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A search can be as simple as a single word, for example:
It can be a phrase, such as:
     "White House"
or a combination of words/phrases, such as:
     "White House" AND education

You can join multiple search words and phrases together into a single search statement using search operators like AND and OR.

Enclose phrases in quotation marks, for example:
     "life after death"
Use the quotation marks whether you are searching for the phrase by itself, or as part of a longer search statement such as:
     "eastern religions" AND "life after death"

If you aren't sure of how to spell a word, or you want to search for variations of a common word root, such as educator, education, educating, you can use two special characters when you type your search.

Capitalization does not matter when you are typing your search. For example, white house will find the same documents as White House. Spelling does matter; your search will fail or find the wrong documents if you misspell one or more search terms.

If you are searching by an Author, Headline or section, please use Advanced search.

Using Search Operators

Operators let you connect multiple search words or phrases together into a single search statement. The table below shows you what operators you can use, provides a sample search for each, and tells you what the sample search will find.

Operator Sample Use Finds documents containing...
AND education AND internet education and internet in the same paragraph.
OR education OR internet education or internet, or both, anywhere in the entire document.
AND NOT education AND NOT internet education, but not internet.
NEAR/number education NEAR/3 internet occurrences of education within three words of internet.
NOT NEAR/number education NOT NEAR/3 internet occurrences of education and internet at least four words apart.
education PRE/3 internet occurrences of education preceding internet by up to three words.

Using Special Characters

There are two special characters you can use when you're unsure of a word's spelling, or when you want to look for words sharing a common root or stem, such as education and educator:

 *  Use the * character to search for words beginning with a common word root, with any number of characters following. For example,
will find documents containing:
     operations, operational, and operator .

Extra tip: If you insert a "*" into the search for field and use the date range option to select a specific date on the advanced search page, you'll be able browse articles that appeared on that day.
 ?  Use the ? character to search for words with a specific number of wildcard characters. Use one ? for each character that you're unsure of. For example,
will find documents containing:
     woman, women, and womyn.
will find documents containing:
     educated and educator .

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