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The Dangers of WiFi Radiation: See It Measured



Secret Experimental

Directed Energy Weapons Used In Iraq

The following videos depict the use of secret experimental Directed Energy Weapons, consisting of lasers and microwaves, of which were used U.S. Military Armed Forces,  on the Iraqi people, alledgedly civilian as well as military combatants and/or terrorists,  during the 2003 American led war on terror in Iraq.  Why would the U.S. government spend half a billion U.S. dollars on experimental weapons when those funds could have been used to stabilize our economy in the early years leading up to the housing crisis and the Wall Street falloutWe had air and ground superiority and should have shelved these experiments.  They should never have been used on "live" test subjects and various Freedom of Information requests have been denied in order to properly investigate the probable violation of the "War Powers Resolution" Act.

Directed Energy Weapons used in Iraq (Part 1 of 3)

Directed Energy Weapons used in Iraq (Part 2 of 3)

Directed Energy Weapons used in Iraq (Part 3 of 3)

What assurance do we have, that they are not going to use these types of weapons on the American public, should civil dissobedience arise as a result of the upcoming and impending "Crash" of our monetary and economical system?  As shown in the next video, futuristic weapons are already being deployed which alledgedly have been classified as being "Non-Lethal", but at what point will they withdraw the "Non-Lethal" weaponry and begin using the "Hollow-Point" ammo that the our government has been stockpiling?


But not so fast. A new report by Deutsche Stiftung Friedensforschung (DSF, German Foundation for Peace Research) physicist Dr. Jürgen Altmann, states that the ADS may be highly-damaging or even lethal. According to Dr. Altmann, The Active Denial System (ADS) produces a beam of electromagnetic millimetre waves; such radiation is absorbed in the upper 0.4 mm of skin. The beam stays approximately 2 m wide out to many hundreds of metres. With a power of 100 kilowatts, the beam can heat the skin of target subjects to pain-producing temperature levels within seconds. With a prototype weapon, mounted in a military multi-purpose vehicle, the effects have been tested on hundreds of volunteers. In order to produce pain while preventing burn injury, the power and duration of emission for one trigger event is controlled by a software program. Model calculations show that with the highest power setting, second- and third-degree burns with complete dermal necrosis will occur after less than 2 seconds. Even with a lower setting of power or duration there is the possibility for the operator to re-trigger immediately. (Dr. Jürgen Altmann, "Millimetre Waves, Lasers, Acoustics for Non-Lethal Weapons? Physics Analyses and Inferences," Deutsche Stiftung Friedensforschung (DSF), 2008, p. 4)


Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) G20 Pittsburgh

Here is a supposed "Non-Lethal" Acoustic Device, used for crowd control:

Giant Vortex Cannon

Here is the use of sound to produce shock waves:

INVISIBLE Soldier Caught On Video

Here is another example of our hard-earned Taxpayer dollars at work, but kept secret:

Free Energy Generator - Outside - Filmed In One Take

This is exciting!! Imagine making some of these maybe about 5 times their size, then hooking them in tandem.  You think you can operate an experimental airplane or car by linking them up in series?  Just saying....

These are just a few of the cool videos I saw online.  I plan to make another page and name it "Inventions of the Enlightened Mind".  Soon to for it in the coming weeks.


Gulf Seafood Deformities Alarm Scientists

(Here is another "No Good, Do Nothing", government agency

that only have self-interests in mind to save their jobs.)

Published on Apr 17, 2012

It's almost two years since BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, scientists say they have found deformities among seafood and a great decline in the numbers of marine life. Dahr Jamail reports from New Orleans.




I smelled a "Rat" during the Donner fiasco and this confirms my suspicions:

















A prophetic event is taking place right now. We are in the midst of it and because America has turned away from God, judgement was cast. Please watch and warn others. We must return to God. Our nation and our salvation rely on it.




Guillotines To Be Used On NWO Resistance




On Sunday a family went to picnic with a few drinks in tin cans. Monday, two family members were admitted to the hospital and placed in Intensive Care Unit. He died on Wednesday. Autopsy results concluded it was Leptospirosis. The virus was stuck to the tin cans and consumed, without the use of glasses / cups. Test results showed that the tin was contaminated because mice urinated on them, and then it dried. The urine contained Leptospira. I Highly recommend to rinse the parts evenly on all soda cans before drinking it. Cans are usually stored in the warehouse and delivered direct to retail stores without cleaning. A study shows that the top of all beverage cans are more contaminated than public toilets (full of germs and bacteria.)So, clean it with water before drinking in order to prevent this from occurring. Please Share!






Mainstream Medicine's Deadliest Conspiracy Has Been EXPOSED!!

(click here to link to Health Scienced Institute video )

Dedicated to uncovering and researching

the most urgent advances in modern underground medicine.


Dr Turi Beyond 2012


Sign Of The Times

The entire vaccine industry is being exposed for unproven assumptions and misrepresentations of data


2012 Secret Revealed: Mass Bio-Terror Pandemic By December 21, 2012




Bio-Terror Bible

Exposing the Coming Bio-Terror Pandemic

PDF files


BIOTERRORBIBLE.COM: The Bio-Terror Bible is a free ebook currently in PDF form that may be copied without consent of the author David Chase Taylor. The Bio-Terror Bible connects the dots of an upcoming false-flag bio-terror attack and subsequent pandemic that will likely transpire prior to December 21, 2012.





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Vaccine to prevent Human Papillomavirus

"soon to be forced on boys as well"

(fact or myth)