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Controversial Craig's 'Two-Child' Limit Call

27 Aug 2010

Author Amanda Craig calls for two-child limit for 'the poor'

The British novelist Amanda Craig has called on the Coalition Government to ban 'poor' people from having more than two children - to help save the environment.

While Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, argues with the Chancellor, George Osborne, over the costs of welfare reform, Craig has come up with a suggestion likely to ignite another row.

The novelist says ''poor people'' should be banned from having more than two children because of "the ecological need to limit families".

Craig, who has two teenage children by her husband, Rob Cohen, an Old Etonian economist, said ''Surely, this is something that the new Government could look at.

''The benefits system actively encourages poor people to have large families, which can't be good for responsible parenting, for the children involved or for the environment.

''Those who work and pay taxes have to consider very carefully the number of children they have. Most stop at two. Why should those on benefits be any different?''

Craig, 50, who was educated at Bedales School, has written in the past about how much she would have liked a third child.

''To have had one when we first became a couple would have been the end of our relationship, but, by the time we could afford a baby, I was too old to have more than two,'' she said.

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