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Liberty of London

Tana Lawn Classics

Often imitated, never duplicated. Liberty style is characterized by tender palettes, attractive flowers, and detailed movement.

Content: 100% cotton

Width: 53 inches


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2031a Grey Emilia's Flower 7071L Edenham Pink/Green 3039d Kayoko Pink 3037d Margaret Annie - Muted 5001c Nancy Ann - bright 2022t Claire-Aude - soft
4095J Multi Poppy + Daisy 2031B Red Emilia's Flowers 2031C Blue Emilia's Flowers 0025a Multi Flowers 1032B Orange Lucy Daisy 1032c Pink Lucy Daisy
7071M Edenham - Brown 0025C Pink Green Mauvey 8018G Grey/Orange Droxford 6011C Plum Mirabelle 8018D Droxford - Multi 9009S Hot Pink Wiltshire
1031A Pink Lodden 1033B Hot Pink Mitsi 3055R Pink Capel 5004B Toria - Pink 9005G Thorpe - Pink 9020C Lord Paisley - Pink/Green
6011F Mirabelle - Pink Light Blue 0027G Pink Mauverina 3036A Pink Willow Rose 3039c Kayoko Yellow 6011A Mirabelle - Red/Pink 9009J Wiltshire - Red/Green
0026D Pink + Green Fairford 9010B Pepper - Pink/Green 9009R Wiltshire - Red 3039B Red Kayoko 3038d Emma and Georgina 7013A Blue Mabelle
1032A Lucy Daisy - Red/Blue 9010F Pepper - Blue/Red 1031D Grey Lodden 0027C Purple Mauverina 0027E Grey Mauverina 7013c Mabelle - Purple
0025b Purple Flowers 9015T Glenjade - Navy/Ecru 0027B Navy Mauverina 1031C Blue Lodden 0028E Blue Susanna 1033A Mitsi - Blue
4099C Mark - Blue 6011B Mirabelle - Red/Orange/Teal 9015A Glenjade 2019P Light Blue Betsy 2019a Betsy 3037B Pink Margaret Anne
1082a Aqua Tatum 2019D Turquoise Betsy Teal Felicite 1081H 3055T Aqua Capel 1031B Lodden - Aqua 6011G Mint Mirabelle
9009P Green Wiltshire 9005H Thorpe - Sage 4095H Poppy & Daisy - peach 3039E Moss Kayoko 5061F Strawberry Thief - Green 1032D Grey Lucy Daisy
0028F Grey Susanna 9010E Pepper - Gray 3037c Margaret Annie Purple Green 9015D Glenjade - Brown 9010W Brown Yellow Pepper 1033D Mitsi - Grey
5061C Strawberry Thief - Navy 7071K Coral Aqua Edenham
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