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This is a list of contributors whom I felt necessary to give kuddos for their efforts and their leadership in the Alternative Information Age that we are currently going through.  There is an Awakening happening, and these folks played a big role in making it happen.  Thanks to you all...


Enlightened Matter -

digital art by Jack Haas


Mark Allin -

Art Bell -

Stan Deyo -

Matt Drudge -

Catherine Austin Fitts -

Steven Greer -

Doug Hagmann -

Sean Hannity -

Richard C. Hoagland -

Linda Moulton Howe -

Alex Jones -

Rush Limbaugh -

Jim Marrs -

Glynis McCants -

Kevin Mitnick -

George Noory -

Steve Quayle -

Rick Simpson -

Dr. Louis Turi -

Joshua P. Warren -

Rick Wiles -