Creativation: Art,Kids,Community

What is it?
A new pilot program offering innovative and challenging programs and activities that support and enhance the Ministry of Education’s Visual Arts Curriculum, as well as expose students to the vast range of creative experiences and visual culture available to them in their local and regional community. This pilot project is a model designed for potential use both for other sectors within Muskoka and for other Ontario communities.

Who is involved?
Creativation programming is intended for the primary and intermediate students, grades 1 to 8, but the initiative is community-wide. It will benefit all participants and the wider community. The program is being developed by a grassroots collection of artists, educators and arts organizations, in cooperation with the Province of Ontario. The program is heavily reliant on partnerships with local professional artists, corporate and educational communities, including the school boards, library, businesses, and others in the burgeoning creative economy.

Art is integral to the overall well-being and vitality of any community. Creativation will encourage creativity and ongoing learning, nurture public appreciation and knowledge of art and develop awareness that art education is essential to sustaining a creative economy.Creativation will focus on art education dedicated to the exploration of Mediums, Elements & Principles of Art,  contemporary and historic artworks by national & regional artists through a wide range of programming, such as afterschool programs, tours, student exhibitions, mentoring, speakers, demonstrations,  partnerships, and workshops. The programming does not take place during school time, nor does it effect the school curriculum.

Creativation \ kree-A-tiv-A-shun \ adv [from creativate: an adjunction of create and innovate] (2006)  1 : The act of creativating (That's a great creativation.)  2 : To creatively innovate                                                                                             -- Urban Dictionary

Brought to you by the Huntsville Art Society in partnership with the Town of Huntsville, Lake of Bays Township 
and funded by the Government of Ontario.