Bond length in element



This length refers to the internuclear separation between the atoms in the element.

Most data are abstracted from reference 1 but some missing values are taken from the primary literature. Lengths do depend upon the allotrope, or form of the element, to some extent. Thus, the C-C length in graphite is 142.6 pm whereas the C-C length in diamond is 154.1 pm. While values are given for the Group 18 gases, these are separations, not bond lengths.

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To convert from pm (picometres) to Å (Ångstroms), divide by 100.

Literature sources

  1. L.E. Sutton (ed.) in Table of interatomic distances and configuration in molecules and ions, Supplement 1956-1959, Special publication No. 18, Chemical Society, London, UK, 1965.

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