Top Ten Xbox Babes

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June 30th, 2004
With so many lovely ladies appearing on Xbox, we thought it was about time to compile definitive list of the top ten babes to grace the big black box. Whew, that sounded nasty! Narrowing this list down to just ten hotties was no easy task. The field was full of qualified candidates, but the editors here at TXB eventually were able to iron out their differences. In order to thin the field of many viable vixens, we had to establish some guidelines. First of all, only characters from released titles were eligible. That’s why you won’t find Sudeki’s Ailish among the top ten, or any of the girls from Leisure Suit Larry: Magnum Cum Laude. Secondly, we wanted to cover a broad range of games, so only one character per game could make the list. We couldn’t include every single character from Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, sorry. Finally, we considered characters from any game available on the Xbox, not just exclusives. There’s not a doubt in our minds that we’ll get tons of emails asking why Girl A wasn’t on the list and to that we say…CHILL OUT! We’ve already admitting that we’re attracted to videogame characters, so let’s just let the embarrassment end there, ok?

Without further adieu, here is TeamXbox’s Top Ten Xbox Babes:

10. Mona Sax

(Max Payne 2)

We’ve always had a thing for bad girls here at TXB. We know they’re evil, and that they’ll sell us out in a second but we just can’t help it. Our childhood crush on G.I. Joe’s Baroness has now been replaced by Mona Sax. Sax first rocked our world in Rockstar’s genre-defining Max Payne. With its groundbreaking bullet-time, it was only a question of when, not if, there would be a sequel. We finally got to rekindle our relationship with the deadly assassin in Max Payne 2. Sax, whose facial design is based on a real-life model, fits in perfectly in the gritty, dark world of Max Payne. We can’t help but like a woman who’s gunning down baddies right next to us. Mona is no princess waiting to be saved. In fact, she helps get Max out of many tight spots with her expert marksmanship and ice cold resolve. Plus, her name just sounds sexy.

9. Cortana


It’s only fitting that one of the most popular games on Xbox be included in any sort of top ten list. At first glance, Master Chief’s love slave doesn’t exactly fit in the category of videogame babe, but upon further examination, it becomes clear. Guiding us through Flood infested dwellings, with the Covenant swiping at us at every turn, Cortana’s the one we look to for moral support in these times of need. This purple-hued AI has teleported her way into many gamers’ fantasies. So hop on Cortana, this Ghost was made for two.

8. Farah

(Prince of Persia)

Not only is Farah named after Charlie’s favorite Angel, she also has that ethnic flavor that is so popular in the young whipper snapper’s rap videos. Wait, it is okay to have multiple wives in Persia, isn’t it? Ubisoft left our jaws dropping with the amazing visual effects in Prince of Persia.

As the Prince, players performed high-flying acrobatic leaps and flips displaying an impressive physics engine. Further into the game, you encounter a prisoner named Farah.

She serves as the sultry sidekick to the Prince as you race through each level. She aids the Prince in taking out enemies, but you’ll also be tasked with protecting this desert flower.

If you haven’t played through Prince of Persia, you’re missing out on one the true gems of Xbox.

Prince of Persia 2 left us with a sopping wet drool rag at E3 2004. It looks to set the bar even higher in terms of gameplay, lighting, shadows and particle effects.
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