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10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, zero …. and finally we are there: We are proud to release the final “MMX (The Social Song)” – OUR song!!! This is the result of our 3-month social venture celebrating Enigma’s 20th anniversary.

We have so much enjoyed the last months, your creativity, your opinions, your votes, your comments … in simple words – your participation. This event started as an experiment and it turned out to become a great interactive journey, which brought so many Enigma fans and music lovers together.

We promised to give everyone a free copy of the final song and this is how we want to keep our promise:

What? You will not only get the final song, but also the winning user-created cover and a digital booklet, where you will find every contributor’s name inside, including yours!

How? We want to go for a social payment system asking everyone to “pay” the symbolic price of a tweet or Facebook post on your wall. Simply click on the button below and let your friends know about this event. After submitting your message you can download the song, cover and digital booklet for free.

Why? We can say for certain that we all very much enjoyed this event! It has been a purely social and interactive experience, which we want to continue with for the release as well. What could be better for us and Enigma than to spread our excitement around the world? The more we talk about the “Social Song”, the more people will know about it. Let’s try to trigger the snowball effect!

Who? Being social means, everyone should have the opportunity to join our celebration! This is why we do not want to restrict the free download of the song, cover and booklet. Those that have participated actively had the advantage of being mentioned personally in our booklet. This will last forever – not to forget the fun we all had together!

So, now it’s time to enjoy the final song. Click on the button, spread the “Social Song” idea, and enjoy!!! Thank you very much for making this amazing trip possible!

Please help us to understand the impact of the “Social Song” event. Let us know your opinion and take part in a short SURVEY! It will take no longer than 5 minutes. Amongst all participants we raffle off a physical copy of our current “MMX (The Social Song)” release signed by Michael Cretu.

Feel free to sign up to our Enigma map! We want to display all those that have participated or supported the idea of the “Social Song”. Everyone can get his/her personal credit.

It's up to you, if you want to put in your real or your user name, but we strongly recommend to let us know your full pre- and surname. Don't forget, we want to feature PEOPLE who contributed to this event.
We do care about your privacy. This is why we publish the name of your city and country only (e.g. John Smith - London, UK) in order to show Enigma's global influence.
Your email address won't be published. It is just for us to double-check your entries and contact you in case of a question.

594 Responses to Get Song & Booklet

  1. Christoph W. says:

    It`s a wonderful song. I can`t get enough from enigma. Thank you.

  2. Hello Enigma team,
    Really beatiful projet was make with you, really impressive. And some girl from Latvia – great.
    I really would like to get this song. Can I get it pls.?

    Many thanks!
    Aleks from Latvia

    • Enigma says:

      @Aleksejs: If you want to get the “Social Song”, you simply have to click on the blue button that says PAY WITH A TWEET OR FACEBOOK. Please follow the instructions.

      If you “pay” the symbolic price of a tweet or Facebook post, you will be able to download the song + booklet + cover for free!

  3. Mc Davo. says:

    N0o se pierdan d esta gran celebracion.
    “The Social Song”
    muy chid0o0o!

  4. Mc Davo. says:

    Alg0o0o ke n0o0 sd pueden perder.
    Enigma y sus 20 añ0os!

  5. Christian Métivier says:

    What a beautiful and wonderful song! I am a great fan of your music since the last 20 years. And like many others…I have proudly all the albums. Continue ton beau travail Michael et à toute ton équipe. Thank you so much for this fantastic journey. I wish you many projects for many decades to create more and more immortal and beautiful music….

    Love and Respect…

  6. Jean-Paul Livia says:

    Gracias a todos, gracias por aquella maravillosa experiencia!

  7. Debra Phelps says:

    This is an amazing song. See what can be done when everyone works together. Love and Joy for all. The visuals are so great. I hope all who hear, enjoy.

  8. guadalupe mendoza says:

    gracias por hacernos parte de la historia de enigma!!!!!!!!!!

  9. leon_aquiles says:

    congratulations fans of Enigma: The best proyect of the world!

  10. Hugo Alves says:

    wonderfull sound as always Enigma has teached us!!


    Hugo from Portugal

  11. boy says:

    Hello Enigma!
    pleas active Facebook pay. i dont have tweeter account!

  12. Superlucifer says:

    The best music for the espirit

  13. kanashibari says:

    Danke for this amazing song a one very chill song for this Hard times in the World when the people stay loosing the spirituality human and stay in one fake world of materialism and money

  14. Excelente composición. Propia para todos los seguidores de ésta fabulosa creación de Enigma.


  15. Gerardo Carmona says:

    que hermoso festejo para la humanidad… nos hace falta!!

  16. It’s Wonderfull work !!
    I’m waiting for the next social song & Album.

    ciao ciao

  17. Marc says:

    C’est une super idée ce projet, j’éspère qu’il n’est pas trop tard pour participer, j’ai pris connaissance du projet il y a seulement quelques jours…!!! La chanson “MMX – The Social Song” est vraiment sublime, du grand Enigma comme d’abitude, le clip est vraiment somptueux…!!! J’ai hâte de découvrir la suite de ce projet extraordinaire… I Love You Enigma…

  18. Esward Guevara says:

    Gracias, por todo ese material tan especial que Enigma ha hecho por todos nosotros, creo que estas dos decadas son extraordinarias por su material, por su contenido y por toda esa inspiracion que hace unico a este grupo, especialmente para mi que creci junto a todos los temas que se vinieron desarrollando, GRACIAS ENIGMA.

  19. John Marshall says:

    i love enigma. i have followed you guys since the debut album. this music speaks to my soul. thank you for all your hard work. please keep it up for another 20 years.

  20. Aderlynt says:

    Sigo a este proyecto musical 10 años de mi vida..!!! Y no hay nada mejor como “MMX (The Social Song)” Gracias…

  21. daniel says:


  22. Karl says:

    This is one of the most beautiful songs to come from the Enigma Stables. Although placed together with ingenious skill and boundless talent the true genius of the song is that in one breath of light, colour and music the world is combined to show what we truly are here for, and gives hope to the future from the misery that our planet often suffers, It shows all that we are in fact one people living in different places with the same peaceful heart.

  23. Lynn says:

    Good afternoon: I would like to download the beautiful song, but the link above only has the option to ‘pay with a tweet”. What happened to the Facebook posting option? Thank you =)