that within four to ten years, the health effects will be so devastating (throughout the world), they'll no longer be anyone willing to publicly support nuclear power technologies. I hope, for the sake of so many innocent lifeforms, such prediction is eventually proven irrational…

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  • arclight arclight

    What will Japanese near reactors face long-term?

    Last Updated: 2011-03-14 17:01:30 -0400 (Reuters Health)

    By Brendan Borrell

    "..NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – As the Japanese government grapples with a deepening crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japanese people are increasingly worried about their potential health risks from exposure to radiation.

    The World Health Organization has said the public health risk to Japan is "minimal." Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said "this is fundamentally different from the Chernobyl accident."

    "There are also concerns about birth defects. A 2005 U.N. report said there was no evidence for an increase in such birth defects following Chernobyl. In 2010, however, Dr. Wladimir Wertelecki, of the University of Southern Alabama in Mobile reported double to triple the normal rate of defects such as spina bifida and conjoined twins – also fairly rare — in affected regions.

    Still, larger reviews and government studies have played down these risks…"

    "As a whole, there is no good evidence of a clear link of diseases with exposure to low doses," says Vladimir Saenko, an epidemiologist at Nagasaki University in Japan, "Perhaps longer observations will help to gain insights into this problem."

    opportunities for funding? :(

    im stiil suspicious

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  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

    Well I'll be!….

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  • arclight arclight

    Belgium’s Royal Academies of Science and the Arts host symposium entitled: Health Impact of Pre- and Early Post-natal Irradiation: State-of-the-art.

    "…In another very interesting lecture, Wladimir Wertelecki, from South Alabama University, reported on an increase in the frequency of some congenital malformations in the population of Rivne-Polissia, a region of Ukraine strongly contaminated by the Chernobyl accident. The inhabitants of this region remain continuously exposed to abnormally high levels of radioactivity due to their way of life. Mr. Wertelecki was cautious about how to interpret his results, as the observed malformations could also be caused by exposure to other agents like alcohol or dietary insufficiencies of , for example, folic acid (vitamin B9). However, in the latter case, alcohol could not be the only cause of these effects. Mr. Wertelecki also suggested that radiation could possibly act in synergy with one or other of these agents and called for additional collaborative studies to be carried involving this absolutely unique population .."

    all ye who enter here abandon hope… :)

    some of the other articles are worth a read too!
    New book dealing with the events at Fukushima is published
    "It is based on hard facts and thorough scientific analysis, rather than irrational fears…"

    nice friends he has..


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    • arclight arclight

      from the intro piece

      ".This autumn edition also features a host of contributions to the Member Societies and Corporate Members sections. These include papers on new technology patented by the Centre for Technology Transfer and pre and post-natal irradiation research carried out by SCK-CEN; technical seminars, conferences and artistic competitions from Romania.."

      and this rung a bell

      "..But how has the accident impacted upon the nuclear research community in real terms? To what extent has the fundamental drive and direction of research changed? Well, the fundamental objectives of learning the lessons of Fukushima, of putting them into practice and of re-establishing the nuclear industry’s safety credentials, have led to a re-focusing of our research efforts.."

      and check this version out!!

      High Scientific Council position paper: The accident at Fukushima

      i can smell big PR around here somewhere..

      everyone knows the mushrooms are manky!

      just saying../misplaced suspicion? :)

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      • arclight arclight

        Géraldine Thomas, from Imperial College of London, is a member of the team that recently published a very important paper on the «molecular signature» of radiation-induced thyroid cancer in children.

        In the symposium’s final lecture, Simon Bouffler, of the HPA (Health Protection Agency), in the United Kingdom, summarised existing data on the trans-generational effects of radiation. Contrary to what has been observed with animals, no direct data on the hereditary effects of radiation in humans is currently available.

        Hubert Thierens, of Ghent University, reported on an important study that has been carried out involving very young children who had a CT scan…..Importantly, the author concluded that the LNT hypothesis, which is supposed to be conservative, could actually underestimate radiation-induced DNA damage in the low dose range.

        Elisabeth Cardis, who was Head of the Radiation Group of IARC for more than 20 years and is now working at CREAL,…..But it is still unclear whether the sensitivity of embryos to this effect would be comparable with, higher than or lower than the sensitivity of young children to the same effect.

        Paul Jacquet, from the same laboratory, then summarised the associated research that has been carried out at SCK•CEN, and elsewhere, for more than 30 years. …However, the probability of such events occurring remains very low compared to the «spontaneous» risks associated with pregnancy..


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        • arclight arclight

          In the opening lecture, Hanane Derradji, from SCK•CEN, summarised the «classic» risks associated with prenatal irradiation. These can differ, depending on the embryonic stage at which irradiation occurs, and can include embryonic lethality, growth retardation, congenital malformations, mental retardation, leukaemia or cancer.

          and the summary

          There was a general consensus among symposium participants about the fact that much still remains to be investigated on the effects and mechanisms of ionizing radiation in embryos and young children and that the principle of precaution should continue to prevail as much as possible.

          in a recent more4 interview (about 4 weeks ago) geraldine thomas said that genetics is not an exact science and mentioned alcohol as a likely source of the birth defects after she watched the amazing kazahkstan video… wonder WHO told here that??

          heres the link to the above qoutes

          and heres ger!! live on tv!! at the "after the apocolypse" showing(not the fictional film)

          heres gerry direct

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          • Max1 Max1

            I fist read that at quick glance as "sicken"…
            … As in, 'How to spin genetic mutations that sicken children'.

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          • VicFromOregon VicFromOregon

            arclight, i get that the focus on this site is radiation damage, but, i also find that many here are very unaware when it comes to many other devastating factors that cause similar disease and suffering. What too much alcohol does to a fetus for one. We can chastise some of these scientists for jumping to ready conclusions rather than searching deeper for other causes, and also be guilty of doing the same ourselves. We can promote the truth that nuclear radiation is dangerous and harmful while also accepting that there are many others things causing suffering as well. There are, in fact, many things causing these deformations in these children – alcoholism, nuclear radiation, dumping of heavy metals and industrial toxins in the vicinity by the former Soviets. For me, if national alcoholism is one cause, i also see that the nuclear disaster profoundly helped create that crisis, and therefore, also caused the deformations through eroding people's choices. It doesn't just have to be radiation induced to be nuclear caused.

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            • arclight arclight

              It doesn't just have to be radiation induced to be nuclear caused.

              agreed.. but i like bashing nukies :)

              though the nuke strategy is to complicate now that the damage is becoming too much to cover up, so i am sceptical as to the reasons for this study and the fact that it is a study on ionising radiation with six studies on alcohol and less on ionising radiation by the sound of it..

              multidiscipline ?? they only just decided on that?? cancer research has increased this year by something like 400 percent and no real independent studies put up to counter the funding biased science community..

              why not use studies already on alcohol? because alcohol corporations have been pating WPP and their ilk to stimmy the science on that like the nuk corp are stimmying research into ionising radiation..

              the lawyers are ready for a BIG fight on these points.. remember cigarette corp ?? this research is a dud from the word go imo.. i can see the results dragging on for decades and the "experimentation" on those living in effected lands..

              guinea pigs for nuke PResearch :(


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      • VicFromOregon VicFromOregon

        Good researchers can only get the information out. What others do with it is beyond their control. There will always be people ready to put spin on the research depending upon their personal investment or ideology. This is clearly open research. There are funded research whose goal is to achieve a certain outcome, but, this is not the case with Dr. Wertelecki. But, that won't stop those with an agenda from trying.

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  • Michele

    "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell

    Unfortunately, some people "Can't handle the truth."

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  • arclight arclight

    i should be polite here

    thank you Dr. Wladimir Wertelecki, i had a pleasant evening finding out who your friends were.. most amusing.. also thank you for telling us the nuclear game plan

    set up a study
    delay the results because of the vagueries of the science of genetics (thanks for that one gerry! ;) )

    get loads of funding..

    help tepguv delay compensation claims to victims

    make a nice spin of in the private sector treating the private parients for loads of money

    ensure a stream of isotopes to aid "health" and depleted munitions etc

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  • Max1 Max1

    The real idiots are the officials who insist on treating their citizens like idiots…
    … Go figure.

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  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    Thank you muchly Arclight for your tireless effort at pulling the curtain back to expose the ugly truth. However much we want to support, encourage & believe those that appear to be truth tellers, we always need to be suspicious first & foremost.

    This we have learned from the Nuke.Military.Government.Corporate complex.

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  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This nuclear problem and proliferation now spreading worldwide can only get worse.

    Prepare for the worst and then prepare for the worst again.

    Man kinds future could not look any bleaker.

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  • nedlifromvermont

    Pretty bleak there, obewan … can't say as I blame you …

    Thanks to the good professor for a little truth talk …

    … but do we really need a whole lot more NGO and University funded studies to come to the obvious conclusion that Mankind does not need and can no longer abide the failed scheme which is commercial nuclear power …

    the greedy Morgan banking syndicate (GE et al) and its military buddies conjured up this "critical industry" and hijacked nuclear physics from its creators and hijacked democracy from the rest of us … to promote this fascist scheme to protect Big Power from a decentralized grid … the Dots are being connected … No? Know?

    peace 'newsers … Go Japan Go !!! Saikado hantei!!! Death to Nuclear (Oldclear) …

    peace …

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  • arclight arclight

    YouTube emerging as major source for news, disaster footage
    TECHNOLOGY JUL. 17, 2012

    "..The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism on Monday released their examination of 15 months of the most popular news videos on the Google-owned site. It found that while viewership for TV news still easily outpaces those consuming news on YouTube, the video-sharing site is a growing digital environment where professional journalism mingles with citizen content.

    “There’s a new form of video journalism on this platform,” said Amy Mitchell, deputy director of the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. “It’s a form in which the relationship between news organizations and citizens is more dynamic and more multiverse than we’ve seen in most other platforms before.”

    More than a third of the most-watched videos came from citizens. Than more than half came from news organizations, but footage in those videos sometimes incorporated footage shot by YouTube users…"

    thinking unjustified copyright infringement claims…??

    "A relatively nascent new organization, Russia Today, a network founded in 2005 and backed by the Russian government that often reports rumor…."


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    • richard richard

      :) " The second most-viewed news organization among the top videos was Fox News, although the study pointed out that more than half of those videos were posted in criticism of the network" :)

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      • arclight arclight

        hi richard

        i have to put some "quality" journalism here..

        stacy points out how nuclear workers jobs activity figures effect high frequency trading and how the banks manipulate/slow down the information to make a quick buck..

        i believe they use site like enenews to bump the stock down and then reports like the above to bump them up!! howzat for clever..??

        Keiser Report: Fraud Race (E314)!

        so that makes the above article important and why all the sites got the story, cut and paste at the same time…

        lol! funny old world we live in.. nice to see a profit can still be made..

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  • pjrsullivan

    Free energy technology has been blocked by controlling the bourse for over a century now.

    Will nuclear technology produce anything other than genocide?

    To read about the technical issues surrounding free energy you can read

    Free Energy Here and Now and Then: Velocity Power Sources

    Read here for free:

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