Whats the big deal?

The 2010 Franken Senate Defense Appropriations Amendment overreaches into the business of private enterprise. Defense contractors are a part of the functioning free market; not the Federal Government. A handful of isolated assaults is no reason to summon the interference of the Federal Government and Congress. This amendment interferes with the privacy of companies and the ability of our defense contractors to effectively conduct the business of protecting America from terrorism.

Who is really hurt by this amendment?

Jamie Leigh Jones claims that other employees of Halliburton have come forward with stories of assault since her media exposure. However, even if these unconfirmed cases were true, this represents only a small fraction of the population. With over 52,000 employees, it is difficult to blame the company for this singular event! Hindering the company's ability to manage its own employees makes it more difficult to perform effectively. This amendment ultimately only compromises our mission to spread liberty and freedom worldwide.

Why are the courts involved?

The American justice system, with its activist judges are yet again interfering with our privacy. By forcing these employees to go through the courts, this amendment allows too many small incidences to burden our tax payers and our criminal justice system. According to Halliburton, the vast majority of employees who participate in internal arbitration end up victorious and compensated for their damages. Since the company is clearly capable, willing, and good at self regulating its internal affairs, why are we getting courts involved? This is going to only burden American tax payers, and force needless navigation through bureaucracy and paperwork!

Who is this going to cost?

In the end, this is another story of liberal Democrats promoting big government interference, taxing and spending. By allowing these incidents to go through the long process of the justice system, this amendment places unneeded burden on our tax dollars. In these times of economic recession, our government shouldn't be trying to find more ways to overextend their resources. So who is this going to cost? American taxpayers.

Who will stand up for the rights of these poor companies?

Check out the thirty brave Republican Senators who spoke out in support of the patriotic companies that work hard everyday to defend freedom and liberty.  With three out of four Senate Republicans voting in favor of rape, we can be sure that rape is a Republican value.  A big thank you to these Senators for protecting liberty, and freedom (including the freedom of companies to cover up rape!).