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Welcome to Cultivate Interactive

Cultivate Interactive is a Web magazine which was funded under the European Commission's Digital Heritage and Cultural Content (DIGICULT) programme. The magazine has reached the end of its programme and has ceased activity. However back issues will continue to be available.


Nine issues of the Cultivate Interactive ejournal were published between July 2000 and February 2003. The project manager was Brian Kelly. The editors were Marieke Napier (issues 1-6) and Richard Waller (issues 7-9).


Following the cessation of funding for Cultivate Interactive the Web site was prepared for archiving. This included disabling a number of technical features (such as the search facility) which would not function if the site were hosted elsewhere. In addition a series of annual link check reports were published in order to monitor the internal consistency of the Web site.

The Web site was migrated from a Windows NT platform (based on the MS SiteServer software together with .ASP scripts) to a Unix server where the Web site is hosted as a series of static pages.

The Web site will subsequently be migrated to the UK Web Archive.

Final Issue
Issue 9
(February 2003)

The current issue contains feature articles on the ARCHEOGUIDE, the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model, LIBECON, MESMUSES, OpenHeritage, PAST and TREBIS from the DIGICULT Programme.

We are also pleased to have an article on the trials and tribulations of digitising records from a government agency and the latest episodes in the continuing saga of the .museum domain.

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Marco Meli writes about an initiative to reuse the most valuable scientific and technical heritage available in science museums to serve as an "active memory" to be exploited in different domains. More...

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As the last issue in the run appears, the editor provides an overview of Cultivate Interactive's history, More... and the analysis of the CULTIVATE Projects' achievements. More...

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Start screen of the TREBIS software

A biodiversity information system that is attracting enthusiastic young users. More...

OpenHeritage:3D reconstruction of a site of interest

Promoting cultural tourism in the quieter corners of Europe, technology and smarter business models provide new opportunities. More...

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Before and after: Augmented Reality increases understanding

The Archeoguide Project has produced a way to envisage what is no longer there ... More...

See issue 9 at a glance.

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Web Site Audit

The Cultivate Interactive Web site is no longer being maintained. However an occasional technical audit will be carried out in order to ensure that the Web site is still functional. More...

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