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WJF 6 Competition Results

2010 Overall Championship

1st Doug Sayers 23
2nd Josh Horton 18.5
3rd Pavel Evsukevich 15.25
4th Noah Malone 12.5
5th Lauge Benjaminsen 11.5
6th David Ferman 9
7th Caio Stevanovich 6.25
8th Jon Brady 4

World Records Set at WJF 6

1st Place
Doug Sayers & Benjamin Thompson
15 balls for 27 passes
(Breaking the previous record of 22 by 23 percent)

2nd Place
Josh Horton and Doug Sayers
14 rings for 22 passes
(Surpassing the previous record of 14 by 57 percent)

3rd Place
Doug Sayers and Benjamin Thompson
16 balls for 31 passes
(Surpassing the previous record of 19 by 63 percent)


1st Place: TEAM PLAY
(Josh Horton, Doug Sayers, Joe Showers, Anthony Attinello, Casey Rentmeester

2nd Place: Team Duncan
(Noah Malone, Lauge Benjaminsen, Jack Denger, Andrew Ruiz and David Ferman)

3rd Place: Team Babache
(Clarke Surrey, Daniel Brown, Matt Larrain, Weston Robarts, Jon Brady)

The Long Program
1st: Pavel Evsukevich
2nd: Doug Sayers
3rd: Josh Horton

Isolated Endurance

7 Ball Isolated Endurance: Doug Sayers
7 Ring Isolated Endurance: Lauge Benjaminsen
8 Ring Isolated Endurance: Pavel Evsukevich
9 Ring Isolated Endurance: Pavel Evsukevich
10 Ring Isolated Endurance: Pavel Evsukevich

5 Club BXX Isolateed Endurance:
1st: Jon Brady 63 Catches
2nd: Doug Sayers: 40 Catches
3rd: David Ferman 13 Catches

7 Club Isolated Endurance:

1st: Doug Sayers 13 Catches
2nd: David Ferman 10 Catches


9 Balls:

1st: David Ferman 23 Catches
No one else qualified

8 Rings

1st: Pavel Evsukevich 27 Catches

7 Clubs
1st: Jon Brady 60 Catches
2nd: Doug Sayers 24 Catches
3rd: David Ferman 18 Catches


3 Club 360s
1st: Noah Malone 35
2nd: Jack Denger 34
Josh Horton 27

5 Club 360s
1st & 2nd: Jon Brady & David Ferman 7
3rd: Doug Sayers 6

Beginners Competition

1st: Len Ferman
2nd: Gabriel Familathe
3rd: Andrew Joslin

Juniors Competition

1st: Cody Harrington
2nd: Jacob Clarke
3rd: Tanner Alder & Vaclav Peca

Intermediate Short Programs

Intermediate Balls Short Program
1st: Jack Denger
2nd: Weston Robarts
3rd: Daniel Brown

Intermediate Rings Short Program
1st: Spencer Hearne
2nd: Nathan Herz
3rd: Richard Kohut

Intermediate Clubs Short Program
1st: Jack Denger
2nd: Spencer Hearne
3rd: Daniel Brown

Advanced Short Program

Advanced Balls Short Program
1st: Noah Malone
2nd: Lauge Benjaminsen
3rd: David Ferman

Advanced Rings Short Program
1st: Pavel Evsukevich
2nd: Josh Horton
3rd: Doug Sayers

Advanced Clubs Short Program
1st: Doug Sayers
2nd: Josh Horton
3rd: Caio Stevanovich

3 Club Freestyle

1st: Josh Horton
2nd: Noah Malone
3rd: Lauge Benjaminsen

5 Ball Freestyle
1st: Noah Malone - 1 high 4 low 5 up 360 into backcrosses
2nd: Lauge Benjaminsen - DB9750000 720
3rd: Pavel Evsukevich - 5 up 720

6 Ball Freestyle
1st: Doug Sayers - 6 up 897531
2nd: Lauge Benjaminsen - Lauge Benjaminsen - 1 high 5 low 6 up 360
3rd: Josh Horton - 1 high 3 low 360 into 9555

7 Ball Freestyle
1st: David Ferman - 966 into 9999922 360 into (8x,6)
2nd: Doug Sayers - Backcrosses
3rd: Pavel Evsukevich - Blind Kick

5 Ring Freestyle
1st: Doug Sayers - 5 up 360 into pancakes into 3 up Pancake 360
2nd: Pavel Evsukevich - 744 into 8888360 Arm Roll
3rd: Lauge Banjaminsen - 3 up 1080

6 Ring Freestyle
1st: Lauge Benjaminsen - 4 up 720
2nd: Josh Horton - 2 up 4 up multiplex 360
3rd: Caio Stevanovivh - Overhead Throws

7 Ring Freestyle
1st: Doug Sayers - 5 up 360
2nd: Caio Stevanovivh - Full Reverse Flash
3rd: Pavel Evsukevich - Blind Kick

5 Club Freestyle
1st: Jon Brady - Backcross / under the leg combo
2nd: Doug Sayers - Backcrosses into a 3 up 360 in backcrosses
3rd: Caio Stevanovich - (6x,4)(6,4x) 3 up 360 into flats

6 Club Freestyle
1st: Doug Sayers - Backcross Flash
2nd: Josh Horton - Singles into flats
3rd: Caio Stevanovich - Flat Front Flash

7 Club Freestyle
No one qualified

I would like to thank the following people for their invaluable help during the convention:

Crizzly for being head judge and ensuring the competitions were judged fairly and accurately. Also for refing Major League Combat and the Battle for the WJF Presidency

Joe Showers and David Sachs for contributing to the judging process in what I witnessed as a very articulate and masterful understanding of how to compare juggling moves, connections and routines.

Viveca Gardiner for head refing Major League Combat and judging the Long Program. Viveca went above and beyond what was expected in studying the rules for MLC and in vindicating the judging criteria for the Long Program.

Alan Howard and David Sachs for judging the Long Program along with Viveca Gardiner.

Crizzly, Jeff and Sally Shlosberg for refing Major League Combat and also doing the work to understand the rules.

Casey Rentmeester for taking on a tremendous amount of work and making the shows run smooth and without any awkward silent moments.

Selby Shlosberg for running the music for Major League Combat (Casey had to dominate on Team Play) and for being on the B-Jury.

Falco for also being on the B-Jury and for his very well received workshops.

Clarke Surrey, Weston Robarts, and Jon Brady for helping us load in (in record time!)

Joe Showers and Richard Kohut for helping me load out (also in record time)

Richard Kohut for being my conjoined piggy back counterpart in Piggy Back concentration and for being my jousting mule

Olga Kay for getting me coffee

Adam Davis for getting more video tapes when we used up the 50 we came with and for making the Battle posters for the audience

Matt Larrain for creating an internet hotspot connection with his phone

Sarah Zolten for helping out at the registration desk

And Rob Crites for bringing his own chair and for pelting implosion balls in the Battle.

And of course thank you to Jon Wee, Owen Morse, Cyan Banister, Duncan Toys, Play Juggling, and our other supporters who prefer to stay annonymous for their sponsorship and donations.

See you all at WJF 7!