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Spacebase DF-9 Alpha 1b hotfix released

  • Technicians now prioritize objects with lower condition.
  • Post-processing is now enabled by default on Linux.
  • It’s no longer possible to set a beacon for a number of Security duty citizens greater than the number you currently have.
  • Corpses disappear after 10 minutes of real world time instead of 1 week.
  • New options in Audio/Video settings menu:
    • Use OS Mouse Cursor: Use your operating system’s hardware-accelerated mouse cursor, in case you experience cursor lag.
    • Enable Post Effects: Enable screen post-processing effects for improved visuals.
    • Fullscreen: Run the game full-screen.
  • Fixed: Duty counts should only reflect characters who are citizens of your base.
  • Fixed: Broken refineries can still be used to convert asteroids into matter.
  • Fixed: Wrong graphic displays for broken Airlock Lockers.
  • Fixed: Time control hotkeys can trigger unsupported 0.5 game speed.
  • Fixed: Small seams between wall and floor tile art.

Hey, space citizens, how do you feel about hipsters? Oh.

updatesupdatesupdates asks:

Hey there. Just got the Alpha, and have built a few bases. What's the best way to give the team feedback?

Join the forums! That’s the most direct channel of communication to the dev team.

Anonymous asks:

I've take a look at the list of updates to come and it does look awesome. I was just wondering if the dev Team has deadlines for these updates. For instance, medic bay will be released in 2 weeks. Do you have a procedural method of going through the list or is the dev team just picking out what they think they would like to work on first? Would definitely appreciate having dates as to when a certain feature would be out even if approximate. Thank you very much for reading and keep it up!

Good question! (For those unaware, we list our vague plans here.) No, we’re actually deliberately avoiding this, because we want to avoid locking ourselves into specific plans that end up being sub-optimal for the game.

It’s very common in game development to realize that a particular feature or direction could actually be greatly improved by implementing it in a different form, or sometimes not at all! But perhaps in the attempt to implement that feature, you stumble upon a totally different solution that ends up being even better than the original idea. Or maybe the original idea is actually still great, but it wouldn’t actually be interesting or meaningful until a different system makes it into the game earlier than originally expected.

This is especially true in a heavily systems-driven game like Spacebase, where so many parts of the game touch so many other parts of the game, frequently in ways that nobody on the team could have predicted when they were simply ideas on a whiteboard. This sort of thing has already happened all the time during development of this game.

You have to be careful not to get too married to any one idea, at least in any one specific form, because there’s simply no telling what the game will end up actually needing.

Anonymous asks:

Greetings, I'm interested in Spacebase DF-9 but I prefer to buy DRM-free stuff instead of using Steam. If I buy the game through Humble Bundle will I receive a DRM-free version of the final game through Humble Bundle? (I understand early access is easier through Steam and that's not an issue.) I ask because the HB widget doesn't say anything about getting the game DRM-free and I figured better safe than sorry. Thanks!

The Steam Alpha build is actually DRM-free. It downloads through Steam of course but you don’t need to be running Steam to run the game. In this case Steam serves purely as a download and auto-patching mechanism, not as a DRM solution. (We have actually used Steam in this way for a number of our games.)

There are other possible futures, including one in which we start implementing aspects of Steamworks like cloud saves and other requested features, in which case Steam would become a more intrinsic part of the game. I can also imagine a future in which we released a version that downloads directly through Humble! We can’t promise either of these futures 100%, because then we will look like fools if they do not come to pass.

But know that the Alpha 1 build is only using Steam as a download tool, just like a Humble Bundle download would.

jamesconsidine asks:

Hi Guys. I want to buy this game, but I don't really want to play the alpha (I would prefare to wait for a more stable release). If I buy now will that secure me a copy of the game for life? Or will I need to buy it again when it reaches beta (or full release)? I just want to add, the game looks awesome, and I cant wait to see where it goes! Thanks

If you buy now you will definitely have the game for life, including future alpha and beta updates and whatever comes after beta, whether it’s considered “final” or not! (We’d love to keep working on the game as long as there’s community interest and ongoing sales.)

Spacebase DF-9 Alpha 1a hotfix released

  • WASD keys now pan the camera in Inspect Mode.
  • Fixed: Construct Mode drag commands cause framerate hitches on Linux systems.
  • Fixed: Asteroids are invisible when starting a new base with cutaway view enabled.
  • Fixed: Placing a Fusion Reactor crashes the game.
  • Fixed: Rugs sort in front of people.
  • Fixed: Various crashes based on our top crash reports.  (Note: to disable automated crash reporting, set “crash_reporting” to false in bootconfig.cfg in the game’s save directory.)
  • Soundtrack: Reduced file size by converting WAV files to FLAC lossless codec.

Hello current and future spacefans! I’m project lead JP LeBreton, and to introduce new players to the game, I put together this video demonstrating establishing a new base using the Alpha 1 build. This may be useful to players who are struggling with the early game.

We plan to do videos with each Alpha update, going over what you can expect in each new build. This first one does double duty as an introduction to the game. Thanks for watching!

Spacebase DF-9 released on Steam Early Access!

Welcome, intrepid explorers! Spacebase DF-9 has launched into the cosmos of Steam Early Access for everyone to play. We appreciate your support more than words can say, but we’re going to try. We’ll use this website to keep you up-to-date on the game’s continuing development, provide resources for new players and some peeks behind the scenes.

While the site went live just today, we’ve put up several back-dated posts that chronicle the game’s development up to this point, starting in March of 2013. You can see how far we’ve come in that time, and hopefully get an idea of where we’re headed!

We also set up a wiki with the help of the nice folks at Gamepedia where players can compile information about the game. We’d like for this to become a primary resource for new and master players but in the spirit of building a real community, we’d like to let you take the first step. It’s publicly editable and waiting for quality contributors, so if the idea of a pristine new wiki waiting to be filled with informationy goodness makes your mouth water, dive in!

Thank you again for joining us on this odyssey. Who knows where we’ll end up? Space is huge and scary but we’ve got each other! SPACE HUUGS!


Some screenshots from the Alpha 1 build.  Looks good, ship it!

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