The Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Will Revolutionize Your Hunting Experience

This Gamo air rifle has a handsome black design with a synthetic stock that is ready for all the weather conditions that you could hunt in.  If you have never considered using an air rifle for hunting, this gun just may make you consider it.  It has an impressive performance reputation and is considered to be one of the best air rifles available on the market in its price range.


The Facts About This Rifle

The .177 caliber single shot air rifle fires forcibly at 1,200 feet per second with rubber bullets and a respectable 1,000 feet per second with lead bullets.  This air rifle comes with a lot of power and is a superior gun for small game or your run of the mill vermin that wreak havoc on your garden and property.

The Silent Cat also comes with a fixed noise dampener that will reduce the firing sound for up to 52% and comes with a ventilated pad make of rubber for better recoil control.  The control features on this gun are superior with manual trigger and automatic cocking safety so you don’t have to worry about your gun doing anything unexpected.  One of the nice things going for the Silent Cat is the 4×32 scope, PBA bullets and mounts for an excellent air rifle hunting experience.

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What Consumers Had To Say About This Rifle

The overwhelming amount of consumers rated this air rifle very highly.  Out of a possible 5 stars for total review scores of well over 100 reviewers, this air rifle got a 4 out of 5 stars.  That is pretty impressive scoring since there were so many reviews.  Of the rave reviews, the primary complements were the gun’s quiet firing, beautiful design and excellent stock scope.

Consumers love the skeleton stock that adds to the attraction of the design and creates a much better confidence in handling.  Almost all of them were very happy with the scope, stating it do well in a variety of ranges and was comfortable for the eyes.  Most of the consumers of this product also were elated by its accuracy, stating that it had a consistent target hit and never seemed to lose its reputation for sure firing even after months of use.  Such excellent reviews and most of them were from consumers who had other air rifles to compare it to.

Of anything that consumers said they wish were different, a scant amount of commenters had wished that the trigger were made of steel and not plastic.  Still, it did not affect the performance of the gun and it held up against a lot of use.  It seems as though this is definitely one of the guns of choice in air rifles for hunting those little pesky critters that damage gardens and landscaping. The common game shot with this gun were squirrels and woodchucks, and one consumer used it to hunt iguanas that were devouring his fruited plants, all confirmed kills with this accurate air rifle.


Our Verdict

According to all the research done for this review, this is an excellent gun for the money. Consumers felt as though they received a superior product for their money.  This gun comes at an attractive price point and is easy to use.  With the good reviews of the scope that comes with the Gamo Silent Cat, unless you want to replace the plastic trigger, this airgun is good to go.

The impressive design features will make this the gun you want to show off to all of your friends and you will enjoy hours of target practice with them due to its superior ergonomic handling.


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