Merkaartor is developed with the GPL edition of the Qt library and is available under the GNU General Public License. Binaries below are also compiled with the open source edition of the same Qt library.

As is usual with free software, there is no guarantee these files will work, it is not even guaranteed they will not harm your system, although I've tried to double check everything (and they work for me).

Merkaartor is available for the following operating systems, but please read this Important note on Qt compatibility first.


Download the latest source version at merkaartor-0.17.2.tar.bz2 (6.8MB) under the terms of the second edition of the GNU General Public License Compilation and installation instructions are provided in the INSTALL file included with the source.

Note that you need at least a Qt 4.5.3 development environment to compile Merkaartor, preferably 4.6+. Some have reported success in compiling with Qt 4.4.3, but no guarantee/support will be given.

The latest unstable version is also available through Git at gitorious:

git clone

Compiling Merkaartor on your own is not hard and will ensure that you work with the latest version.




Thanks to the work of Christopher Berg and now Bernd Zeimetz, Merkaartor is available in Debian testing


Sven Lankes maintains the Merkaartor Fedora Package. Install it using

yum install merkaartor


Merkaartor is in Gentoo portage under sci-geosciences thanks to
Hanno Böck, Dirk-Lüder Kreie and others

Ebuilds for Merkaartor 0.17.0 and trunk version are not already in Gentoo portage, but you can download them on Gentoo bugzilla :


Use the package managers, in rpmdrake (GUI) go in the category Science>Other or type its name in the search field, or from the commant line use 'urpmi merkaartor'.


Dirk Stöcker and other BuildService members are maintaining the suse distributions packages. You can find them at

Various geo-related software is in the Application:Geo repository.

Pardus linux

Doruk Fisek has created a Merkaartor package for Pardus Linux. It is available from the contrib repository.


Binary edition for (K)ubuntu Edgy:

If you are running (K)ubuntu Hardy you might want to add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list file (and run apt-get update):

deb hardy main
deb-src hardy main

Now you can install merkaartor with

apt-get install merkaartor

As of Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty jackalope) Merkaartor version 0.12 is easily installed using the menu System, Administration > Synaptic Package Manager. After installation, it is added to the Applications, Education menu.

Binary edition for Lucid (LTS):

Binary edition for Maverick (non-LTS):


Download the binary edition of Merkaartor from Merkaartor-0.17.2.msi (36.5MB). Once downloaded just double click the file to start the installer. If everything goes well, you'll end up with a Merkaartor entry in your start menu.

Furthermore a portable edition (where the configuration files are saved in the application directory) is available at (35.2MB).

Additionally, nightly debug builds are available at (Install once the Qt debug libraries, then the "Merkaartor....msi").


Macintosh versions are Universal Intel 32/64bit binary, Yahoo plugin included (WMS + Tiled) and GDAL background plugin, with QT, GDAL and GeoImage support included. Requires at least Mac OS X 10.5. Translations included.
Please head to the Files section of this website to download the latest version.

'Executable only' release

Since the Mac OS X package is quite large (>40Mb, because all the library dependencies like QT are included in the package) releasing full development snapshots is cumbersome. To circumvent that I will issue more regular development updates as "executable only" which means that you will have to have the, preferably, latest full development release (or latest patched version) and a executable only release.
Eg. Full package:
and executable only
to be able to run the 12.09.2010 executable. The whole patching process is quite simple.

Go to the folder that contains the version you wish to patch select the and press the right mouse button and select "Show Package Contents"

Now open the Contents folder

An then the MacOS folder

Now you can see the executable for merkaartor. You can make backup of this file so you can revert back to it.

Now go to the folder in which you have the executable only release (unzip the file) and copy the file "merkaartor" to the folder you revealed in the previous steps

Copy the file "merkaartor" to the folder you revealed in the previous steps

And that's it. Now you can run the application with the new executable.

Please test and report problems to the Merkaartor mailing list (registration required).

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