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April 29, 2013


All Evidence Points To Bombings Being Staged!!

 Total Proof Boston Bombings Were A False Flag!

It took a while but the Feds finally came clean to having prior knowledge of deceased bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. They also had his mother on a terrorist watch list.

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It took several WWII veterans and several dedicated townsfolk to restore order when the election process was tampered with.  What will it take when the financial system fails as they take your 401K and your savings?  Are you ready for a serious conflict, because at the rate that it's going, they will be confiscating our guns and an ensueing battle will commence.

Remember Katrina?  How about Sandy Hook?  And now the Boston Marathon massacre...  All are "False-Flag" operations to confiscate our weapons.  Don't think for one moment that they won't enact Martial Law, because it's already happening...


The Real McCoy: Alfred McCoy on the Surveillance State


For over one hundred years U. S. government authorities have imported draconian police state techniques and technology developed overseas back to the American homeland, whether involving torture, surveillance, and suspension of human rights and liberties, using the overseas country as a laboratory for counterinsurgency and rearming local security forces for repression. (click on link above for more...)


Immigration Bill To Bring In At Least 33 Million People, Says Group!!

This is a Trojan Horse of which will enable those whom want to kill Christians, patriots, dissenters, and those who resist the NWO agenda, by sneaking in with honest hardworking illegal immigrants. (click on link above for more...)

Police Stake Out Hydroponics Shops To Harass Customers Who Grow Their Own Food


Apparently Americans who employ hydroponics are the newest targets in an insane “drug war” that has gone from bad to ludicrous since it was first “declared” in the early 1980s. Consider this case in point: A couple of years ago, narcotics officers knocked on the door at the home of a man who had just purchased a seed starter kit from a local gardening shop. The police officers were demanding to know just what it was he was planning to grow. “Tomatoes,” he told them, and the officers finally left – but only after they were convinced he was not growing marijuana. Since that day the gardener, who asked the Kansas City Star not to identify him over fears he would once again be hassled by police, began parking a block away from that same garden center, in order to avoid police stakeouts. The harassment of hydroponic gardeners has only gotten worse since them. (click on link above for more...)


Mormon Church Endorses Scout Plan To Let Gay Boys Join, But To Keep Out Gay Leaders

So, now, is it safe to say that once those young gay boys become young adult leaders in their Church or communities, are they to be accepted?  Or will they be kept away or shunned from teaching what they learned in the Boys Scouts to other Boy Scouts, or from teaching other Church doctrine or principles in their Ward or communities?

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The Tulsa Lynching of 1921:

A Hidden Story – Democratic KKK killed over 300 Blacks on “Black Wall Street”

A hysterical white girl related that a nineteen-year-old colored boy attempted to assault her in the public elevator of a public office building of a thriving town of 100,000 in open daylight. Without pausing to find out whether or not the story was true, without bothering with the slight detail of investigating the character of the woman who made the outcry (as a matter of fact, she was of exceedingly doubtful reputation), a mob of 100-per-cent Americans set forth on a wild rampage that cost the lives of fifty white men; of between 150 and 200 colored men, women and children; the destruction by fire of $1,500,000 worth of property; the looting of many homes; and everlasting damage to the reputation of the city of Tulsa and the State of Oklahoma. — Walter F. White, “The Eruption of Tulsa,” The Nation, June 29, 1921.

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