Help The Sleeping Soul Get To Fright Night!

The Sleeping Soul has been chosen for the Official Selection @ Fright Night Film Fest! But We Need Help Getting There!

Short Summary

In December of 2010 I wrote a short story titled "The Sleeping Soul"

In February Of 2011 My friend & I started an Independent Film Company called Concept Media LLC, And the following June we shot our first film "Midsummer Nightmares"

In November of 2011, after attending HorroHound Weekend in Cincinnatti, I decided to take my short story and turn it into a Film.

The Sleeping Soul was filmed In January of 2012, and Premiered on March 3rd, 2012. Since it's Premier the film has recieved numerous positive reviews.

Jason Hignight of Horror Hound Magazine stated the following.



The Sleeping Soul has now been chosen for the 2012 Official Selection

at Fright Night Film Festival



And now were are raising funds in order to attend the festival!

What We Need & What You Get

We are raising money in order to attend the film festival, and we will need funds for promotional items, accommodations & travel expenses

Currently, we estimate that we are going to need to raise $600 in order to attend the festival.

This is such an hornor for me as first time filmmaker, who hasn't even been making films for a year. And who know, It's possibly for the film to actually win an award!


This is more than just a film to me. The Sleeping Soul is a part of me, digitized and released for your viewing pleasures. And I have no dooubt that this film will go one to do amazing things!

A Majority of the perks listed can be found @ the films online store @ www.thesleepingsoul.com

Other Ways You Can Help


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