Doormakers to adventure since 1996

Lionhead Studios was born in 1996 in the quaint, English town of Guildford with the bold aspiration to make ground-breaking, genre-defining games.

What began with a mere handful of designers has grown to a team of over a hundred, and now Lionhead is home to some of the most creative and talented industry professionals around. With such talent, we're always aiming to deliver the best adventures and stories for you to experience.

Our team is made up of passionate people who simply love games. Many of our veterans have kept this passion burning since the days of Black & White and the first Fable game, and with each project we've enjoyed an influx of new exciting talent to our ranks.

As part of Microsoft Studios since 2006, Lionhead stands more ready and dedicated than ever to fulfil its mission. Having built an impressive portfolio of games over the years, we're now working to bring the latest chapter of the Fable story to Xbox One, with Fable Legends.

Did you know? The name 'Lionhead' came about from co-founder Mark Webley's hamster – who died promptly thereafter.
One of our employees is a champion mixed martial arts fighter.
The number of steps scaled in the building by Lionhead staff cumulatively every month travels the distance from the earth to the moon!
The amount of curry consumed by Lionhead in 2012 was enough to fill two Olympic sized swimming pools!
There are more toys on staff desks than can be found in Guildford high street shops.
The amount of dog hair hoovered from our carpets eas enough to create an entirely new dog from scratch!
One of Lionhead's own was a child model in the Caribbean! And another was a model for Halls Mentholyptus and Toggi jackets!
7 (now married) couples found love at Lionhead. Aw!

We're honoured that our creative team has won several awards, some of which are listed below. These awards are on show for visitors and staff to see in reception at the studio, and a few developers have been lucky enough to have taken their BAFTA home to display it to friends and family.

Black & White
Winner British Academy Awards for Interactivity

Winner - 1UP Awards Best of 2004 Best RPG
Winner - Best Original Score
Winner - Best Original Score Interactive Achievement Award

The Movies
Winner - British Academy Awards for Simulation

Fable II
Winner - PETA's Annual Proggy Awards Most Animal-Friendly Video Game

Fable II
Winner - Best Original Score
Winner - Develop Award - Audio Accomplishment
Winner - British Academy Awards for Action and Adventure

An Albion of our own
Lionhead Studios is based in the heart of Surrey in the charming and historic town of Guildford. Separated by the river Wey, the town has an array of shopping facilities, country walks and iconic points of interest, all situated alongside a picturesque, cobbled high street. Hidden behind the hustle and bustle of town also lies an ancient castle thought to have been built shortly after 1066. It's the only royal castle ever to be built in Surrey. The medieval building overlooks stunning countryside and backs onto charming Tudor structures making its location an idyllic hot spot for enjoying your lunch.

No doubt the look and feel of Guildford has
inspired many designers and artists at
Lionhead, with its numerous listed
buildings of special architectural
interest. The town has been home
to many illustrious names over
the years, including Lewis Carroll
and EH Shepard. We're pleased
to be located in a place with a
rich creative heritage, and only
a half hour train ride to London.