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Hi, I am Lensey Namioka. Thank you for visiting my Web Site! I have written 23 books, some for young adults including adventerous samurai stories, books about a Chinese-American family for younger readers, and some picture books for kids between about 5 and 9 years old. You can find out more about me and my books on this web site.
Ties that Bind featured in Barnes and Noble Book Quest program
Ties that Bind has been chosen as one of 12 books for the popular Barns and Noble Book Quest program.
      When her father and her uncle discuss the "Foreign Big Noses" Ailin is fascinated. Who are these people who speak English, and why have they come to China? A Third Sister in the Tao family, Ailin, is not quite five years old in 1922, a time of transformation in China, when Western philosophies are creating a wave of revolutions and the empire is crumbling. Click here to purchase this book
Yang Family Book selected for Global Reading Challenge
Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear, the first book in the Yang family series, has been selected for the Seattle Public Library's Global Reading Challenge.
      Each year, children's librarians at The Seattle Public Library and Kalamazoo Public Library select 10 books that are specially suited to the reading interests of their young readers. Participating students then read books on the list and answer questions about the books they read. Click here for more about The Yang Family
Mismatch Wins International Reading Award
Mismatch has been named to the 2008 International Reading Association Young Adults’ Choices lists. Since 1987, the list has been a trusted source of book recommendations, used by young adults, their parents, teachers, and librarians. The books are selected by the readers themselves, so they are bound to be popular with middle and secondary school students.
      Sue Hua is fifteen, and just moved from multiracial Seattle to a white-bread suburb, where she feels like the only Asian for miles. Then she meets Andy, a handsome Asian-American violinist. Sue and Andy hit it off, and their friends think they're made for each other.
      There's only one problem. Sue's family is Chinese-American, and Andy's is Japanese-American. The difference doesn't mean anything to their friends, but to Sue's and Andy's parents it means everything. How much loyalty do Sue and Andy owe to their families, and how much to their own hearts? Click here to purchase this book
Global Reading Challenge to Feature Half and Half
Half and Half, the story of a girl with strong connections to both her Scottish and Chinese ancestry, is one of ten books featured in the Seattle Public Library's Global Reading Challenge. The Global Reading Challenge "...encourages children to have fun and enjoy the sport of reading."
      Half and Half is the story of Fiona Cheng. Fiona's father is Chinese and her mother is Scottish. Fiona looks more like her father, so people expect her to be more interested in her Chinese half. Lately, even Fiona’s confused about who she is. When her grandparents on both sides come to town, the situation gets even worse. Fiona wants to dance with her Scottish grandfather’s folk dancing troupe. But whoever saw a Chinese girl dancing the Highland Reel? Fiona thinks of ways to make herself look more Scottish. But she doesn’t want her family to think she’s trying to hide her Chinese half. Everyone seems to expect different things from Fiona. So maybe doing something totally unexpected is the only answer. Click here to purchase this book
Yang Family Book Translated into Chinese
Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear, the first book in the Yang family series, has been translated into Chinese. The book is bilingual, with English on one side of the page and Chinese on the other. It is intended to be used in a (Chinese) classroom for students of English, and it comes with a CD of a man reading the English version.
      Yang the Youngest is one of many of Lensey's books that have been translated from English to a different language. Various of Lensey's books have been translated into Catalan, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Turkish. The popular Ties That Bind, Ties That Break, has been translated into the most languages of any of Lenesy's books: German, Danish, Norwegian Spanish and Turkish. Click here for more about The Yang Family

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