As our name indicates, we are dedicated to helping employers and plan sponsors maintain accurate records relating to the proper operation of qualified retirement plans. As you, and many of your clients that sponsor a qualified retirement plan are most certainly aware, the accurate and timely reporting of forms to regulatory agencies can be a difficult and time consuming effort each year. In addition to maintaining compliance with agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service, the proper documentation of plan distributions and loans can also be a burdensome task for your clients' staff. It is for these reasons that many employers engage a "third party plan administration" firm, such as Pension Plan Administration.

Based upon the current economic and market conditions, many employers, sponsoring qualified retirement plans, are reviewing their relationship with the third party administration firm they currently use. We encourage you to consider analyzing the quality of services your clients are receiving from their third party administration firm in relation to the fees being charged. If a client does not currently use the services of a third party administration firm, this is an excellent time to explore the opportunity. This firm works closely with clients referred from many different investment professionals using numerous investment platforms. Our accessibility and central location in Arkansas, as well as our relationship with ERISA legal professionals, provides many investment professionals, such as you, the ideal solution to clients' plan administration needs. 

Employers sponsoring qualified retirement plans must maintain accurate records relating to the proper operation of the plan for its participants. Reports to the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor must be clear, precise and verifiable. In order to assist them in fulfilling this responsibility, many sponsoring employers engage a third-party administration firm with the experience and tools necessary to meet this challenge. 

Pension Plan Administration, LLC, is a third party administration firm located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The firm was established in 1990 and operated out of Fort Smith, Arkansas, until 1998. The firm devotes its time exclusively to the field of employee benefit plan administration for over 250 clients in Arkansas and surrounding states.



The objective of Pension Plan Administration, LLC, is to offer sponsoring employers professional, accurate and timely participant record keeping and plan reporting.



This extensive client base includes employers sponsoring various types of qualified retirement plans including: Profit Sharing Plans, 401(k) Profit Sharing Plans, Money Purchase Pension Plans, Target Benefit Plans, Age-Weighted or Cross Tested Plans, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), Cross Tested / New Comparability Plans, Cash Balance Plans,  and Defined Benefit Plan.