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CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin acknowledges narrowness of the Supreme Court’s perspective when answering Alex Wathen’s question

Speaking at the State Bar of Texas Advanced Consumer Bankruptcy Seminar, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, acknowledged and agreed with Alex Wathen about the narrowness of the experience of members of the United States Supreme Court.  Alex Wathen pointed out … Continue reading

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Filing a pro-se Chapter 13 without an attorney – not a good idea, but if you have to do it here is how.

I do not recommend doing this because there are many traps.  But if you are eligible for Chapter 13, have had the required pre-filing credit counseling, it is a way you can usually stop a foreclosure and cure the arrears … Continue reading

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Bell County Clerk files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Becky Blevins’ filing is a good example of regular Americans having trouble

The County Clerk of Bell County Kentucky has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  It shows that everyone including elected officials can have financial difficulties.  The changing face of bankruptcy now includes people with steady salaries for 25 years who hold … Continue reading

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Read the papers the bankruptcy court sealed that Congressman Ruben E. Hinojosa does not want you to read, like Congressman Anthony Weiner, Hinojosa is hiding something but only financial information.

The legal battle over Congressman Ruben E. Hinojosa’s sealed bankruptcy petition continues.  Bankruptcy Attorney and Blogger Alex Wathen has had his IT staff digitally repair one of the sealed entries Docket No. 27 the Amended petition so that most of … Continue reading

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Book Review of Stephen Snyder’s Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

I warmly recommend this book for anyone to use during and after a bankruptcy. It gives you detailed hard to find information about various credit card available to you not found anywhere else. Watch the video to find out more … Continue reading

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Learn More About Actor Stephen Baldwin’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Read His Monthly Operating Reports

Actor Stephen Baldwin and his wife filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year to reorganize their finances.  Baldwin is best known for his appearances in the Young Riders, Threesome, and the Usual Suspects.  He is the brother of William, Daniel … Continue reading

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Antoine Walker Files for Bankruptcy – View the Documents Here

May 29, 2010 – Antoine Walker, former NBA player, has filed a petition for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Miami, Florida. Walker’s attorney was paid $20,000 for the filing of which $10,000 was paid by Walker’s friend and University of Kentucky … Continue reading

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Free Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling All Online and Email, No Phone Call

As we know it is required for all individual bankruptcy filers with a few narrow exceptions to undergo credit counseling before filing. Until now all agencies have required a phone call in addition to an online component. Some offer an … Continue reading

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The Six Options for Cars and Other Secured Collateral in Chapter 7

Here are the six options available for handling secured collateral in Chapter 7: 1. Surrener 2. Redeem 3. Reaffirm 4. Reaffirm and Rescind 5. Reaffirm and Argue to the Judge to not approve the reaffirmation 6. “Ride Thru” or Keep … Continue reading

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Board Certified Austin Bankruptcy Attorney Alex Wathen on the Chapter 13 book by Stephen Snyder on how to get credit during and after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case

While I do not agree with Stephen’s general view of Chapter 13 and his expectations for people in bankruptcy, I think that the book is an invaluable source of information that you will need in order to get credit especially … Continue reading

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