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Finn Atle ’Abominator’ Haldorsen was introduced to Hashing in Indonesia by his father-in-law and went on to found both Newcastle and Bergen Hashes. He now tops the Bergen all time run list, with his wife, Dr Butt, and brother, Yogi, ranking 3rd and 4th.



Hash name of Howard Smythe, veteran Hasher of Port Moresby and Perth Hashes. Ace had attended 7 InterHashes prior to Cardiff and has been a regular at Pan-Asian since 1987.



Craig ‘Acko’ Atkins has achieved 1000 plus runs with Hamersley Hash, where he served as GM in 1991.


Adams, William

Bill Adams was On-sec of Mother Hash in 1953 and Joint Master in 1955. When not hashing he was noted for his long jungle hikes. Bill was killed on active service in Sabah.

Website, found at It originally promoted the four Durban Hashes, but expanded in stages and now covers the entire African continent, plus Indian Ocean. Often seems in need of up dating, but a reasonably useful source.


Sex Immigrant and Lonesome Cowboy founded Kabul H3 on August 23rd, 2002. The first Hash was run from the Intercontinental Hotel with conservative clothes a necessity. The group is a mixture of 'consultants, assorted reprobates and do-gooder NGO types, private security dudes, the occasional UNer, the very occasional military representative, harrierettes are in force, and we even have a couple of hash pups.'

The kennel tries to keep a low profile, with an email going round on Thursday to announce the start location. There is usually a marked trail, although as there is some risk to walking alone, live-hare runs are also popular. Conservative dress is required and shorts are unacceptable, even for men. Women runners are also encouraged to wear a headscarf, although this is not compulsory. At times when security is an issue the group may stage an indoor hash, ‘running laps around someone's compound, or just sitting around getting on the piss.’ Only once has the hash had a shooting incident and this was when one of the pack dropped their gun and it discharged (the offender was promptly named 'Keeps it in his Pants').

The hallmark run is 'The Wall' - a 2 1/2 hour trek over the Kabul 'Wall' that divides the city, and is the highest point in the city - used for people celebrating their 100th hash, ‘or any other reasonable excuse to go and thrash ourselves’.

Kabul H3 celebrated their 300th hash by holding 'The Amazing Hash Race' which involved racing around the city in escorted cars to various beer stops to solve clues ‘the Hash Race was won by the cheating bastard team of Free Willy and Pumps 'er Hard’.

The annual 'Red Burkha Run' will be in its third edition in 2009. The run itself involves a mad dash of about 300 meters in a secured street as a lot of locals might take serious offence at the dress code. Two Fathers and Liqueur Hard were a hugh attraction when they wore their Red Burkas at Interhash 2008.

So far 10 Hashers have clocked up 100 runs: BarfBalls, Sewage, Shitbags, Hornymooner, Hornyculturalist, McShit, Free Willy, Pumps 'er Hard  (the current GM)  Road to Ruin and Scoutmaster. Other notable hashers are Piggus Dickus, a hasher of some notoriety (who is now believed to be somewhere back  in the States) joined the pack for a number of runs and introduced some unusual hymns to their repertoire and 'Harvey Wallbanger' did exactly that on a run, hitting a wall with his head and needing 40 stitches.  

A second Hash, the Bagram-Taliban H3 started in 2002 on the giant Bagram airbase about 65 kilometres north-west of Kabul. This kennel also faded out but  Allison 'Don't Let Your Meatloaf ' and 20 virgins started the Hindu Kush H3 in  July 2007. The  82nd Airborne (All American) Division were originally in charge, but mismanagement has since passed to the101st Airborne 'Screaming Eagles'.

They meet every two weeks or so and the 9.00pm start time means they run  in the dark. Trails stay on base and attract packs of 20, the majority of whom are fit looking young men in army t-shirts.

Bagram is a serious place and their website links to  the Washington Post website which lists photographs of American service personal killed in Afghanistan. With thanks to Sewage

African InterHash

 The biannual gathering of the African Hashes, which is becoming increasing popular with Hashers around the world.


1st Addis 1993:  African InterHash was started by Addis H3 in April 1993 to celebrate their 500th run. Marty ‘Garfield’ Hanratty was co-founder and the celebration was aimed primarily at the East African region.


2nd Kenya 1995:  Nairobi H3 combined the 1995 event with their 1000th run. Invitations went out far and wide, leading to the event becoming, probably unintentionally, an All-African celebration. Based in a lodge at Machakas, an hour from the capital, the only complaint was that the run was a little too hilly and wild for some tastes. On Monday it was back into town for the 1000th run.


3rd Dar es Salaam (1997):  Dar based the event at Bahari Beach, about 15 kilometres from the city centre, with the main run taking place around the University Campus. The expense of visiting Tanzania surprised many visitors but Dar won praise for their hospitality during and after the event.


Dar es Salaam1997


4th Victoria Falls (1999):  ‘The Hash Where the Pussy Eats You’ has left fond memories. The steam train ride to the run site was a highlight and many Hashers took the opportunity to try bungee jumping and white water rafting.


5th Durban (2001):  The release of Nelson Mandela and multi-racial elections opened the way for African InterHash to come to South Africa. For some reason the run was set through an industrial area, which was not popular. Many people have happier memories of the pre-event in Cape Town and the bus ride along the garden route to the main venue with a Hash at each stop.


6th Mombassa (2003):  Ken ya Handle It was the motto and one of the aims was to get Hashing re-established on the Kenyan coast. Attempts to shoot down a tourist plane a couple of months before the event didn’t help, but Africa InterHash 2003 went ahead without any serious problems


7th Cape Town (2005):  African InterHash 2005 headed for Cape Town, under the motto ‘Get Laid on the Table’. With around 350 participates and reasonable reviews it can be considered a success. The ‘Ball Breaker’ run up Table Mountain was certainly memorable and the hurricane on the final night added both excitement and problems. However it was Maputo H3’s Hash X-Press preamble train ride that left the fondest memories.


8th Maputo (2007): 

African InterHash 2007 was billed as ‘Madness in Maputo’ and faced incredibly  high expectations after the 2007 Hash X-Press. Organized under the experienced direction of Bwana, it was based in 4 star hotels, made good use of the African countryside, attracted 350 plus hashers. The main event started with a Green Dress run (some Irish Link) on Friday night and on Saturday the whole 350 plus contingent were bussed out to the Pequemos Lebombos Dam where they separated for different runs and circles. After a night of partying there was a beach location for the Sunday run. The preamble gave a chance to see some of Mozambique’s wilder safari country. For old African hands it was remarkable that Mozambique, after years of civil war, could now host such an event, and it proved there is hope for the World! Maputo 2007 had certainly been a success but once again  a supporting almost stole the show, in this case the Soweto pre-lube.


9th Kampala (2009): 

African InterHash 2009 was awarded to Uganda. There is an excellent website.



African Mule

Jimmy ‘African Mule’ Leggett started Hashing in Indonesia with Soroako H3 ‘many decades ago’ and has been around the Asian Hash scene ever since. Now runs with Petaling H3, where he has been GM. He regularly turns up at the major events on the Hash calendar.



Estienne ‘Again’ Amdt was co-founder and long serving GM of Jo'burg H3.



Annual General Meeting, usually a special run followed by the election of the next committee. Just as likely to be referred to as the AGPU (Annual General Piss Up)



Adrian ‘AIDS’ White is a funeral director (taxi driver for the dead) by profession. He has been running with Perth H3 since 1978 and was Joint Master in 1997, On-Sec in 2000 and finally GM in 2002. His hobbies include vintage motorcycles.


Air Rodeo Hash

Hared by ‘Sky Dyke’ of Carolina Trash H3, The Air Rodeo Hash was aimed at pilot type hashers who would be flying in for the local air rodeo. It was a terrible run, the following year’s air rodeo was cancelled, so it turned into a one off event.



Alfred-Kurt ‘AKU’ Zuber is a Hash veteran who started running in Esfahan, Iran, in the days when the Shah of Iran was still the Shah of Iran and the local Hash had the reputation of being one of the liveliest kennels in the world.

     After a short break in Taipei, AKU returned to the Middle East, spending the next seven years in Iraqi. After running with Baghdad Hash and Babylon Hash his work as a project manager and railway engineer took him to the more remote area of Baiji where he founded the Ashur Hash.        

     Returning to Germany in 1987, he was joint founder of Frankfurt H3 along with Juergen ‘Double Decker’ Decker. Within a year AKU was back overseas, hashing in Dar es Salaam from 1988-1993 and Korea from 1996 to 2001.

     He is presently running with Bucharest H3 and as of April 2005 could claim a lifetime total of 1025 runs.


Tirana H3 was founded by Steve 'Crackers' Haynes, Maura Schwartz and Stan Nowakowski in August 1993 and never stopped running, even during the worst of the crisis of 1997.

The return to normality and the arrival of the internet helped speed things up and today an average Saturday run can attract 50 or more Hashers, with 70% of the pack being made up of locals. They usually meet at Archea-Bar (formally ‘France98’) and drive into the nearby countryside. There is no hash fees and everybody brings their own beer.

People are anxious to get away from the smog and noise of Tirana and this is great Hashing territory, ‘30 miles from Tirana you go back a hundred years in time’. Meeting points such ‘Ndroq Castle’, ‘Karpen Beach’ or ‘the top of Mount Kruje’ suggest the potential for hashing.

However the Albanian countryside is not for the faint hearted and on run 704 several runners appeared to be suffering from heat stroke. Heavy rain can make runs uncomfortable and possibly dangerous and it is not unknown to cancel events in the name of safety.

The local farmers are notoriously friendly. It is customary to ask permission before running across farmland and once hares have explained this is a ‘sporting’ event there is an almost inevitably an invitation to bring everybody along for a drink.

Alcohol Abuse

The cry whenever alcohol is thrown away, tipped over or otherwise wasted. It is most commonly used at down-downs when some whimp pours their unfinished drink on the floor behind them, instead of tipping it over their heads.



Violence has brought an end to Hashing in this North African country where Algiers H3 and Hydra H3 were once active. Hydra H3 was named after the fancy diplomatic area of Algiers and was founded by Giles ‘Patchwork Quilt’ Paget-Wilkes in February 1987. At various times they run through the zoo, over Roman bridges and with police escorts.




La Paz at 3640 metres is the highest weekly Hash in the world. Kathmandu in comparison is a mere 1336 metres. Quito at 2800 metres, Sana’a at 2300 metres, Mexico City at 2240 metres, and Nairobi at 1680 meters at are all high enough to get visiting Hashers panting. 

     Quito H3 and La Paz H3 both make regular expeditions into the surrounding mountains to try to set a one off attitude record for a Hash, but these are more of a hike, with a token Hash at the end. The same can probably be said for Singapore H3’s trips into the Himalayas.

     The highest Hash event involving a proper trail is probably La Paz’s annual trip to the Chacaltoya Ski Resort (5200 meters). Running at altitude is not to be taken lightly, Kathmandu had a visiting Hasher collapse and die from altitude sickness.


Alum, John

On April 28th 1979 John Alum entered Hash legend when awarded the world’s very first Hashit for particularly poor run with Brunei H3.


Amelia Airfart

Amelia Earhart, was an air pioneer during the 1930’s and one of the most glamorous women of her age. She disappeared in 1937, while attempting to fly across the Pacific. Airfart is a natural Hash corruption of the name and there are at least two of them in the USA, plus an Amelia Airhead.


Americas InterHash Updated

A bi-annual event, held in years when there is no InterHash, and formally called Inter-Americas Hash. It is usually, but not always, staged over the Labor Day holiday, which falls on the first Monday in September. Americas InterHash traditionally lasts three days, but with pre- and post- events can easily stretch into a two-week party. With 900 plus runners it is one of the best attended events on the Hash calendar.

     The first event was staged in San Jose, Costa Rica, in 1984 with Giles ‘Patchwork Quilt’ Paget-Wilkes the founding father. They counted 75 visitors from 16 kennels with local hashers bringing the numbers up to 200. Atlanta hosted the next event and this attracted 235 runners, firmly establishing Americas InterHash as a major fixture on the Hash calendar. The event was extremely important in helping North American Hashing develop during the eighties. Chef wrote that Pittsburgh H3 were five years old when a group of them travelled to Atlanta, and prior to that they had never heard of a down-down!

     The trail set in Philadelphia in 1987 remains an Americas InterHash legend. Starting at the Liberty Bell, the pack descended into the subway and found themselves running down a dark railroad tunnel towards the headlights of a rather large train! See Americas Interhash Train Incident.  This was also the first event to be staged under the title Americas Interhash to avoid confusion with the global event. Philadelphia attracted 600 hashers and two years later San Diego reached 800, extending the event to four days with an early run on Monday to give those who were leaving time to get home. This was the event where the newly elected Miss Americas Interhash celebrated by hula hooping  topless and was immediately arrested. She was released on condition the hashers move somewhere less public

Other noted memories include the friendliness in Trinidad, the stunning scenery around Calgary and the shiggy (swamp) runs in Orlando. 

Americas InterHash has yet to be held in the south of the continent but has been staged out of the USA on six occasions. Indeed some of the most noticeable events, including Puerto Vallarta in 2003, have been held outside of the USA, where there is often a more relaxed attitude towards drinking. Even so, Costa Rica 2003 is exceptional for the helpfulness of the host hotel. On one occasion the staff, watching hashers play ‘table tennis’ in the pool with beer cans, actually brought down a full size table tennis table and placed it in the pool for them!

In contrast Pittsburgh in 1999 drew a few black marks for over jealous and unsmiling security men who, being off duty policemen, found it difficult to understand the character of a hash or to relate to the group. Austin in 2001 had serious problems from rains and floods, causing many hashers to bail out before the end of the weekend. The event also fell foul of new drinking laws introduced that weekend. One of these was that beer could not be drunk ‘near to a driver’ stopping any drinking on the coach.

 Adventures getting to Inter-Americas include a couple of yacht crews who battered against storms all the way from Florida to Port of Spain for the 1997 event.


1st        1984    San Jose, Costa Rica

2nd          1985    Atlanta, Georgia

3rd        1987    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4th        1989    San Diego, California

5th        1991    Waukesh, Wisconsin

6th        1993    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

7th        1995    Orlando, Florida

8th        1997    Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

9th           1999    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

10th      2001    Austin, Texas

11th      2003    San Jose, Costa Rica

12th      2005    Toronto, Canada

13th      2007    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

14th      2009    Colorado

15th      2011     Savannah, GA


Americas InterHash - Ever present

By 1997 there were possibly five survivors of every Americas event, Patchwork Quilt, Barbee Doll, Quick Drawers, Birdman and Chapa. Chickenman however suggests the actual number might be four.

'In Puerta Vallarta, I suggested to Patchwork Quilt that we recognize those who had attended every event. Before the skits and presentations for voting for AIH '09, I took the mike and asked everyone to stand. Then, I told all those who were attending for the first time to sit down while the others gave them a round of applause. I continued the elimination process; those who had attended 2 events, 3 events and so on, until we got to 13. Counting Giles, there were only 3 hounds who have every AIH.'

Chickenman himself is possibly the only hasher to have attended 12 out of 13 events.

Americas InterHash - Train Incident

Referring to the "train incident" in Philadelphia. I was part of the organizing committee for AIH '07 in Phila., so I can attest to the true story. The sound of the train engine was NOT broadcast over loudspeakers; there was a real, live diesel locomotive sitting at the entrance (the exit for the hashers) to the tunnel with its engine running. The sound could be heard for quite some distance. The tunnel curved, so it was not until the hashers were relatively close that they could see the headlight shining down the tracks at them. The BIG SECRET is whether the engineer stopped the train to avoid hitting the hounds OR was there an pre-arrangement to have the train waiting there to scare the hell out of the pack. To this day, there are only 3 or 4 Philly hashers who know the truth, and they have not and never will reveal the answer.


America Samoa

Pago Pago H3 is listed in most directories, but there is little information available and there is a question mark over whether they are still active.


Iain ‘Amnesia’ Belton has hashed with Bicester H3 since 1976, holding all the mismanagement positions at least once, and 'at various times, cocking them all up!' He was also a founder of the Malvern Hash, Gisbert Birthday Hash and Nosh (North Oxon Social Hash). He puts his hash success down to the fact that he is ‘Lucky to have a non drinking wife, XTitch, who deserves a mention and a medal for transporting me home on thousands of occasions.’

In 1999 Amnesia made an important contribution to Hash history when he hunted down Gispert’s birth certificate. This proved to be a surprisingly difficult task. The family had only vague memories of the details of G’s birth and boundary changes over the years lead to a challenging paper hunt through several local archives

It took several months work,  but the birth certificate was finally traced to Lewisham Registrar and confirmed that father of the Hash was born at 80 Breakspear Road, Brockley in the Borough of Deptford on 31st July, 1903. Amnesia was also able to locate the monument to G in Bromley cemetery. The first Birthplace Hash took place the following year with a beer stop outside that address.


Ampang Road

The area of Kula Lumpur where the very first Hash was run, and where Mother Hash regularly returned to, as it was conveniently close to the city centre. In those days this was a suburb of tin works and market gardens, with numerous ditches and rickety bridges to add to the excitement. Today it is known as Jalan Ampang and is an area of five star hotels, embassies, heavy traffic and, usually, not a Hasher in sight.



There are numerous Hash names built around the word Anal, example ‘Anal Inspector’ and the rather clever ‘Anal Lyrical’. For some reason such names seem particularly popular in the USA!



The co-principality of Andorra lies in the eastern Pyrenees between France and Spain, with a predominately Spanish and French population. It was September 1986 before a growth in the smaller British community led to the first Hash starting up, with Paul and Terry Bruton the founding fathers.

     Andorra H3 now meet every Saturday between April and the end of December, after which the country is largely snow bound. Even in summer the weather can cause Hashes to be cancelled at late notice. The kennel also suggest that - because of the attitude - visitors have a 'certain degree of fitness'. The pack is made up of Brits, North Americans, Scandinavians and 'even a few locals'.


An Eye of the Dragon

A novel by Dennis Bloodworth concerning the turbulent events in South East Asia in the period 1954 to 1970. In one scene he describes how the soldiers had laid an ambush on a jungle path when, 'suddenly we heard quick light steps coming up the track – hang it if fifteen chaps in running vests and shorts from the local Harriers club didn’t come trotting past as if they were on Hampstead Heath.’



Hashing reached Angola in July 1995 when Doyle 'Snake-eater' Raymer, Sue 'Knickers' Featherstone and George 'G-Cubed' Greene founded the Luanda H3. Biweekly Hashes have taken place on Saturdays ever since, with care being taken to keep the pack together for security.

The pack is reported to have a large Australian contingent with a 'few brave Angolans and Texan runners from time to time'. There does not seem to be a website and the suggestion is to contact the British embassy.

A few other smaller Angolan Hashes have come and gone.



Gary ‘Animal’ Joyce was joint founder of the Jebel H3 in Oman and later a member of Dharan H3.


Annual Torchlight Run

Kon Chee Kong started the Petaling ‘Annual Torchlight Run’ in 1982, with an early evening run being followed by a late night party and sleep over. The event was originally on the first Tuesday in June, as the following day was a national holiday for the King’s birthday. Considered by many to be the best Hash party in Malaysia, if not South East Asia.


Antarctica Updated

Antarctica has a surprisingly large summer community and Hashing has been an occasional part of their life for many years. The Davies Naval Base H3 clocked up 23 runs over two seasons around 1982. Runs sometimes had to be completed with blizzard lines to keep the runners from wandering off. 

Eskimo Nell left a diary of these runs. The first two took place in blizzards and the third in ‘strong winds and snow drifts’. After that things deteriorated. One hash was on a day with 60 knot winds when it was 0 degrees indoors and minus 26.2 outside. The following hash was scheduled on a day long blizzard when the whole base was tied down to stop things blowing away.

Laying a trail was also a problem, paper blew away, flour proved invisible on snow and experiments of using tagged seals failed because they kept moving! There was also the problem of putting on 20kilos of warm and wind proof clothing.

In between the storms the hash diary leaves comments of penguin sightings, a hash golf day, and an evening with the Davies Big Band. It sounds like great days!

Casey H3 was founded by Ian 'Wheelbarrow' Potrzeba in January 1990 but only met occasionally and are no longer listed. The same is true for the ANARE H3 (Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition) that used to run during the summer. They have been replaced by the Deep Freeze H3, founded by Aeon 'Rock Hard’ Jones in September 1999 which runs monthly and on special occasions.

The Brass Monkey H3 is based at the British Antarctic Survey Base and run a couple of times a year (midwinter and summer solstice).  There have a ‘not-quite-naked’ dress code, meaning you wear boots, gloves and a head band to stop the top of the ears freezing, but nothing else. Runs are between 150 to 300 metres long. How cold is it? Beers are kept above the BBQ to stop them freezing!

The South Pole H3 has occasionally hashed the South Pole itself. Runs usually take place in the extensive network of tunnels that have been dug beneath the pole. The Calgary Hash website lists coldest and hottest runs around the world and claim a -71c temperature for a run at the Antarctica/Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in December 2006. That actually became -99C taking in wind-chill factor.


Anthrax Scare

Anthrax, or other biological scares, have been an occasional feature of Hashing for several years, particularly in the USA.  The first such incident was possibly Boston H3’s September1988 run at Beacon Hill. In those innocent days the main concern was possible danger to pets, although newspapers reported that chalk marks left by Fort Lauderdale H3 were linked to satanic and racialist groups. The Dallas Police investigated hares laying a trail through a children’s playground back in 1993 and Fort Worth had a problem in 1996. More famously the Phoenix H3 attracted the attention of police and fire fighters, who closed off two square miles of the city in September 1997 and Tornado Alley H3 attracted similar attention in December 1999.

     September 11th, and the unrelated anthrax scare around the same time, brought these fears into focus and made the consequences more serious. Wichita H3 had a highly publicised incident in December 1999 and again in February 2000. There is some sympathy with the officials in this case, as a hoax threat had been made against the Finney State Office Building some years earlier. February 2000 saw a Wallmart Maul closed down as police investigated Hash marks left by the Daytona Beach H3 and in 2002 the Chicago Police & Fire Departments shut down Lincoln Park for a short while. A ‘jogger, found carrying a small bag of the substance’ was questioned and released without charges by Houston authorities in 2004. American officials are becoming increasing impatient in such cases and two hares of the Oxford H3 in Mississippi were arrested while laying trail and received two-year community service sentences. This was followed in 2007 by the highly publicised incident in New Haven. (see New Haven court case).

October 2009 brought yet another incident, this time in West Palm Beach, to quote the local press, ‘Thursday morning. city employees found the mysterious white powder in random piles and strange shapes spread outside City Hall and across the downtown entertainment district. fire-rescue officials shut down City Hall and the public library and blocked a city block for 45 minutes while they tested the powder.’ Apparently hares normally warn the local authorities of hash routes but had failed to do so on this occasion.

     Authorities in Europe have generally been less neurotic although the Greek police seem particularly nervous and the Athens H3 has occasionally had hares briefly detained. There have also been Hash related anthrax scares in Cyprus, Bergen and Brussels, the latter leading to the closing of the Eddy Merckx Metro Station. South Korea is another area of sensitivity.

     Even the sensible Dutch are capable of acting with heavy-handed bureaucracy, advising Le Hague H3 to use sawdust instead of flour, else risk a massive cleanup bill from the local authorities.  In a variation of the problem, hares in Kuwait occasionally meet the displeasure of locals who object to the throwing of food onto the ground for religious reasons.



Founded by David 'Dame Edna' Crump and Bunny Butler in 1991, Antigua H3 has biweekly Friday runs come ‘rain shine or hurricane.’ The group pride themselves in getting into the remoter spots around the island but everybody is catered for and the pack averages around 50, There is a hash bar and a BYO barbeque after every run



Nick ‘Arfa-uck’ Storr discovered Hashing in Manila in the early 80’s, where he was known by the Hash name ‘Sari-Sari’. He was one of the principles hares when InterHash was held in the Philippines in 1990.

     After the Philippines he was based in the UK, becoming a regular with Bicester H3 although his work as a consultant gave him the opportunity to Hash around the world. 

     After writing successfully for the Hash trash he was persuaded to write his memoirs, which were published under the title of 'Ten Times the Price of a Haircut' ‘a typically spicy and irreverent view of the ex-pat life in the third world’ with a few references to Hashing.

     Long before he became a Hasher Nick won a place in the Guinness Book of Records for visiting all the stations on the London Underground in a record time.

     Arfa-uck died in June 2002, aged 57.

Thanks to Bichester H3 website.

Are You?

A call given while searching for the trail, primarily to see if anybody else is still around or whether they have all buggered off and left you on your own. Can sometimes be interpreted as ‘where the f*** are you?’




This large South American country of some 37 million people, once extremely willing to adopt strange foreign activities such as soccer, is something of a Hash wilderness. It has been suggested that part of the problem is that this is a wine, not beer, drinking country.

A Buenos Aires H3 was mention by Magic in 1982. They had little contact with the outside world and probably faded out by 1990.

 The present Buenos Aires H3 was re-founded by John 'Hopeless' and Emilia 'Bad Penny' Hopgood in April 1993 and for a while were running with a good size pack twice a month. Their own website hasn’t been updated for years but they commutate via Facebook and seem to be active at the moment (or at least as late as 2008) but probably with small numbers. A Tartagal H3 was also listed by Magic.


Jason “Argus” the founding father of Brisbane’s dog hash.




Yerevan H3 was founded by Dave ‘Wrong Hole’ Franz in 1996 and Hashing in this remoter corner of the world now takes place every Sunday (summer) and every other Sunday (winter). They gather by the American Embassy and the packs range from 10 to 15.




Arrows, whether drawn in flour or chalk, can be used instead of blobs or lines to mark the trail. Even on trails marked in the latter the occasional arrow can still be useful in some places, for example when the trail turns a corner or crosses to the other side of the road.



Versions of arse or ass are popular Hash names as in ‘Arseabout’, ‘Arseover tit’, Arse Grabber’, ‘Ass Teaser’ and even an Arsesolio.



Aruba is a Caribbean island, which has elected to be a separate, autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The population of around 70,000 squeezes into just 193 square kilometres. Aruba H3 has been running biweekly on Saturday’s since being founded by Ubol and Bill ‘Can’t Hound’ Brenneman in 1981. Packs are a very respectable 60 plus.



Ascension Island

Ascension is a South Atlantic island famous for – well not famous for anything really. The local Hash ‘The Hash of the Ash’ runs weekly with packs of between 30 and 40. The centre of Ascension is quite hilly, bordering on the mountainous, so trails can get a bit hard going. On runner arriving late and trying to short cut broke several minor bones. In addition the island is very close to the equator and although sea breezes usually keep the runners cool, care should be taken with the tropical sun.

The pack is made up of either military or civil contractors who tend to be there on short term contracts, one exception is founder Ron ‘The Major’ Hunt, is still around. The pack is divided between Brits and Saints, the latter being the islanders from St Helens, who tend to be on considerably less favourable contracts.

Circles start reasonably tame with families and children joining in, but the beer is duty free, so the two pound run fee includes as much as you can drink and it is not unknown for a hardcore to still be there early the following morning.

There is no Hash website, but the island’s weekly newspaper publishes the trash on their site. If visiting ask about ‘The Cavaliers’ ‘a secret rum drinking society within the hash’.

Sources: 2006 World Hash Directory

See an account of their first run


Asia-Pacific Harrier


Founded by Jim ‘Bimbo’ Edens in 2002, Asia-Pacific Harrier is a quarterly magazine for ‘Hash House Harriers, adventure travellers and multi-sport enthusiasts.’ In 2009 it was renamed Harrier International Edition and now carries hash articles from around the world. Check it out at or 

A to B

A trail that starts at one point –‘A’- and finishes somewhere else – ‘B’. A to B runs have a long history and were used by the Mother Hash, probably around 1939 or 1940, when their favourite areas started to become ‘over Hashed’. They soon became to be the normal way of setting a trail and it was not until after the war, when fewer people had cars, that circular runs became more popular.

     One of the main advantages of A to B runs is that they are useful in getting the pack into new territory. They also add a sense of mystery to the run, ‘where the hell are we going to end up?’ This is particularly the case when hares decide not to warn the pack that it will be an A to B run. Getting lost on an A to B is potentially more serious, (1) you will probably be further from where you started and (2) perhaps have no idea of where you are going.  They also pose the problem of ferrying bags and collecting vehicles.

     For this reason A to B runs are generally less common than circular runs. Indeed the expression ‘A to A’ is seldom used, it is just a run.


A to Z Relay

The A to Z relay is a legendary Hash pub-crawl in Angeles city, Philippines. It starts at the Airwolf Bar and visits some 25 others establishments in alphabetical order. T-shirts are traditionally given with the ‘runners’ names printed on them. This is on the sound assumption that nobody will be able to remember in the morning who was there!

Asturias Cider Festival Run

Annual July pilgrimage by Madrid H3 to Nava. Combines runs in ‘the lush mountains and gold sandy beaches’ of Asturias with the local cider festival.



Australia’s close ties with South East Asia made it inevitable that returning ex-pats would bring Hashing back with them, and a country where sport is held in almost equal esteem with beer was always going to prove fertile Hash ground.

See In-depth Report


Australian Nash Hash

Aussie Hashers have been getting together since the seventies. Commemorative or inaugural runs tended to be official and therefore often all male, while other weekend events were more likely to be family orientated. These probably increased in number, and possibly changed in character, after the Australian contingent returned from the first InterHash in Hong Kong in 1978.  The idea of an official Australian Nash Hash was inspired by Sydney’s successfully staging of InterHash and today it is one of the biggest of the global Nash Hashes.

      BruceSlab’ Gibson and Keith ‘Foxtwat’ Sly were the founding fathers, and were joined in the mismanagement of the 1st Aussie Nash Hash by the late Mick ‘Sewerage’ Ring (ex-Medan H3). The 2nd Aussie Nash Hash on the NSW Central Coast was in part mismanaged by the late Evil C who died from some evil bug contacted after the Kota Kinabalu King of the Mountain event. (Is there an emerging trend linking mismanagement of Aussie Nash Hash and death by Hash?) Seven Aussies (The self-appointed “Magnificent 7”) have attended all of the Aussie Nash Hashes.  They include (by Hash names only); Slab, Pancho, Ballpoint, Refill, Whiskers, Muffy and Flakey.

Source: Slab & Ballpoint, Nov 2006.

Aussie Nash Hashes have been held as follows:


1985    Gold Coast

1987    Central Coast of NSW

1989    Townville

1991    Launceston

1993    Perth

1995    Adelaide

1997    Geelong

1999    Gold Coast

2001    Darwin

2003    Kalgoorlie

2005    East Coast (Myuna Bay)

2007    Canberra

2009    Cairns


Australian Navy (RAN) Hashes

See Fleet Hash.


Australian Territories

Australia’s ‘Empire’ consists of a few tiny islands and a chunk of Antarctica. There are Hashes on both Christmas Island (not to be confused with Easter Island – there are no big statues here) and Cocos Island.




For many years Austria only had one Hash, the Vienna based Vindobona H3 (Vindobona is the old Roman name for the city.) Founded by Hans Saxinger (ex Hong Kong) their first run was at Gruss-di-a-Gottwirt in April 1982. There celebrated 25 years by re-running the same route in 2207.

John ‘Glo-Balls’ Russell holds the record of most Hashes, completing his 500th run back in 1997 and will probably over a thousand runs by the time you read this, There is a Full Moon ‘Moonzart’ hash that reached 75 runs in 2006. Vindobona has traditionally enjoyed close links with several East European Hashes.

Graz H3 started up in 2004 with Sunday (but not every Sunday) runs and the first Austrian Nash Hash was staged at Payerback in August 2005. Graz is still running with ‘Dis-Organator’ and ‘Condom Head’ the key figures.

 Right -  the classic Vindobona badge


Report on First Austrian Nash Hash

‘On the Saturday, we took the train from Payerbach up to Semmering, and then ran down the mountain part-way for a lunch break, before getting on the train again for the ride back to Payerbach. The circle was held just across the river from the main hotel and was followed by the fording of the river by most of the participants.’


Auto hashing

An American term describing anybody catching a ride while on the run


Automatic Balls

After many years as a serious runner Jürgen Automatic Balls Schreiter, or AB, as he is known to his many hash friends, was looking for a new challenge and stumbled across hashing on the internet. One run with Frankfurt H3 was enough to convince him that he had found a new life-style.

     That was back in 1999 and since then he has become a steward member of the Germany hash scene and is famous as the originator of the Vineyard Hash. Frankfurt Hash practise the vicious ‘up side down, down-downs’ and AB takes his hashing so seriously that he is rumoured to spend Sunday evenings drinking while standing on his head as a practise exercise!

     As of November 2008 there was considerable support for AB stepping into the shoes of his hash mentor, The Wolf, and taking on the role of Frankfurt GM.



Hashing started in Baku around 1996 but was never registered on any Internet site and died out, taking all their records with them. However, with a constant stream of ex-pats going in and out it was inevitable that it would restart and the Baku Azerbaijan H3 was brought back to life in September 2002 by ‘Moonboots’.

They are now going strong with packs of 40 plus, and a second Baku Thirstday H3 has started up. The Hash owned Chaplin’s Bar sponsors the Hash. Baku sent 24 runners to Cardiff and hosted the 2005 InterCaucasus Hash





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