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Many of us Spend a lot of Money and often Tireless Hours of Exercise in our quest to maintain a healthy life style.

How often have we nearly given up in frustration or despair over not losing the fat that adds to the load we carry every day?

And if we have given up entirely —
the pounds just seem to increase, and increase, discouraging us even more -

  - in spite of what we eat.

Actually, it's often Because of the Carbohydrates and High Glycemic Indexes of the Food That We Do Eat!

Now, for an investment of less than the price of a Latte, you can
discover Easier and more Practical ways to control and even lose that fat.   

  The Complete eBook addresses these Vitally Important Issues

Carbohydrates, the Glycemic Index and your Fat Loss
The Link Between Carbohydrates And Weight Gain
Carbohydrates, Insulin and Blood Sugar Levels
What Is The Glycemic Index?
How Can A Low GI Diet Help?
How to Lose Weight Naturally
The Right Diet and Exercise
Artificial Solutions
Facts about the Exercise Solution
The Low Down on Low GI
Hypoglycemia - Hidden Culprit
Don't Fall For Fad Food Diets
The South Beach Diet
Body Mass Index - What Shape are You In?
Cardiovascular Exercise For Effective Fat Loss    
Weight Loss Facts
... and much, much more

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