Response to the TotalBiscuit Scandal
I'm sure as hell not one to speak for the devs. I myself feel that, up until the DMCA issue, they were doing a good job at least improving the game, and at least getting it to a fun and reasonable state. They were slow at first, but it got better over time. I do like the product so far. Although, I suppose I am pretty biased.

I'm not a fan of TB in any way, and I find him overly obnoxious, but I will take his side on this matter. The devs handled this VERY poorly, and, for lack of better term, ♥♥♥♥♥torming that ensued made this a much worse issue.

However, regardless of my personal stance on this matter, it needs to be known that the ranting posts over the exact same topic need to stop. Temporary bans will start to be doled out to those who continue and posts that cover the same thing will be locked.

EDIT: If you are posting in this thread, refrain from cursing. Using ♥♥♥♥♥torm is acceptable, but use some thought when posting.
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nsix 20 Eki @ 4:54am 
Why are these devs censoring reviews of their product?
Who are these devs again? Remind me what projects they have in the wind so that I can avoid them...

TotalBOOscuit ‏@Totalbiscuit tarafından gönderilen ileti:
Well, cat is out of the bag since someone on Reddit found it. My Day One: Garrys Incident video was copyright flagged by the devs
I should point out that this is a game I was sent review code for, it was also the top-ranked video on Youtube for that game.
It is fairly obvious what they are doing here, abusing Youtubes copyright system to censor criticism of their product.
This happened 2 days ago, we contacted them for an explanation and have heard nothing. Giving them til Monday to respond before goin nuclear
It should be pointed out that US Fair Use doctrine exists in particular to protect criticism from being censored in such a way
It is a pro-consumer doctrine and with good reason. Maker and Polaris will come down on them like a ton of bricks come Monday.
Long story short. Dev sends code, code used to make critique, dev dislikes critique, dev abuses system to censor critique.
Its annoying that this had to come out, we were trying to solve it privately, but hey, copyright claims are public viewing on Youtube.
If I've seemed a little grumpy over the last few days now you know why. Dev attacks my livelihood for doing my job, silently fuming for days
Stephane  [geliştirici] 20 Eki @ 5:18am 
We protected our copyright because Total Biscuit has no right to make advertising revenues with our license.
dynamite deluxe! 20 Eki @ 1:05pm 
oboy here we go!
nukedestroyer500 20 Eki @ 1:08pm 
this is a huge mistake by the devs
razisgosu 20 Eki @ 1:08pm 
Once TB gets going, it's all over. Good on him for doing the right thing.
Bimpy 20 Eki @ 1:09pm 
hope these devs are happy with all the hate they are going to get
xfstef 20 Eki @ 1:09pm 
Stephano you just destroyed your carreer by going against TB. You made a bad game and his preview of your game did you a lot more good than it did harm. This game sucks, the truth hurts, deal with it !
Lunar Reindeer 20 Eki @ 1:10pm 
I was just about to post this. Eat a ♥♥♥♥, devolopers of this ♥♥♥♥ty game.
markgoos1 20 Eki @ 1:10pm 
BURN, why the hell did the devs do this, this was plain ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Ouch-You're-Bleeding 20 Eki @ 1:10pm 
I cant wait
The Alien Pyro 20 Eki @ 1:11pm 
Stephane is a little challenged in the upper skull department
StaR 20 Eki @ 1:11pm 
Bimpy tarafından gönderilen ileti:
hope these devs are happy with all the hate they are going to get


The DEV response is disgusting and very childish.
Tallman 20 Eki @ 1:11pm 
The devs really stepped in ♥♥♥♥ on this one. TB and his 1.2 million subs can bury this PoS game in so much bad press that it fails despite their efforts to silence critics like him.
Raz 20 Eki @ 1:12pm 
Taking down critic about your product = bad idea.
Taking down justified critic about your product done by a well rather well known youtuber = deserved very bad PR
Mattyes 20 Eki @ 1:12pm 
Hopfully they will never be able to realse games that bad again
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